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Litter Robot III Open-Air Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

Are you tired of cleaning your filthy cat litter?

You have come to the right place…

In this review, I am going to show why the Litter Robot 3 aka, the Open-Air model is the very best on the market and it probably won’t take you long before you find out.

If you are too busy to read my full Litter Robot Open Air review, I can say this system is the top performer out of all the litter boxes tested and reviewed on by me on my website.

Find out why:

Note: The Open Air is the new version of its predecessor, the LR2 which is being discontinued going into 2017 and the Open Air is the new and improved flagship unit.


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What is the Litter Robot Open Air?

Cutting down 30% of litter wastage while enabling the user to distance themselves from cleaning up their cats smelly waste, the litter robot open air is a completely automated litter box that boasts reliability and will save you thousands of dollars in expensive pet supplies that are common with cheaper litter boxes.

This unit looks like something out of a space movie, it looks like a cats space ship — unfortunately there is no space travelling qualities with this unit, that said it does an amazing job in the self-cleaning litter process and far exceeds its competition in terms of reliability, minimizing odor and additional expensive supplies needed to run other litter box products on the market, but we will get to that part a little later on in this review.

The manufacturer has spent many man hours to design a litter box that would simply separate the user from ever scooping their pets litter box again.

With that key idea in mind, they came up with a design that features the Litter Robot’s spherical rotating design that completely removes the dirty litter from the unused litter.

This precision functionality inherently cuts down on bacteria growth in the litter box and enables minimal maintenance and cleaning for the end user.

The whole automated cleaning process helps cat owners save a ton of time in cleaning a regular old litter box.

It the best thing about it, it works!

Not like these other products out there that seem to promise all these wonderful features, but don’t actually work in the end.


2016_05_02_14_11_54How Does it Work?

The Litter robot 3 is equipped with a smart self-regulating weight sensor that can effortlessly identify both small and big sized cats using the litter box.

Just like the previous LR models, the litter is automatically cleaned after the cat has done their business.
During the cleaning process, the waste is dumped into the waste receptacle drawer located at the base the Litter Robot’s dome (More on how the cleaning process works below).

Let’s not forget:

This system was designed to be litter waste efficient, basically helping you not waste a single bit of unused litter, which will save you a small fortune in long term.

Cat waste is automatically cleaned out approximately every 3 to 7 minutes after a cat leaves litter box.

The litter is combed through a filter separating the used and the unused litter and discards the used litter into a waste receptacle base for easy disposal.
The Open-Air model is the first update from the Litter Robot Bubble (with a skylight) along with many other updates to the greatly successful Litter-Robot 2.

The new model is a culmination of cutting-edge technology and the company behind it took it upon themselves to actually listen to the cat owners feedback from their popular predecessor and implemented new improvements and additions to make the LR3 a park knockout.

As for the setup of the LR3.

All you need to do is put the head on the base, plug the device into a power source and add the clumping clay litter and you are good to go.

(more on the installation below)

The Litter-Robot 3 works with several types of litter, which includes all variations of clumping clay litters, but it’s not just limited to clumping clay litters, it also works with litter crystals and Litter Pearls.

What are the improvements?

Apart from its sleek new design, the litter robot open-air features a new self-regulating cat sensor which accommodates cats weighing up to 5 pounds or more which gives access to more cat owners with cats of different sizes.

Another new addition is the night-light function, it automatically turns on during your cat’s night visits which help aged cats and cats who are ill who need to visit the litter box more frequently.

Important information: The new model has the following Key Features:

  • Drawer Full Indicator LED light
  • An Automatic Night Light for aging cats,
  • An 8-hour Sleep Mode, and
  • Adaptable Wait Time settings if your cat re-enters the litter box.



Apart from its eye-catching white and blue highlighted modern design, The Litter-Robot Open-Air is fitted with a spacious litter area and upward-facing entrance which comfortably caters to all sizes of cats from small to large adults.

The automatic LED MoonGlo Nightlight is also powered by the units self-regulating sensor which also tells you when the units waste compartment is full and will activate a beeping sound when the litter compartment is full.

To get a better understanding of how its design complements its self-cleaning capabilities, watch the video below to see how this weirdly shaped sphere design works.


Litter Robot 3 Features

  • Spacious and easy to access litter area for big and small cats
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Uses regular clumping litter – no expensive or proprietary litters required
  • Variable cleaning cycle settings from 3 – 7 minutes
  • An 8 Hour Sleep Mode setting – Turns itself off when your cat is less likely to use the litter robot open air.
  • Has an easy access lock control panel so controls cannot be tampered with by children
  • Equipped with a self-adjusting sensor that accommodates cat weights of 5 pounds or more
  • A sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process if your cat revisits the litter box within the cleaning cycle.
  • Night time light for night visits to the litter box.


Litter robot control interfaceHow Cleaning Process Works?

It’s new and distinctive design makes use of a patented gyrating mechanism in order to sieve the waste from the unsoiled litter.

The waste is dropped into a container located at the base of the unit which uses a recommended 13-gallon plastic bag.

Pro tip: Regular shopping bags will work

The device is equipped with a timer that triggers a 3 – 7-minute cleaning delay to assure your cat has left the litter area.

If at any point your cat re-enters during the cleaning process the litter robot’s sensor will trigger and will kill the cleaning process, the system will then reset itself to wait an additional 7 minutes after your cat has successfully left the litter area.


Maintenance and Support

It’s important to note that the unit needs to maintained which includes changing and replacing bags.

Cleaning the litter chamber is simply done by replacing the bag at the bottom of the machine every  5-7 days.

The unit uses typical cat litter making it less costly compared other types of litter, and it also does a better job of eliminating cat odors with its carbon filter system.

The cleaning cycle only takes 7 minutes to complete and the cycle stops in case your cat re-enters, activating a 7-minute delay after your cat leaves.

PROS and CONS Summary


  • Optimal for all types of cats
  • Very easy to setup and operate – Take it out of the box and plug it in.
  • No Scooping or cleaning solution
  • Compatible with multiple brands of cat litter
  • 7-minute cleaning cycles after the cat has finished with the litter box
  • Quieter compared to other automated litter box systems
  • Controls bad cat odor with carbon filter system
  • Safety stop if your cat enters the litter box when it’s in the cleaning cycle
  • It comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee policy and an 18-Month Warranty


  • The unit is large in size and will require a designated area in your house or apartment.
  • Not appropriate for cats that are over 15 pounds
  • The electronic control panel is not water-resistant.


Recommendations for the Litter Robot Open Air:

Before letting the Litter-Robot function in automatic mode, be sure that every cat in your household is within the required weight range to trigger the cat sensor.

Ensure that the Litter-Robot is placed on a flat and stable surface.

Note that positioning the Litter-Robot on top of a thick type of carpet may affect the units sensor’s sensitivity.

Pro Tip: In any case when having a litter box such as this, if you own a cat who has long hair there is a high likely hood of litter sticking to their paws no matter what litter box you get and it can cause an annoyance of litter being tailing throughout the house — The solution to this problem is to get a high-quality litter mat. I have reviewed some of the best litter mats for your inspection.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Do not put any other litter on the Globe except clumping cat litter.
  • Avoid forcing your cat into the unit, it will take a small amount of time for them to get used to it.
  • Do not remove the body of the unit or the Globe while the machine is rotating.
  • Avoid turning on the power if the Globe has been removed, fingers or hair may get caught within the turning gears.
  • Do not submerge or wet the Base or Bonnet.


Final Conclusion

This extraordinary unit is for cat owners who are willing to make the investment to free up their own time and get away from the disgusting task of scooping their cat’s litter box on a daily basis.
Aside from the amazing convenience it offers, it will save you money in the long run on clumping cat litter and requires none of the “special” supplies that you would normally see with other litter box products on the market today.

In the high unlikeliness of the unit breaking down, litter robot has an incredible support line where they will walk you through to troubleshoot the issue.
If there is a need for a replacement part then it’s not going to cost an arm or a leg to get it fixed and in most cases, the manufacturer will take in the unit for repairs.

But you will find that many cat owners do not have this issue with the unit breaking down, it’s a very solid design that works perfectly.

From doing this review of the Litter Robot III proved itself and in my eyes paid for itself immediately in the convenience and freedom, it provides you with, especially if you are not home for the most part of the day (or week) for business or vacation.

Easy to setup

The Open-Air III just needs a power outlet in order to function and since it only depends on standard litter.
Why don’t you give it a try and appreciate how easy it is to maintain the litter box with the aid of home automated technology.

Imagine never having to scoop litter again!


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