Aqua Purr Cat Water Fountain Review

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Are you worried that power outages can threaten to cut off your cat’s water supply? Is the constant humming of that electrical cat water fountain you purchased keeping you out of sleep? The Aqua Purr Cat Water Fountain is a great solution for pet owners with faucet-drinking felines.


When the task of cleaning noisy water dispensers became too much for computer programmer and inventor, Steven Chalmers, the AquarPurr Cat Water Fountain was born. Utilizing only the weight of a cat, gravity and water pressure makes this nifty and ingenious device work.

The main idea behind the AquaPurr water fountain is to provide fresh running water to your cat and to discourage it from drinking straight from the faucet. Faucet-drinking felines have been known to wake their owners in the middle of the night demanding the faucet be turned back on! Let the AquaPurr give you back your sleep.
Cats are smart creatures and prefer flowing water to motionless water in a bowl. Their instincts tell them that the flowing water is more likely to be cool and fresh than the stagnant water and they are right. As most cats will not drink from a dirty bowl cat owners find themselves faced with the task of constantly cleaning water bowls or water feeders.

The Aqua Purr obliterates the tedious task of refilling water bowls or regularly cleaning out slimy dirty reservoirs as it never needs cleaning! On top of that it requires no refilling, no batteries, no electricity and no filters.



review of the aqua purr watererHOW DOES THE AQUAPURR WORK?

The AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain attaches directly to your faucet. It consists of a platform, a hose and a few hardware connections, which are easily assembled.

On one end of the hose is an L-shaped connector and at the other end is a pivot, the part from which your cat drinks. When your cat stands or sits on the thin aluminum-faced platform the weight of the cat triggers a spring-type button underneath it, which then creates pressure in the pivot. A cat as small as three pounds will be able to trigger the device making it suitable for both larger and smaller cats.

The AquaPurr attaches to your faucet in place of the aerator. A diverter valve allows for regular use of the faucet. Getting your cat to figure it out and use it should not be an issue and should take anywhere from a day to two days for smarter cats and up to a week for other ‘not-so-smart’ cats.




The AquaPurr arrives in a plain cardboard box which contains cardboard edging to hold the product in place. Your brand new AquaPurr water dispenser can easily be installed using the following steps:

  1. Place the platform on the side you want your cat to drink from.
  2. Remove the aerator from the faucet.
  3. Put the gasket inside the AquaPurr’s connector.
  4. Screw the AquaPurr connector onto the faucet.
  5. Insert the pivot inside the connector of the panel and push down firmly to secure it in place.
  6. Switch the valve tab on the AquaPurr connector from a vertical to a horizontal position. This puts it in “cat mode”.
  7. Apply pressure to the panel using your hand to test the amount of water that will stream out through the pivot and adjust it accordingly.
  8. Peel off the Velcro strips at the bottom of the panel and attach it to the surface to secure it in place.


The water will initially spurt out from the pivot before flowing smoothly. This may startle your cat but they will become accustomed to it. When you wish to use the faucet for your own personal use simply switch the valve tab back into the vertical position or “human mode”.

The Aqua Purr comes with different adapters to make sure it connects with your kitchen fixtures, which is convenient as you won’t have to make a run to your local hardware store.

Pros and Cons of the Aquapurr Cat Fountain

PROS thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Constant supply of fresh, cool and clean water
  • Peace of mind that your cats are well-hydrated while you’re away from home
  • No cleaning or maintenance required
  • Noise-free
  • Minimal pieces and easy installation
  • Aluminium-faced panel and stainless steel connections won’t rust
  • Comes with various sized adapters to fit any faucet
  • Prevents cat chin acne
  • Quick training time
  • No electricity or batteries are needed
  • Increases your cat’s health as they will be well-hydrated at all times
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Takes up counter space
  • Cats can knock pivot out of place causing a mess
  • No filter
  • Initial squirt from the pivot can scare nervous cats
  • Pivot swivels which can lead to a watery mess if knocked out of alignment
  • Strictly for cats who enjoy drinking from the faucet
  • The cardboard packaging is an issue. In some instances, during shipping, the cardboard edges that hold the product in place may flatten causing the product to move around. When it finally arrives on your doorstep it may have a somewhat disheveled appearance.

aquapurr demostrationCUSTOMER TIPS

  • Older cats who may have bad vision struggle to see the clear tube. An easy solution is to attach some colored tape to the end of the tube so that visually-impaired cats can see where to drink from.
  • To prevent cats from turning the pivot use some duct tape to secure it in place.



The bland packaging of the AquaPurr Cat water dispenser betrays an elegant device, which is a simple and practical solution for pet owners with fussy faucet-drinking cats.

Although the device comes without a filter, unfiltered water may contain substances which can be harmful for your pet. Tap water is known to contain traces of magnesium, iron and nitrates. I would suggest finding out the level of these substances in the tap water in your area and if it is high I would not recommend the Aqua Purr as it would put your pet’s health at risk.

Overall, I would recommend the Aqua Purr but I would opt to put it in the bathroom rather than in the kitchen!

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