Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door reviews

The Best Automatic Cat Door Reviews

Cat doors are the perfect pet products that you should use if you want to manage the movement of your cats from inside and outside of the home. By installing automatic cat doors, you can keep cats indoors or outdoors, and keep them in the desired area for a certain amount of time.

But just like other cat products and accessories, cat doors come in different types and brands, and it’s best to check your options. We help you find the right cat door for your needs by presenting these cat door reviews. And to help you find the right selection, the reviews are arranged in such a way that the top-rated and bet cat doors are listed first, down to the lowest rated car door.

These reviews are just summaries, and if you want a complete review of each brand, you can click on the ‘Full Review’ link.

Sureflap Microchip Cat Door

Your cat will be implanted with a microchip, and the sensor found on the Sureflap will then detect this to open the door.

It comes with a selective memory capability, which allows only the right cat with a programmed microchip to use the door. This should work for pet owners who do not want to use tags, especially if the cats are too playful, and they often lose their tags.

Sureflap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

This works with an RFID signal, which activates the opening of the door. Once the door has been unlocked, the cat can now open the door, pushing the door using the nose. There are two antennas available, fitted in and out of the door.

The antenna is used to detect the signal, and ensures that the cats will remain indoors or outdoors. You can also expect a dual lock system on the Sureflap DualScan Microchip cat door, which ensures that certain intruders like a raccoon will not be allowed inside. With its implanted microchip, you can rest assured that your cats will remain protected.

If the microchip is not part of your plan, then you have the option to purchase the Sureflap collar chip tag, embedded with the microchip. This works just like the microchip, but the difference is that the cats will be able to wear these.

Cat Mate Elite ID Microchip Disc Cat Door

Just like other cat doors, the Cat Mate Elite ID Microchip Disc cat door works using the RFID technology to activate the door, and allow the cat’s entry inside and outside while keeping unwanted animals out.

Your cats will need to wear tags that feature a unique identification. Once the tags have been read by the system, the door will be unlocked, allowing your cats to enter in selected time fame.

This has a selective cat entry and exit, and the system allows you to program each individual cat. For instance, you can program certain cats to enter or exit only. This cat door also features a smart timer, and this time is used to program a schedule a time for your cats. For example, you can let certain cats stay outdoors for some time, and the door will open for them at a specified time.

There are two collar IDs available, and the memory of the unit can store a maximum of 8 cat IDs.

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door

This Cat Mate Electromagnetic cat door is backed by an electro-magnetic technology to open the car door, and allow your pets to enter.

It is also designed to keep other pets away. To use this cat door, the cats will have to wear the collar, which contains magnets. The system will only be activated once the magnet connects the mechanism, allowing it to open. Once the activation has been confirmed, the latch will be opened, allowing the cats to push the door open.

Using this cat door gives you freedom and flexibility, and offers convenience for your pets. If you use this cat door, your cats can enter and exit the door, without you taking action. This liberates you from the job of physically opening and closing the door for your cats.


How Much do Cat Doors Cost?

Cat doors can cost from $25 to $30 dollars for a regular cat or dog pet door installation. With that said the installation costs can be more expensive depending on where you intend to install the cat door in your home which can cost as much as $200-$400 depending on if you need professional help from a construction company to help you make a sturdy hole in your wall to give your pet access to the back yard.

The cheaper option is to install a cat door into your existing door with the help of a few simple tools or to get a glass door fitted with a cat pet door that allows easy access for your pet to venture in and out of the house.

Buying a reliable electric pet door that’s optimal for keeping pests and other neighboring animals out of your home is the best and only solution you should consider. Yet it does involve getting your pet microchipped for and electronic cat sliding pet door can work completely hands-free without fear of unwanted intruders.

To sum up the hard cost of an electronic pet door from buying the kit and installation, it can cost $400 to $1300 which includes microchipping.

Can You Put a Cat Door In Your Window?

Cats are particular creatures, so when it involves installing a cat door into your window its important to note if your cat currently uses a particular window where they enter or exit from. Use any behavior information about your cat before you install an electronic cat door in a window as it could be an expensive guess if your car doesn’t use it.

How does an Automatic Cat door work?

Automatic or electronic cat doors require a digital tag or microchip to be registered with the car door system to automatically grant access to your pet or decline access to foreign animals from intruding into your home.

Many quality automatic cat doors can be programmed with a microchip ID of your pet which has become the best solution for car doors as many cats tend to lose tags and it can be quite expensive to replace a lost tag. To save on time and money, I recommend buying an electric pet door with microchip functionality.

How to stop other cats from using your pet’s door?

Thankfully the advancement for electronic cat doors has made it safe and secure for your pet and your family to keep your pet in and other animals out. Many higher-end cat door products require electronic tags or your cats existing microchip as a keycard to unlock the door flap when your cat is in close proximity to their entrance into the house.

My cat won’t use their new electronic pet door, what do I do?

If you have invested an electronic cat door and you are found out that your car doesn’t use it then you may need to train your cat to use their newly installed cat door. This may take some time and some food bribing to get you to cat to get used to the new door in the home.

If this fails then its recommended to talk to a professional cat training to get a second opinion on training.

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