Are you a cat owner who is sick and tired of cleaning filthy cat litter? I am with you on that fact and this review is going to show how effective the Litter Robot 3 matches up with all the rest of the systems out there, exposing the good and the bad and the true benefits of this litter box. I didn't have many bad things to say about this unit simply...


Welcome back to another addition to my cat litter box reviews, today I will be reviewing the PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box. Upon the review of the I expected the unit to make a lot of noise during the cleaning process just like most of the other units on the market. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case with the litter...

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Welcome to another segment of my automatic cat box review series, in this post I will be talking about one of the more prestigious self cleaning litter boxes on the market, introducing you to the CatGenie self flushing cat box. I will be reviewing all the major features of this unit including, the key features, how the unit works, how to set it up, the...

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Automatic Litter Box Comparison Chart

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Cats are known to be very fussy animals and us as cat owners must make the right decision to cater to our beloved pets so they are happy, and we are happy living in a clean environment where accidents don’t occur.
Many readers email me every week asking me what would be the most suitable automatic litter system solution for their cat, I would firstly advise to all cat owners to pay close attention to their cat when they go to the toilet.

Unfortunately I cannot meet every cat to study your pets behavioural activities, however cats will give you a good indication of their behaviour if you pay close attention to their litter use routine.

Ask your self these simple questions?

  • Does your cat like their privacy?
    : Look into a litter pan with a hooded design and attachment capabilities.
  • Is you cat a clean freak and will choose not to go to the cat box if they think its too dirty?
    Solution: Look into a litter pan solution which has a good cleaning performance rating such as the CatGenie, Litter Robot II, Petsafe Simply Clean
  • Is your cat prone to kicking litter out of the litter trey?
    Solution: High walled designed sand box or attachments i.e LitterMaid, Catgenie and etc
  • Is your cat afraid of mechanical noise from appliances i.e washing machines?
    Solution: finding a suitable litter box with the least about of mechanical sound as possible, i.e Catgenie and Petsafe Simply Clean
  • Is your cat ill or has diabetes
    Solution: as a result of a cat being ill, cats tend to go to the cat box much more frequently and most of the time the cat would show regular signs of soft feces, most litter containers cannot handle soft feces and this will render your cat to be unfit to be using an automatic cat box.
  • If you have multiple cats
    Solution: Its always a great idea to keep at least 2 waste boxes in the house, many cat owners still keep one manual litter box for good measure, however most self cleaning litter trey have the ability to cater to multiple cats.
  • Cat owners looking for the convenience of a non-scooping, unmanned solution.
    Solution: Cat owners who are too busy or trying to distance themselves from being in direct contact with cat waste should look into the following litter pans solutions, CatGenie, Petsafe Simply Clean and Litter Robot II

Here is a simple Automatic Litter Box Comparison Chart for your reference for pin pointing the best litter trey solution for you and your pets needs.

Introducing the best automatic cat waste receptacle on the market for 2015

I will be showcasing the best self cleaning litter boxes rated by my personal experience with each unit as well as taking in the consideration of other user reviews from various other websites such as amazon and user based forums, bringing you my top picks of the Top 5 best cat Boxes on the market.
All litter receptacles are rated on factors of easy to use by cats, odor control, cleaning performance, durability and Convenience.



1. Litter Robot LRII & Litter Robot 3

The Litter Robot 2 and Litter Robot 3 is yet another great automatic litter container solution to look into, the overall design of the litter robot impacts on how the units self cleaning process functions. The spherical shape of litter trey design is set to automatically remove litter clumps by the spherical head rotating, economically filtering dirty used litter from the clean litter and disposing the waste into the trash receptacle which is conveniently placed in the base of the unit.

The Litter robot requires no additional branded supplies, it only requires premium self clumping clay litter and domestic trash bags and you are in business.
The whole idea of the Litter Robot is the convenience for cat owners, this is a set and forget self cleaning sandbox solution which requires no scooping or direct handling of cat waste, cat waste is disposed into the trash receptacle for easy bagging litter-robot-IIIand disposal.
Odor is not an issue with this cat box as it is heavily equipped with a carbon filter to eliminate any offensive cat odor.

Easy to use for cats: 10/10
It is easy for most cats however it is not ideal for cats who are handicapped or ill

Odor control: 10/10
Odor is no issue with this unit, waste is handled immediately and disposed into the waste receptacle which is equipped with a  heavy duty carbon filter.

Cleaning performance: 10/10
The cleaning process lives up to its advertised expectations and dose a fine job in separating dirty litter from the clean litter.

Durability: 10/10
The unit is made out of hard solid plastic which is rugged to with stand time.

Convenience: 10/10
The Litter Robot is a great hands free cat lavatory solution which frees cat owners from ever having to manually scoop their pets feces again.
It does require minimal maintenance, changing waste bags, and topping up litter.

Overall Rating 10/10


Click here for the Litter Robot 2 Review and Litter Robot 3 Review


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2. Catgenie 120

catgenie litter boxOverview:
The CatGenie is the most advanced self cleaning cat litter box on the market, being the only automatic litter trey which uses water as a key part of its cleaning process, it really is a fancy toilet for cats which actually flushes and cleans itself making it a dream come true to all cat owners everywhere.
The Catgenie is the only self flushing litter pan which uses reusable plastic litter granules as a litter alternative saving on regular kitty litter, a bio-degradable disinfectant solution is used in the automated cleaning process, washing the dirty litter granules clean and disinfecting the sand box area for the next use.

Easy to use for cats: 10/10
The Catgenie’s design is very practical to all domestic cats who are toilet trained, there is no difficult entry and exit points and there is a big enough space to cater to all types of cats.

Odor control: 10/10
There is absolutely no odor with this unit.

Cleaning performance: 10/10
The Catgenie is in a league of its own when it comes to the cleaning process, however it does a great job and makes the Catgenie one of the most hygienic litter pans around.

Durability: 9/10
Built with solid materials such as hard plastic and metal/aluminum the Catgenie is a heavy duty unit.

Convenience: 10/10
This unit requires no manual scooping or cleaning, It really is a hands free solution.

Overall Rating 10/10

3. ScoopFree

Scoopfree auto litter box reviewOverview:
The ScoopFree litter trey is one of the leading rake operated litter boxes on the market, using blue crystal disposable litter trays which are designed to sponge up moisture, effectively cutting down on odor as soon as your cat does his/hers business.
The design is nothing foreign in comparison to an ordinary cat box which enables cats to easily warm up to their new ScoopFree toilet.
The ScoopFree lives up to its name being one of the best hands free rake operated litter pan solutions.
As mentioned before odor is not an issue with this unit as it utilizes blue crystal litter along with the trash receptacle being fully equipped with it own carbon filters to further extinguish any bad odors.

Easy to use for cats: 9/10
A spacious and classic cat box design which enables cats to get use to their new cat box with ease.

Odor control: 8/10
Carbon filters and the use of the crystal litter effectively cut down on any odors.

Cleaning performance: 7/10
The cleaning process lives up to its advertised functionality expectations of providing a Scoopfree solution.

Durability: 9/10
The unit has got a solid design and it has been boasted to have a powerful motor to rake out any difficult solids.

Convenience: 6/10
This is good domestic solution if you are trying to avoid direct handling of cat waste, however it is not an unmanned solution, it does require some human interference to maintain the up keep to maintain its optimal performance.

Overall Rating 7/10


4. SmartScoop

SmartScoop self cleaning litter boxOverview:
The SmartScoop is an all around great waste box with a spacious litter tray and a very durable motor to handle stubborn waste, It requires no additional waste containers that need to be purchased, and its an effortless transition from an ordinary waste receptacle to to the Smartscoop due to its classic looking design.
The Smartscoop is yet another rake operated litter receptacle however it has been known to do a great job when removing feces and has twice as less motor noise than most of the other self cleaning waste boxes on the market.
It has the capabilities of handling multiple cats and cats who are full figured.

The unit is seen to be a smart solution for all cat owners looking for a reliable and affordable litter pan which wont cost them any extra on additional branded requirements, self clumping litter is the only thing it needs in order to function at its optimal level.

Easy to use for cats: 10/10
Very spacious design which most cats will love immediately.

Cleaning performance: 7/10
The cleaning performance of the Smartscoop is on the same par as the LitterMaid except the SmartScoop runs more quietly.
There is instances where feces is caught in the rake however as mentioned before this pron to happen with soft feces.

Odor control: 7/10
Carbon filters have be also equipped onto the Smartsccop to cut down on cat litter box odor effectively.

Durability: 6/10
The motor has seen to be more reliable than the popular LitterMaid series, its overall construction is made out of solid plastic which is built to last many uses from all types of cats.

Convenience: 7/10
The LitterMaid is a good temporary solution for cat owners trying to distance them selves from cleaning their cats litter receptacle the manual way, it is very convenient and works great.

Overall Rating 6/10


5. LitterMaid LM980 Mega

Littermaid LM980 Mega Litter Box Review

The Littermaid is one of the more popular entry level rake operated cat boxes on the market, The unit is not quite as different from most of the other rake operated litter pans, however its certainly the highest ranking affordable cat waste box on the market.
The litter pan provides a spacious, high walled, classic design in order to cater to multiple cats big and small.
The high wall design is designed to stop litter from being kicked out of the sandbox, the LitterMaid also comes with a litter ramp mat which is meant to stop litter trailing in its tracks.
The waste receptacle has the capabilities to house at least 1 week worth of litter before needing to be changed, the unit takes disposable trash containers however Litter Maid provides reusable alternatives for people not looking to spend more on branded containers.
The LitterMaid LM980 handles odor quite well and is reinforced with carbon filters to knock out offensive cat box odors.

Easy to use for cats: 9/10
A spacious high walled design to stop litter kicking cats from kicking litter.

Cleaning performance: 7/10
The cleaning performance of the unit is pretty good and lives up to its advertised capabilities, it is evident in most rack operated litter receptacles that soft feces do not properly work with the rack system as feces can get caught in the rake.

Odor control: 7/10
Durable carbon filters have been implemented into the Litter Maid to stop all odor and odor leakage from the trash receptacle.

Durability: 4/10
The Littermaid has got a solid design, however it has been reported that the motor can fail after a year of use, there is mixed reports about this topic.

Convenience: 7/10
The LitterMaid is a good temporary solution for cat owners trying to distance them selves from cleaning their pet litter box the manual way, it is very convenient and works great.

Overall Rating 7/10


Your cat deserves the best

I have personally reviewed all the showcased litter treys, if you would like to ‘read more’ click on the read more button located on each over view
Litter BoxRetail Price (in Store)Multiple catsType of Litter BoxRead Review
Litter Robot III
litter robot 3
$686.00 RRP
$449 Limited Time Offer
YesRotate cleaninglitter robot 3 review
Litter Robot LRII
litter robot 2
$499.00 RRP
$349 Limited Time Offer
YesRotate cleaninglitter robot 2 review

CatGenie 120

catgenie review
$290.00 RRP
YesSelf Flushing (water flushing)CatGenie Litter Box Review
Petsafe Simply Clean

Petsafe simply clean litter box
$160.25 RRPYesSelf cleaning Conveyor systemCatGenie Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

Scoopfree self cleaning litter box review
$238.95 RRPYesRakeScoopFree Litter Box Review
SmartScoop self cleaning litter box
$193.50 RRPYesRakeSmartScoop Review
LitterMaid Elite Mega
Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box Review
$169.99 RRP
YesRakeLittermaid Review
Natures Miracle
Natures Miracle
$149.00 RRPYesRakeNatures Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

Finding the best cat litter box for your cat on a budget

Best Cat Litter Box Options - automatic litter boxes If you are looking for a quick solution to finding the best cat box for your cat then you have come to the right place.

It can be a time consuming task to find a quality cat box that your cat will actually use, this is why I have compiled and organised all the information you need to know in one comparison chart.
The comparison chart will show you first hand of what types of sand boxes are out on the market.

If you are interested in an automatic litter scoop box solution then click here to see all the available Litter systems on the market.

There are many types of cat litter receptacles on the market, however it can can be a painful hassle in choosing the right waste box for your cat. There are many types of cat boxes including, hooded, disposable, closed ended, top entry, corner, high sided and the list goes on.

Considering your cats needs before your own:

As you probably already know cats are very fussy animals and if they don’t agree with the changes in their surroundings you’re in for a tough time ahead to get them settled back in again.

That being said have a rough idea of your cats behaviour and toilet routines is a plus, this will aid you in picking the ideal litter solution for your pet. If you are unsure about your cat I have written down a few key pointers you might find useful.

it’s always best to consider if your cat is timid, shy or if your cat is social or out going. Different cat waste containers can go well with different personalities of cats, drastic litter box changes can lead to undesirable results.

With that being said I am here to guide you and hold your hand every step of the way to find the perfect litter pan for your cat

Here are some pointers

If your cat is shy and really timid and they are comfortable with an opened litter trey it is best to not change their sand box drastically to say a covered waste receptacle or top entry cat box, this can put your cat under stress and this can lead to undesirable results such as rejecting the litter pan altogether.
To avoid such outcomes I would recommend in investing in an open litter receptacle or even a high sided cat box which would be ideal in this case.

If your cat is curious and and out going you should have no problems introducing new types of sand boxes, however some cats are fickle with their litter treys, if you’ve had sand box issues in the past I would advise not to make any extreme litter pan changes.

Click the links to see their individual reviews

CatGenie Review | PetSafe Simply Clean Review | Natures Miracle Review | ScoopFree Review | Littermaid LM980 Review | SmartScoop Review | Litter Robot II Review | Litter Robot III

Types of Cat litter treysOpen litter box

Open ended:
This is usually your typical type waste box which comes in all sizes.
These litter receptacles are not high walled and do not offer privacy for your cat, in some cases litter box brands offer attachments, such as hooded and ramp add-on’s.

Hooded litter boxHooded/Closed
Hooded litter containers look more like a travel pet enclosure for pets, these are generally entered from one side of the sand box containing a door entry or ramp to avoid litter trailing.
Hooded waste boxes offer more privacy and generally holds the bad odor in, preventing the surrounding ares from smelling like a receptacle box.
Different price ranges offer more features such as trailing mats and carbon filters.

top entry litter boxTop entry:
For more adventurous cats top entry litter receptacles are very similar to the hooded/closed cat waste container types, they offer privacy and odor control.
These cat boxes also combat litter kicking cats better than any other cat boxes on the market.

High walled:High sided cat litter box
High walled cat waste boxes are nothing more but a typical open cat box with much higher sides, these kitty sandboxes are made to prevent litter kicking cats which are prone to kick litter out of the sand box.
High sided boxes can also add more privacy for your cat and usually come with hooded attachments.

Corner Litter Boxes:corner cat litter box
Corner litter containers are made for houses with less space, these sandboxes utilise corners more effectively, corner litter pans are typically the same as high sided litter receptacles which also come with one point of entry and combats litter kicking cats.
There are some hooded and closed litter boxes of this type, with doors and ramps.

Disposable Pans:
Disposable cat boxes are basically a throw-away litter pan alternative, they are generally made out of hardened cardboard and some come with litter pre-packed and others you have to provide your own litter.
These types of litter receptacles generally last for about a week or two depending on ow many cats and how regularly your cats are using the cat box.

Make changing the sandbox an easy process.
Things you should consider before buying a new cat waste container

  • Do you have one or multiple cats?
    Choosing a big enough litter containers to cater to your entire cat family or invest in multiple litter pans and place them around in different areas.
  • Do you have dogs that may rummage through your cats sand box
  • If so, its best to choose a closed/hooded waste receptacle.
  • Always keep your old cat box just in case, don’t throw it out until your cat is comfortable with their new sandbox.
  • If you are thinking of relocating your new litter pan to a new spot in the area, I advise leaving the old receptacle box in the old spot for about 1 – 2 weeks max.
  • Allow time for your cat to make the transitional process from the old to new litter box, pushing new things too fast will result in a negative effect on your cat, I recommend in being patient at possible.
  • If you have made some major changes in your household recently, consider delaying your cats new waste receptacle until everything has settled down and your cat has reclaimed their environment.

Litter box Comparison Chart

If you can’t still decide on the brand of automatic litter boxes to get, we suggest that you consider the following product comparison chart. Here we list what we think is the eight (8) leading automatic litter boxes in the market. By checking our comparison chart, you will discover and explore the following information:

In the chart you will find the following:

Key differences between the top brands of litter boxes
Brands of automatic litter boxes that can work for certain types of cats
Best practices on how to use the products
Cost to maintain the litter boxes
Potential problems and basic troubleshooting requirements
And a few more details and info about the automatic litter boxes

If the automatic litter boxes don’t appeal to your household due to motor issues and other concerns, then there are also reviews for manual litter boxes and the self-cleaning options that are fun to maintain when compared to traditional options.

Litter box (click image for more info)PriceDimensions LxWxH inchesTypeRating
Petmate Microban - Medium

$6.4716 x 4 x 2Open
Petmate 22040 Giant Litter Pan

$21.1734.7 x 19.8 x 10
Nature's Miracle Jumbo Disposable 2-Pack

$15.9921 x 15.2 x 7.8
Natures Miracle Advanced High Side Corner Litter Pan

$20.0710 x 23 x 26
Kitty's WonderBox, Medium/3-Pack

$12.4713.5 x 17 x 3.5
Petmate Jumbo Litter Pan

$5.9922.3 x 16.8 x 16.8
Natures Miracle Advanced Hooded Corner

$29.9921 x 24 x 21Hooded4.6
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

$26.9722 x 17 x 18.3
SmartCat Corner - Gray

$17.97 8x 18 x 9Corner4.8
Pureness Giant High Sides Cat Litter Pan

$6.1520.5 x 17 x 10
High Sides
Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

$37.99 20 x 15 x 15Top Entry
Van Ness CP7 Enclosed Cat Pan, Extra Large

$13.0021.5 x 17.5 x 18
Natures Miracle Advanced Oval Hooded

$23.9917 x 19 x 25

Modkat - White

$180.00 with Free Shipping16 x 16 x 15Top Entry
Tidy Cats Breeze System for Multiple Cats, 1-Count Kit

$29.9910 x 16.25 x 21.3
High Sides
Omega Paw

$24.9718 x 18 x 20Hooded
Omega Paw - Large

$39.9919.5 x 22 x 20
Booda Dome Clean step Cat Box

$27.6617.5 x 17.5 x 17Hooded

black-hole-litter-matLitter Mat Review

This is another addition to the website as I have been getting a lot of requests from my readers to review litter mats as there is a huge problem with our furry friends being ‘litter kickers’ leaving a mess around the litter box can be a pain to clean up.
We have reviewed some of the best litter mats on the market that we think are the most relevant in solving this very common and annoying problem.
One take away from this before you enter into reading some of our reports, is that there are MANY litter mats on the market, it seems as though there is at least 1 mat a week being released – We have not tested these mats but it’s safe to assume that they may work the same as the litter mats we have reviewed here.

So check out the Litter box mat review page here if you are looking for a litter mat with scatter control.

Petnet-SmartFeeder-Automatic-Pet-Feeding-with-your-iPhoneCat Food Dispenser Feeder Reviews

If you are interested in automating the the feeding times of your cat or dog while monitoring your pet’s health and intake of food, while preventing your pet from over eating and insuring the right amount of food is allocated to their diet then this is for you.
There are many systems on the market which work with wet and dry food products as well as offer different features for pet owners who are diet conscious of their pet as it is SO easy to very feed or underfeed our little furry friends.

But the problem is there are so many solutions out on the market and we get many emails saying “what is the best cat feeder?”

I am happy to announce that we are reviewing all the best food dispensers on the market in bringing you comprehensive reports of the individual food systems we are reviewing click here to read the cat food feeder reviews.