Litter Robot III Open Air 5 Reasons why it is the Best Online

the best litter box online

Automated litter boxes, just from the sound of it, may be pricey. You may be forced to choose between getting the cheapest one that makes you work more than what you expect to it being ‘automatic’, or get the most expensive one that works fine but leaves a hole in your pocket because of its ludicrous price.

A myriad of litter machines out there boasts features that are more of an ornament than being useful. Most are unreliable in sorting your cat’s litter that you can’t leave them for more than a week without checking if they still work.
None of them has come close to Litter Robot III Open Air’s value for money. It strikes the right balance between paying the right amount for the hassle-free service it provides.

Below are 5 reasons why LR III Open Air is the best automatic litter box in the market for cat owners who are very busy and often away from home for a number of days.



1. No need to scrape litter

Other ‘automatic’ litter boxes require you to scrape clumps of faeces from the litter area and the waste bin. Wet clumps can stick anywhere on these litter boxes and you need to rake them away to keep them clean. Obviously, a rake won’t do the job so you have to use some other tools to scrape the sticky litters; so much for being ‘automatic.’

The LR III Open Air’s self-cleaning technology doesn’t require you to do any other work because it can clean itself. Its rotating motion makes sure nothing is left sticking in unwanted places.

The base of the waste drawer also doesn’t directly come in contact with the litter. It holds a plastic bag where everything goes so nothing sticks to the drawer in any situation.


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litter robot ramp2. Litters don’t get stuck in it

Litter boxes have edges and a limited area where your cat can do their business. Accidents may occur where they stand on the box but their butts are hanging out of the designated area. Litters can get to the edges, or worse on the floor, in this scenario.

LR III Open Air’s spherical litter chamber avoids this circumstance. There’s only one place your cat can step into and that’s the rubber base of the litter area where the sand can be found.

The spherical shape of the litter area contributes a lot to its self-cleaning process. Even if your cat misses their target, the LR III can take care of it without any human help. When the dome rotates, anything that stuck outside the rubber base will just give in to gravity. The rubber matting also allows it to freely bend towards the floor, reducing the surface area sticky litters occupy, eventually falling down towards the waste drawer.


3. It never stops working

Any electronic gadget requires some troubleshooting after using them for quite some time. This is what many automatic litter boxes exemplify when they often get stuck or suddenly stops working. This can be a big problem especially if you’re not at home often.

The LR III Open Air NEVER gets stuck. Its rotating mechanism is so well-engineered it will always run, making it an excellent solution for owners who usually go on trips for a few days. They can focus on their trip without worrying that LR III may suddenly stop working when they’re away.

The waste drawer can handle at least a week’s worth of litter if you only have one cat. There’s an indicator that will light up when the waste drawer needs to be emptied. And even if the indicator is lit, the machine will continue to work up to 3 more litter cycles before completely coming to a halt, giving you more leeway for procrastination.


4. No need to worry on litters piling up

Most litter boxes require maintenance to keep them working. They need to be checked regularly to avoid wastes from piling up like a mountain reaching for the skies. You may even have to rake the piling litters across the waste bin to evenly distribute and aerate them.

Some machines may even stop working if your cat drops a crap big enough to block the passageway to the waste bin.

The rotating motion of the LR III’s litter chamber ensures litters are evenly placed on the litter box to maximize space. This eliminates the need to regularly check it and allows the waste drawer to function for a couple more days. There’s no need to aerate the waste drawer as it has filtered screens that allow air to freely pass through it without releasing the odor from the waste materials.

If the LR III needs human assistance, the LED indicator on it will just light up. Most of the time it just lights up if you need to empty the waste drawer and replace a new plastic bag in it.


litter robot cheapest price5. You can use supplies from other brands with it

The good thing about the company that created LR III Open Air is that they’re not money monsters. They will not require you to buy their accessories and supplies to get the LR III to work properly.

This is very important to cat owners as they don’t have to look for specific brands to make their machines work. Some manufacturers require owners to buy specific trays, detergents, crystals and sand for the litter area, liners, and filters to work with their litter machines.

LR III Open Air only needs any brand of clumping litter for the litter chamber and 8 to 13 gallons of trash bag for the waste drawer. That’s it!

My final thoughts on this Litter Box

There are many automatic litter machines in the market, each offering unique features and services, but nothing comes close to LR III Open Air’s bang for the buck. It won’t be tagged as the best and get highly-rated reviews from cat owners if it isn’t worth the money.

The Litter Robot III is also suitable for households taking care of multiple cats. You can just adjust the machine’s self-cleaning cycle to make it ready for the next cat in a flash. Its large waste litter capacity also allows you to leave it for a few days unchecked and just get notified when it needs to be emptied.

Overall, the Litter Robot III Open Air presents great value for money, giving you more time to spend with your cat over cleaning up the mess they make.


Litter Robot III Open Air 5 Reasons why it is the Best Online
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Litter Robot III Open Air 5 Reasons why it is the Best Online
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