Litter Box Problems Management – Tips for Pet Owners

cat in a litter boxThere is a great need for cat owners to apply high standards when it comes to the bathroom habits of their pets. keeping you free from messy problems involving your cat’s hygiene, proper care of the litter box for your pet is very important. You should consider training your cats not to mess around and use the litter tray properly. Here are ways on how you can avoid the usual litter box issues.

Location of the Cat Box

Do not just place the litter box anywhere you want it to be. It should be located in a spot that allows convenience and privacy to your kitten. Try not to place the cat boxes near appliances, especially those that have high radiation level like a washing machine. Heat from these appliances can only complicate the smell, causing your cats to stay away from the box. If you choose to place the litter box in a bathroom, you have to make sure that the door can be wedged open so your cat will not be trapped inside. In this case, your location dictates whether you need to add a pet door or to cut a hole in a closet door. If it happens that you own multiple cats, try providing one litter box on every floor level of your house.

Proper choice of litter

An abundant choice of litter is available in the market and it is up to you to decide what is best for your pet. There are traditional clay litters, crystal-based/silica gel litters, scooping/clumping litter, and bio-degradable litters. Litters that are fine-grained were found to be softer than other litters as shown by the researches. Scoop-able litters often are easy and convenient to use compared to clay litter. These types of litters help reduce the odor. On the other hand, some cats might also want clay litters that are fairly small grained.

Say no to scented litters

Most cat owners think that they can eliminate bad cat tray odor by using scented litters. However, it is not recommended since many cats tend to stay away from these commercial products. Avoid using air freshener or a deodorizer near the cat’s litter box. Instead, try using baking soda since it can help in odor absorption without a repelling effect on your cat. Cats wouldn’t want to go to their cat box if the odor is too strong because they have a very sensitive sense of smell.
Covered litter box vs. uncovered litter box

Cat owners prefer using a covered or hooded litter box as it has been known to help reduce the amount of litter taken away from the box. Using covered kitty box also has disadvantages to owners. Since it is covered and can’t be noticed at a glance, you might as well forget to clean it regularly. In addition, covered litter box will not allow your cats with sufficient room to re-position or turn around.

Choosing a litter box carefully

Locating it properly, and cleaning it regularly are the key factors to consider if you want to make the life of your pets comfortable. If you will notice some changes in the bathroom habits of your cats, then it’s time to consult specialists who focus on cats to find out why they behave that way.

All problems with cat boxes stem from manually scooped cat trays because they require (you) the pet owner to intervene and manage the litter box when the litter box becomes smelly and dirty.
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Some other litter box related problems that are great tips

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