Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

Welcome back to another segment of my litter box reviews. You may have heard and have seen the hype and the great product reviews surrounding this the Omega Paw as it could be best described as the best manual “automatic litter trey” on the market.

Read why this unit gives so much value for your buck and how it can help you with your litter maintenance.

The Omega Paw is a manually operated cat box which eliminates the standard requirement of hand scooping and cleaning your cats box manually, in essence, the unit works very similarly to the automatic litter box, just like the Litter Robot 2 and Litter Robot 3 which follows similar practical attributes but in a completely automated fashion.

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The Omega Paw is a one of a kind litter pan that distances cat owners like you from ever needing to touch or handle a plastic scooper again. The design and functionality handles the your cats poopies and pee in an elegant yet, very practical without out getting your hands dirty.

The design looks just like any other hooded cat box, how,ever this particular unit has a curved left side which plays a major part in the easy 3 step roll motion cleaning process which enables an easy litter cleaning process.
The unit has a spacious interior catering to both large and small cats a like, enabling easy access and enough space for your pets to do their business in complete comfort without any obstruction.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter
  • Self Cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Takes no electricity, liners or...
  • Patented Grill separates clean...
  • Easy Assembly.Please refer user...

Can the Omega Paw handle smelly cat odor?

The Omega Paw handles odor incredibly well, there are no fancy filters needed for this unit. Instead, the hooded design of the Omega Paw traps the odor inside of its hooded enclosure preventing smelly cat odor being emitted into the surrounding areas of your home or apartment.

After the cleaning process has been completed the waste is trapped in an airtight litter box. The waste receptacle is designed in such a way that the waste container slides out in a draw like fashion, enabling easy access for the disposal of your cats waste.
It’s so easy to clean and operate the Omega Paw, all you have to do is roll the entire litter box on its side and that’s it, no manually scooping or getting your hands dirty, the smart design does the rest in making the disposal process as painless as possible.


  • Self cleaning by manually rolling the unit back and forth in one easy motion
  • Waste is collected in the waste receptacle for painless and easy disposal.
  • No electricity or filters needed.
  • Traps bad cat waste odors and prevents leakage.
  • Ideal for small and large cats.
  • Ideal for cat owners with multiple cats.
  • Free Shipping
  • One year warranty

How does the Omega Paw cat litter box works?

This unit has an easy 3 step roll and clean method.

  1. Once your cat has done their business wait until your cat has cleared the area from needing to use the litter pan again.
  2. Simply roll the cat box until the unit is completely upside down and then roll it back to its normal position.
  3. The used litter is then trapped into the filter which is then transferred into the receptacle draw.
    Simply pull out the waste drawer and empty the waste receptacle and your job is done, its that easy.

Omega Paw litter box

There are automatic litter box solutions that do the exact same thing, but completely on autopilot without you needing to lift a single finger.

Demonstration video


  • Easy to use.
  • Fit for all types of cats large and small.
  • Traps bad odors.
  • Cleans all cat waste without ever using the scooper.
  • Safe for all cats to use.
  • Fit for cats who go to the toilet regularly
  • An affordable and effective solution


  • Takes up a fair amount of floor space.

I recommend the Omega Paw to:

  • Cat owners looking for a non-scooping litter solution.
  • Owners with multiple cats.
  • Cat owners who prefer to avoid coming in contact with cat waste.
  • Cat owners looking for an affordable and simple to use solution.

I do not recommend the Omega Paw to:

  • If your cat suffers with frequent diarrhea.

My final conclusion about the Omega Paw litter trey

While trialling this cat box I was personally surprised on how well this unit performed, I really think that this particular unit is special and I can say with out a doubt one of the best manual litter pan products on the market. Its incredibly easy to use and requires no additional attachments or expensive supplies to use it.

The assembly of the litter trey was really simple to put together, the Omega Paw comes in 3 large pieces and it was literally 3 steps to put it together and it was ready to go in lest than 5 minutes. The easy hood removal feature is a nice touch and comes in handy in the case you decide to give the unit deep clean, I do recommend giving the litter box good clean at the end of each month just for health purposes.

Odor wasn’t an issue with this unit, in fact it handled bad cat odor very well without needing any sort of additional filters. One of my cats are prone to having stomach problems and when we were trailing the litter pan I found that he was experiencing those problems, however his soft stools were handled seamlessly by the omega paw.

What else can I honestly say about the Omega Paw?
it’s advertised as one of the best self cleaning litter boxes on the market and in my opinion it certainly lives up to its title and plenty of other cat owners are saying to the same thing — just click below for more reviews.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this cat waste box and I highly recommend it for any cat owner looking for a simple to use and affordable solution from their litter maintenance needs.

Omega Paw was named as a best selling litter box with over thousands of satisfied customers voting the Omega Paw as one of the best cat litter boxes on the market.

My Rating for the Omega Paw

Getting the best price: I have seen the Omega Paw Litter Box at good big box retail outlets including Walmart, Costco quite expensive

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter
  • Self Cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Takes no electricity, liners or...
  • Patented Grill separates clean...
  • Easy Assembly.Please refer user...

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  1. I have owned 3 of these. The last 4 I have purchased, Amazon, Petco, PetSmart the latches don’t line up. If they don’t latch correctly the litter falls out. How can I get hold of the maker?

    • Thanks for commenting, thats interesting, did you try contacting Omega Paw about the issues?
      The one we tried was perfect with no defects at all and worked fantastically and I purchased it from amazon.

      If you got 5 bad ones in a a row I would tell them of the defect, my guess if this is happening because there is no quality control and my be shipping straight from the manufacturer.

  2. I have had it for over 3 years and I cannot replace it, its been great value for my family.
    If it breaks tomorrow after the 3 years I have had it i would replace it with another one in a instant

  3. I just received the Omega Paw litter box for my two cats. The concept is great, but I am having a problem. I am using light weight litter and a lot of it falls into the collection waste receptacle as well as the clumps. It is a total waste of litter and I am needing to scoop the clumps out of the waste receptacle to return the litter back to the box. Waste of time. Any comments? Is it the light weight litter??

    • I had the same problem. You are rolling the litter box too fast. I now take my time and watch the loose litter go through the filter before turning it completely upside down.

  4. I’ve been recommending this box to all my friends just after a day or two of using ours. The ease of use has drastically changed my attitude about the morning litter box cleanup routine.

  5. I am not real happy with my omega paw box. I have a male cat and I have tried doing the litter cleaning three or more times a day. He has a habit of using one corner near the filtering screen and there is litter stuck in the screen and that cornerr so flipping the box to collectthe used litter is not working the way I expected it to. I have to scoop anyway and take the box apart at least once a week to scrub out. More work than it’s worth and I wish I could get a refund from walmart or hayneedle.

  6. I have to totally agree with your report. I bought 2 of these for my 2 cats, and I am so impressed with the ease, cleanliness of how they work.

  7. I love this box except that my cat kicks the litter out of the opening when he scratches. I wish the opening were higher. Anyone have a solution they can suggest or have done themselves?

  8. We love these boxes. We have 8 cats and the Omega litter boxes are great and a huge time saver, and of course money saver too. Standard litter boxes say 1 box per cat. I have 5 Omega boxes, (4 in daily use and 1 extra in closet to be put out when we are away)..they were around $25.00 at Wal-Mart. They fit perfect under hall table or in the bathroom next to the vanity. We have them a few feet away from each other and that works because the hoods provide privacy and odor control. They are rolled 3 times a day and in less than 10 minutes a day, boxes are clean. I go through about 80lbs of litter a month…that’s $20 if I buy bulk at Wal-Mart or Sams. Boxes are emptied and thoroughly cleaned monthly. No extra time or money spent on expensive litter…whatever is scoopable.


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