PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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PETLY Pet Feeder is a revolutionary, innovative product designed to feed your pet dry food in scheduled portions and times.

It has a number of accolades, including the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2016, and a spot in the ‘JIDA (Japanese Industrial Designers’ Association) Design Museum Selection Vol. 17′.

This eco-friendly, modern, Japanese-designed-and-made product is beneficial for your pet as it eliminates overeating, helps maintain a healthy weight, and/or keeps dog or cat on track with their weight loss program.

This unit is incredibly simple to use and program by merely turning the dial. It features a flip up handle for easy carrying and portability, and looks great anywhere in your home thanks to its minimal, modern design. This unit only works with batteries, however, which eliminates the use of cords that your pet may be tempted to chew on. While some may see batteries as an inconvenience, the PETLY remedies this by including a LED indicator that lights up at least a week before the battery runs out, giving the user ample time to acquire a replacement battery.


petly auto feeder control panelFeatures of the PETLY

This PETLY has a capacity of about 2.2 lbs of dry food and schedule up to four feeding times per day. Additionally, exact portions to be dispensed at each feeding time can be individually chosen; each portion measures to 5 grams, and the user has the option to dispense up to 50 grams each time.

The exact amounts may differ depending on the size of the kibble (the suggested size is about 3/5′ as anything larger may cause jamming) so it is advised that the user does a feeding test to see exactly how much comes out, and then to adjust from there.

Other features that the PETLY cat feeder has includes a lid that prevents the smell of the pet food from leaking out, a 24 hour clock for precise and mistake-free programming, and a strong body built from durable ABS plastic that weighs a mere 6 lbs. It is made in and shipped from Japan in limited quantities, and is available with a one year warranty.

How the PETLY Works

Programming the unit is easy because of the dial. With just a turn to choose either inside the petly feederfeeding time or portion, and a push to select an option, your schedule is set. The user is able to program up to four feeding times per day, with a minimum of 30 minute intervals in between; these feeding times are repeated every 24 hours. The unit also features a button which the user can press to dispense food in between intervals, in case your pet needs to be fed outside of their schedule.

Food is dropped into the feeding tray at the set times, so the only thing the user has to make sure of is that the tray is out. The tray can be pushed into the unit to make moving the unit to another area in your home easier, so it is wise to immediately pull the tray out once you’re happy with the feeder’s location. The tray is also removable for easy cleaning.

The unit requires four D Alkaline batteries that are supposed to last approximately 6 months with regular use. The user won’t have to worry about the batteries suddenly dying, however, because the unit comes with an indicator light that will very clearly express that new batteries are required at least a week before the unit stops functioning.

Pros and cons of the Petly Pet Food Feeder

review of petlyPros

The PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder is made with the highest quality for maximum durability, and is the best choice for pet owners who desire an automatic cat feeder that is accurate and reliable in operation. While meals can be scheduled and adjusted individually, the user still has the option to feed their pet manually between feeding times. Setting the unit up is easy from opening the product since it comes assembled, to setting your pet’s schedules, to cleaning since the food tray can be removed.

Though the unit only works with batteries, it has quite a long life (about 6 months) until they have to be replaced. Your pet’s schedules will be saved even if the unit is off while changing the batteries, for example.
This units elegant and minimal design ensures that it will look good anywhere in your home. Moreover, the lid seals tightly so the smell of your pet’s food won’t leak into your house.

  • Durable and elegant design
  • Manual feeding options
  • 6 months of use (with batteries)
  • Saves feeding parameters even if the unit is offer or the batteries are being changed
  • Airtight to prevent food smell to be emitted.


This unit only works with smaller sized kibble (about 3/5′ in diameter) so jamming may occur. The lid, while it seals away the smell, the lid is not transparent so the user will have to regularly open the unit to check if it needs to be refilled; this, in turn, will cause the smell of the pet food to leak into your house.
There is no backup power to this unit, so it’s imperative that the user pays attention to the LED indicator. Batteries are not included in the box.

  • Only works with smaller sized kibbles
  • Regularly check if there is food in the unit
  • No backup power source



My Conclusion

Its not the cheapest unit on the market but Its a great option for pet owners who need to feed their pets on a schedule, or pet owners who cannot be home throughout the day and want to make sure their pets don’t overeat/eat enough. It’s simple design works with every home, and the dial eliminates confusion during setup.


Where to get the PETLY for the best deal

The PETLY cat food dispenser, though pricey for about $420.00 are normal good retailers its only $329 on Amazon.


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