CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder With Digital Timer Full Review

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Automatic cat feeders should make you feel confident about leaving your pets at home. This is exactly what you will get with CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder, a flexible feeding machine that allows your pet cats to feed on the same bowl, or using different bowls. There’s also an option called Super Feeder that dispenses food in two separate directions, thus allowing your pets to eat in separate directions.

This product offers automated way to feed your cats in varying amounts, from less than a cup to several cups of cat food daily, up to 8 feeding times. It offers a convenient way of feeding your cats, thanks to the digital timer, which allows cat owners to program the feeding cycles. At a minimum, feeding cycle can have a 3-minute interval.


CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder Features:

  • Offers a protective chute made from polycarbonate to prevent cats from accessing the food
  • Can be operated using a web-based system, or a home automation system
  • Unit is easy-to-maintain, parts can be replaced and dishwasher-safe
  • Can hold up to 4 and 3/4 cups of cat dry food, and capacity can be boosted by adding a 1.5 gallon hopper
  • Homeowners can program the eating cycles,up to 8 eating cycles in a day.The Super Feeder also works with a backup battery for continuous time management
  • Safe unit, thanks to a protection system that helps prevent random or over-feeding, especially during power interruptions and fluctuations
  • Unit measures 11x10x15-inches
  • Unit is covered by a one-year warranty, with external adapters and timers covered by a 90-day guarantee


cat using the CSF-3 feeder

Cats using the CSF-3

How It Controls the Food Portions:

You can program up to 8 feeding cycles, and each cycle may be timed a second in between two feeding times, or 70 seconds. For example, a cup of dry cat food can be dispensed in just 70 seconds. Expect a faster dispensing of food if the pellets are smaller in sizes.

In one wants an efficient way of feeding cats, it’s recommended to consider the trial and error method. If possible, limit the pellet sizes to 1/4′, for round and spherically-shaped dry food.


How Does the Unit Dispenser the Food Out?

Instead of the screw system, the CSF-3 Cat Food dispenser uses the screw system to manage and facilitate the delivery of food. This system produces a permanent motion to eliminate problems like trapped food. This is also considered a safe feature, and will not damage the gear drive that prevents the dispensing of food.

A small Video Demo on how this cat food dispenser works


Can This Work on Two Cats at the Same Time?

Yes, this unit can serve two cats separately, at the same time. To make this happen, you may need to use some accessories. We suggest that you check out a video that shows how a cat owner configures the unit with timer.


Can This Unit Work Outdoors?

Yes, you can bring this unit outside of your house, thanks to a weather-proof construction. Also, the materials used is a high-impact plastic, which can resist sun’s heat and other potential damages. If you need to use the unit outdoors, you must use this with a stand, or can be mounted in the wall. The package also comes with a bracket that allows the mounting of the product on the wall.

While this unit is designed as a high quality product, sometimes, irresponsible use can also render this unit useless. As a pet owner that uses this unit, it is suggested that you follow the user’s manual, and make sure that the unit is properly maintained at all times. It is also important that you monitor the hopper of the unit, and make sure that there’s enough cat food in the hopper. The unit can be left at home in case you are out for travel.

But if you really want to get the best out of the unit, it is highly recommended that you assign a friend or neighbor to monitor the condition of the system. And if you must use the unit outdoors, keep in mind that this pet food dispenser is not dog or raccoon-proof! Use the unit outdoors with caution to get the best results.

How the Digital Timer Helps Simplify Feeding Times:

The inclusion of a digital timer and clock will promote a convenient feeding process. You can schedule up to 8 feeding cycles, and you can assign a 3-minute interval or more. Also, this unit can be operated manually, simply push the manual button if you want to feed your cats outside their feeding time schedule. Aside from the time, pet owners can also customize the amount of food, like selecting large dinners, or small breakfasts.

Just remember that when using the unit with an analog timer, the unit can be programmed up to 8 feeding cycles, with 30-minute interval. In case there is a power outage, the unit will still work, and will follow the schedule, but there are times where the meal time may be off by a few minutes.


Can You Use the SCF-3 Super Feeder With a Home Automation System?

Yes, you can integrate the unit with a home automation system. This is helpful if you are out of the house for a few days. You can also monitor the performance of the unit using a web camera. If you can turn on a home appliance like a TV through your phone, then this can be done with the Super Feeder as well.


Pros and Cons of the Super Feeder


  • Highly flexible, allows you to control meal frequency and amount of food
  • Can be used to customize the cat’s feeding schedules
  • No need to re-program in case of power interruptions
  • Works bets for small-sized pellets, usually 1/4′, but may also work with larger-sized pellets
  • Durable chute cover made from polycarbonate materials to prevent cats from stealing food
  • Great for two cats, and can be programmed up to 8 feeding times
  • Can be wall-mounted using appropriate accessories
  • Made from tough materials, and tested to last for years
  • Can be set for slow and small portions
  • Can be operated using the home automation system
  • Unit can be controlled and operated using your iPhone. Please refer to the User Guide if you want to use the iPhone when testing or operating the system
  • Comes with great customer support
  • Compact construction, and allows the unit to be placed on the wall. If you need to place the unit on the wall, make sure to follow the user guidelines. A piece of lumber may be used to position the unit on the wall.
  • Some components and parts of the unit can be replaced, and ordered online
  • Presence of digital timer means that your cats can eat on time, and should be beneficial for cats that need to follow a strict diet regimen



  • First-time users will have a hard time assembling the unit (If you encounter some problems, we suggest that you check out the YouTube videos)
  • Does not feature a back-up power supply, which can be a problem in case someone unplugs the unit accidentally
  • High quality material and construction, but comes at a price
  • Portions become less accurate especially if you are feeding using flat-type and small kibbles

Check out the cat feeder infomercial —
WARNING it might make you laugh 🙂 but don’t let you deter you from the overall quality of this feeder 

Tips On How to Maximize the Use and Service of CSF 3 Cat Super Feeder

CSF-3 feeder extension

CSF-3 feeder extension

  • Prepare all tools like Phillips screwdriver before assembling the unit
  • Cables should be properly secured, and if possible, should be secured to the floor
  • To get the best performance from the unit, it’s best to use or round kibbles, measuring 1/4-inch in diameter
  • Reminder: If the unit is no longer enough due to the amount of food required, check out the unit with Combo Digital Timer, which is designed just like the regular CSF-3, but comes with a large-capacity hopper, up to 24 cups.



The CSF-3 is highly recommended for households with the following needs and requirements:

  • If you have diabetic pets, and you need to put your cats under a diet
  • If the household maintains smart cats that always try to steal food from the dispenser
  • If you need to program the feeding cycles for a few days, and you need to feed at least 2 cats
  • If you are going to use spherical and small-sized pellets that measure 1/4 inches. Also keep in mind that this can also work for larger-sized kibbles, up to 5/8 inches in size.
  • If you want to schedule the pet’s feeding cycles, up to 8 times each day
  • If you are looking for a smart and dependable cat feeder that you can count on if you decide to go out of town for a few days.


Where to get it for the best price available for the Cat Super Feeder?

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