Most cat owners deal with problems involving the odd peeing patterns and behaviors of their pet cats. If you are experiencing this problem then it is best to deal with this issue as quickly as possible to avoid complication. Resolving this major concern is possible if you follow these easy tips to prevent your cat from urinating outside the litter box and will hopefully identify the causes. Under any circumstances, these tips do not work for your kittyRead More
Litter Robot VS CatGenie VS ScoopFree - Which is the Best Litter Box
If you are on this page then you are probably tossing up your options between these 3 very famous automatic litter boxes. – We also have a Limited Time special offer on the Litter Robot Open Air at the end of the page. I wrote this article to help you along with many other cat owners around the world to help them make the decision easy. There are many great litter boxes on the marketRead More
From the very first time your cats may exhibit inappropriate urination habits outside the litter box, and there’s a great need to address this problem as quickly as possible. Resolving this if you don’t want your cats to urinate in your bed, or in other parts of your house, like on the floor and the carpet. If you want to stay on top of things, follow these easy steps to get rid of your cat’s badRead More
Automatic cat feeders are critical and highly recommended for households with cats as pets. While you can personally feed the cats on your free time, and simply assign a spot where you can put the container filled with pellets, still it is highly recommended that you automate this task to simplify this task. And one way to simplify this task is buying an automatic feeder that can serve as your partner in feeding your petRead More
my cat is drooling,what do I do to stop it?
Drooling doesn’t only happen to dogs but it can also occur in cats and we are going to cover some of the reasons why your cat may be drooling. In any case, we would recommend taking your cat straight to the vet if this has happened out of the ordinary. There is an underlying medical problem A serious health condition can be one of the reasons, so taking your cats to a veterinarian is theRead More
cat in a litter box
There is a great need for cat owners to apply high standards when it comes to the bathroom habits of their pets. keeping you free from messy problems involving your cat’s hygiene, proper care of the litter box for your pet is very important. You should consider training your cats not to mess around and use the litter tray properly. Here are ways on how you can avoid the usual litter box issues. Location of theRead More
my cat head bonks
One of the ways cats show their affection is by licking the hands or feet of its owners and many pet owners tend to agree. Although their tongue’s lick may feel a little bit sandy or rough on your skin, this sweet gesture really manifest love and appreciation. But more than the love your pets wants to show, there could be other reasons why your cats love to lick some parts of your body. HereRead More
Why does my cat bite me when I pet
If you are a passionate cat owner, then you will agree that cats tend to scratch or bite its owner for no apparent reasons. In fact, even if you show love or caress the cat, there’s still a big chance that your pet will bite or scratch you. Well, it happens, and it’s called ‘love biting’. The label may seem harmless, but keep in mind that according to animal behaviorists, it is actually petting-induced aggression.Read More
why is my cat rolling over showing his stomach
There’s no denying that cats are loyal and adorable pets, and they are known to show their love and commitment in special ways. Here are just some of the manifestations and the gestures you might notice with your pet cats that would make you feel loved. Meowing coupled with purring means something When a cat meows sweetly when she/he is beside you, they might want to play or have fun with you. This gesture definitely meansRead More
Most cat owners are troubled and concerned by the loud cries and meows of their pets in the middle of the night. This has been a common and certainly one of the more annoying behaviors of owning cats, particularly older ones. So why do cats meow and cry in the middle of the night? Well, cats often cry because they seek attention from their owners and they want to be reassured that they are notRead More