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Welcome to bestselfcleaninglitterbox.com

Sick of all the biased and sales pitched reviews on automatic cat litter boxes?
I am here to help!

You are here because you are interested in getting more information about all the best self cleaning litter boxes currently available on the market, you are also here because you don’t want to be sucked into fluffed up ‘sales pitchy’ reviews which are 100% completely biased in order to to sell you something which may not be what you are looking for.

I am here to give you the facts of what you need to know first hand of what to expect from each self cleaning litter box and my PERSONAL experience from a consumers point-of-view with each litter box featured on this site.
Hi my name is Angela, as a loving cat owner and I know first hand the time and effort it takes to managing my cats litter box, it can be a real hassle if you are busy with life’s hurdles meanwhile keeping everything in order, especially when it comes to keeping up with the general maintenance of cleaning and maintaining the litter box regularly so your furry friend feels comfortable going to the toilet each time.
Some of us just want to have the convenience of being free from ever having to come into direct contact with cat feces and would like to spend more time with our pets and family rather than on our knees scooping up cat mess, why not substitute this undesirable task with a working self cleaning litter box solution?

Well a few years ago I purchased my first automatic cat litter box and it was one of the best investments for me and my pet, since then I have never had an issue with having to manually maintain my cats litter box, that being said I’ve never had a problem with manually cleaning my cats litter box, however as a business woman who works a full time job 9-5 and has 2 twin toddlers this was a daily challenge for me to manage.

Its a proven fact that most cats urinate and defecate everywhere else in the household if their litter box is dirty, this is because we ‘as humans’ sometimes get lazy or just find ourselves wrapped up in the normal every day daily grind we forget about the stinky old litter box.
As a result of our neglect our furry friends end up peeing and defecating everywhere, on the floors, furniture, beds you name it.

“This is a NIGHTMARE, and I am pretty sure every cat owner has gone through some PEE and POO dramas with our cats”


If you are an experienced cat owner it should be no surprise that cats are very clean animals and unlike most animals in the animal kingdom, cats are one of the cleanest animals, in turn, they love to have a clean litter box to do their business in, just like us human when we go to a public toilet.
You wouldn’t want to sit on a filthy toilet would you? NO of course not!
It contains bacteria that could potentially harm us and in most cases the smell and look is so uninviting that we would try to find a cleaner option; well this is the same exact logic with cats and their litter box standards, except they do it in places where it is not ideal for us.


I am a cat owner who currently owns a beautiful Ragdoll named Charlie, Charlie is fully toilet trained and picked it up very quickly as a kitten, However I lead a busy life and some times I can be working 12 hours a day for 2 weeks on end and I am dealing with lifes hurdles leaving me behind in my duties in keeping up with the general maintenance of Charlies litter box, putting it on the back burner.

This results in, you guessed it, peeing and pooing around my apartment until I worked up my last bit of energy to clean his litter box, which always solved the problem instantly.
That being said I never get angry with Charlie because if i was in the same shoes (paws) I believe i would do it to.

After some searching around I came across a solution for odorless, hands free, self cleaning litter boxes for cats.
I went to a local pet expo where most of these automatic litter boxes where on display and up for demo testing, and to my surprise these inventions are just genius, illustrating practical features that effectively manages your pets litter box without keeping a constant eye on it.

All you have to do was to empty the litter trays once every few weeks and there was NO bad odors, litter trails, peeing and pooing in random parts of the house/apartment floors and furniture, the idea effectively opened up my eyes to managing my cats litter box in a whole new automatic way, with out any worries.

Since my discovery of these genius products, it became apparent to me that there is a competitive market with various self cleaning litter box products in circulation, all offering a variety of different choices, features, along with price ranges.
After much study and testing and practical use with these litter boxes first hand, with the help of a friend who owns a pet shop in my area, I have started reviewing these products in high hopes that it would aid you in finding the right litter box for you and your cat.

There are quite a few products currently out on the market offering many different features and functionality, however I know first hand how overwhelming it is researching and comparing all these products is.
So in order to make your life easier without having to do all this unnecessary leg work, I have done all the leg work for you and researched all the possibilities and put them in black-and-white, in order to aid you to the best self cleaning litter box for you and your pet.

I will be reviewing all of litter boxes currently on the market today, giving you my honest opinion and rating to what I find is the best litter boxes on the market right down to the worst ones.

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