Most cat owners knows the struggle and frustration of dealing with cat hair; sometimes it is so embedded into your furniture, clothes, and carpet that you need to use tweezers or similar tools to pick it out. It almost amazes you how cat hair manages to find its way into the strangest of places such as your hair, nose, and food. Most people are able to deal with all the hair until the point when itRead More
stopping my cat from eating my other cats food
Cats do not usually share territory, and doing so is generally a signal for the loss of control over their resources; this can be critical to a cat’s life in the wild, at least. Multiple indoor cats that live together, however, cannot help but feed in the same area’ Or can they? About 52% of cat owners have more than one, and cats, like humans, have different personalities which can directly affect their eating habitsRead More
Litter robot best self cleaning litter box review
The Litter Robot litter box is one of the best litter boxes on the market and in this article we will be doing a shootout with all the available litter that litter robot has manufactured over the years. Let preface by saying each unit was made at different times during the evolution of the design and improvements have been made to the units as they have gone through development. It would be fair to putRead More
how to get rid of bad cat and dog pet odor
Experiencing smelly pet odor that you just can’t seem to shake off? We all love our pets. But sometimes it appears that there are bad smells and odors coming from them and we don’t know how to handle it. I would like to share a guide on how to combat bad smelling pet odor in your home. They say that prevention is better than cure, always: Pay attention to areas where bedding, toys, and dishes areRead More
cat hair shedding in my home
Cat hair all over you Clothes, Furniture, floor and places where you didnt think is possible? On this page is a complete step-by-step guide different ways to get rid of annoy cat hair. It’s amazing to have had a pet cat, but let’s face it, having to deal with cleaning up their shed fur is not the ideal pastime activity we all enjoy. Luckily, there is a few cost effective and easy ways to handle the process.Read More
should I invest in pet insurance
Do you really need one for your pet? Is it worth the time and money to cover your pet’s healthcare needs when situations arise? Here, we take a look at whether it’s better to get your pet insured or just save your money for emergency situations. Emergency situations where you don’t have that much cash in hand is what pet insurance intends to shield you from. Most insurance policies cover expenses from emergency situations, includingRead More
best wellness pet insurance plans
Like us humans, our lovable pets need to get regular visits from vets for check-ups, vitamins, and vaccinations. There are arguments, though, in including said routine care as part of your pet’s insurance coverage. Wellness coverage involves routine check-ups and similar measures to maintain your little pals’ healthy state. Your insurance plan provider may offer you wellness coverage as an expansion to your current policy. It can be a good add-on depending on several factors.Read More
information about pet insurance deductibles
Just like in any other insurance policy, deductibles play a significant role in pet insurances. A deductible is an amount one has to shell out for expenses before the insurance company starts paying anything. Deductibles help insurance companies avoid paying out numerous claims considered to be low cost. It also helps in cutting down paperwork and saving time in processing small claims. You can look at deductibles as a way to save money on petRead More
4 reasons to get your pet insured
Do you love your pet and they love you back unconditionally? Then you probably consider them as a member of your family, Right? just like any fun loving family member who creates memories in your life and just like any family member they can fall ill or have an accident and require urgent medical attention to save their life in which insurance cover would cover the huge financial burden this can create. If this is theRead More
how does pet insurance coverage work?
Treatment for chronic health problems like kidney maladies and hyperthyroidism can cost you dearly if your beloved pets are diagnosed with it. Conditions like these often call for lengthy treatments, including prescription medications and repeated check-ups. But with the improvements in veterinary medicine, some of these chronic conditions have become curable, increasing the chances of your pet’s survival. You might think that with all the options available in the market, prices will be more competitive and affordable.Read More