Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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As a modern and highly intelligent system, the Hoison SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder features up to 10 functions that can make cat feeding effective and fun.

When using your smart phone, this unit will allow you to program feeding times, talk to your cat pets, and even watch your cats remotely. This makes this Hoison product a great option for pet owners who are always on the move. As a modern feeder system on the market this cat unit will allow you to program the unit using the smart phone, provided that the right application is installed. You need to download and sign in on ‘Wetchat’, and from here you can easily program your cats meal times.

This Hoison Automatic food dispenser is also an intelligent and helpful unit since it stores information about your cats’ feeding behavior in a cloud. The accumulated information will then be shown to you. Also, the unit taps into the information to recommend the right eating plan for your pets.

There is no need to worry about any inaccuracies of the Hoison since it works using the smart weigh sensor, up to 2 grams in margin of error. Meals can be increased by 1 cup in interval, which is equal to 30 grams. You can also count on this unit to work even if it loses signal, thanks to a re-connection system.
This means that this electronic feeder will work all the time, even if there is a power interruption, or if the connection has been stopped.


Hoison SmartFeeder food dispenser reviewTop Features of the Hoison

  • Unit can dispense a minimum of 30 grams, or one cup
  • Features the ‘Smart Light’, which makes this unit operational at night
  • Allows pet owners to program multiple feeding times within a 24-hour time frame
  • Wechat function that allows pet owners to track cat behavior using the smart phone
  • Allows pet owners to interact with their pets using Wi-Fi, speaker and sensitive microphone
  • Pet owners can customize the meal plan of the cats
  • Features accurate measurement all the time
  • This unit stores information about the eating styles and habits of the cats, and can suggest the best and healthier alternative for cats
  • Offers a Cloud service
  • This food dispenser will allow pet owners to share their moments with their pets using social media
  • Operates using Android and iOS systems
  • Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable Dogs & Cats Feeder With LCD Light DispenserWill still operate even when there is a power failure, or when connection has been broken

How the Hoison Works

This unit is equipped with an anti-jamming system, which ensures that no food will get stuck in the unit. The unit operates using a 5v motor, running up to 6 revs a minute.

The Hoison is made from high-quality and FDA-approved plastic material, and the body features an internal battery that works as a back-up power supply. This back-up battery can make this feeder work up to 24 hours. And if there is a power outage or Wi-Fi connection problem, the unit will still attempt to reconnect to continue its operations.

The Pros and Cons of the Hoison Feeder


  • This unit is highly programmable, and can be programmed remotely
  • Minimum food portion is 30 grams
  • The app allows pet owners to track the eating behavior of the cat
  • The unit will notify the owner in case the food supply is running low
  • Comes with an automatic reconnect ion system
  • Good video and image quality
  • Microphone is highly sensitive
  • Owners can track their cats remotely


  • This unit will only work using your smart phones
  • You need to use the Wetchat application in order to start feeding and generate photos
  • Some parts of the unit are made from thin plastic
  • Unit will not inform users if the battery is running low
  • Food hopper is the only unit that is removable


Who is this Hoison feeder for?

Hoison SmartFeeder pet food dispenser reviewWe recommend this unit for:

  • Busy pet owners who still want to take control of pet care and management
  • Pet owners who want to interact with their pets using camera, video or microphone
  • Pet owners who want their cats to follow a strict diet

We do not recommend this unit if:

  • You don’t want to use your smart phones to operate the unit
  • You are looking for a feeder with removable tray
  • You are looking for a complete and in-depth technical manual that is written in English
  • You do not want to change the time zone settings


If you are looking for a modern and smart device, then this feeder from Hoison will work just fine. This works for the busy professional who still want to remain on top of things even if they are on the road or traveling. While this unit is extremely helpful, we notice some problems and limitations as well. Some information about the unit are missing, since some technical details are not available in the English language.

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