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Welcome back to another addition to my cat litter box reviews, today I will be reviewing the PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box (See The Lowest Price)


Upon the review of the Pet safe litter system, also known as the Whisker City litter box. I expected the unit to make a lot of noise during the cleaning process just like most of the other units on the market. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case with the litter box system, in fact the cleaning process is so slow and effective no noise can be heard from the unit, I will touch more on this during the course of this article.

The unit conveniently collects and disposes cat waste using a rotating base coupled with a conveyor belt system, slow moving parts is what makes the system so quiet.

The unit features a spacious bagged waste receptacle which can take any regular sized rubbish bags and is incredibly easy to swap and change waste bags on a periodic basis.

PetSafe Simply Clean litter box reviewThe cleaning process is based upon 1 hour scheduled intervals in which the unit is engaged every single hour of the day which insures all waste has been collected and disposed of correctly.
The unit completely maintains itself on auto pilot with out any manual interference, the unit literally keeps itself clean and fresh with every use.

The Pesafe Simply clean is an affordable non-scooping litter pan solution which requires no additional attachments or additional requirements to get it to work, the only thing it does require is regular clumping clay litter and disposable plastic bags which can be easily sourced from any supermarket or store that provides plastic bags with any purchase.

My first impressions of the unit was positive, the unit provides a spacious litter area for a cat to do their business with out any distractions from moving parts or sound. The Petsafe brand even claims that a cat can be doing their business in side the cat box even if the simply clean is in the cleaning process.

Unlike some automatic litter trey designs on the market today the Petsafe litter system is set lower to the ground for easy access for all cats to reach. It’s obvious that the design of this cat box in considerate to all cats and I could easily see this unit being easily adapted by any cat who is use to a conventional waste box.

The setting up of the unit is very quick and easy and requires virtually no handy man knowledge to get the unit assembled, the unit comes with easy to use thumb screws from instant assembly.
Pet safe’s instructional manual is very detailed and easy to read however I decided to challenge myself in setting up the unit with out the help of the manual.
The unit was extremely simple to put together with out the aid of the instruction manual, however should you need to trouble shoot the manual is incredibly detailed and easy to understand.

The overall design characteristics of materials used in the construction on this unit consists of duty plastic, there are were no visible sharp edges or dangerous moving parts.


  • Cleans cat waste on auto pilot
  • Removes used litter causing bacteria contaminants
  • Simple to assemble
  • Quiet cleaning process
  • Easy to clean and changing bags.
  • Low voltage AC power adapter
  • Low energy rated unit for power saving
  • Uses both domestic standard rubbish bags and recycled shopping bags.
  • Caters to multiple cats.
  • Dimensions 30 x 20 x 9 inches

How does the litter Petsafe Simply Clean work?

The unit utilises a conveyor and the moving litter tray system.
Once every 1 hour and the conveyor system rotates and the conveyer system is in full force which collects cat waste and used litter from the litter area.
See the demonstration video below

Demonstration Video

How to set up the Simply Clean?

Attachments and Supplies

The unit comes with no additional attachments or supplies that need to be purchased.
Petsafe have made it optional for putting a mat underneath the Litter box to stop litter trailing, however there is no need to buy a branded mat as there are many alternatives in which case you can pick up a cheap mat at your local store for under $10.


PROS and CONS Summary


  • thumbs-up-down-iconsVery quiet cleaning process
  • Great for cats who are timid
  • Multiple cat support
  • Set and forget system with most situations – for busy people the Simply Clean can go with out being changed for at least 10 days with 1 cat.
  • Non Scooping affordable solution
  • Uses less energy for people who are couscous about power usage.
  • Eliminates odor
  • Processes waste every hour insuring a clean litter box
  • Less chance of contaminating clean litter – Avoid odor
  • No branded attachments or supplies needed to be purchased
  • Uses self clumping clay litter


  • Slow moving system
  • Doesn’t come with a litter trailing mat, but most units don’t and they range from $20 – $50.



I recommend this unit to:

  • Busy cat owners who are looking for a scoop free litter trey solution.
  • Can owners who own at least 1 – 3 cats.
  • Can owners looking for a quiet self cleaning litter pan solution because their cats are timid.
  • Owners who are looking for an affordable automatic litter box solution which requires no additional attachments and branded supplies.
  • Owners looking for a litter receptacle that dosnt need to be changed frequently, up to 10 days.
  • I also recommend this unit to pets who are ill and have frequent toilet stops, the petsafe can handle these loads.

I do not recommend this unit to:



My final conclusion on the Petsafe Litter Box

This automatic cat box is a wonderful unit for cat owners needing a quick and smart solution to their litter box problems. There is no need for additional attachments or supplies like some of the other self cleaning litter boxes on the market.

When putting the petsafe litter box to the test with my own pet I noticed immediately that the unit is very effective in its cleaning routines, making sure the litter was fully cleaned for my cats next use.
That being said I did have a little issue with the speed of the cleaning process, it takes around 30 minutes to complete the entire hourly cleaning cycle which to me, is a little long. However the PetSafe self cleaning box gets it done and I have seen great results so far.

Blind Fold TestingResults
I have left the the Simply Clean litter system without checking it for 5 days, I literally ignored it completely and I let my cats do their business, however if I did smell old cat feces or urine I would then intervene to see how the unit was performing.

I found that the Pet safe litter tray handled my cat’s toilet routine very well, I came back to it on the Friday (after 5 days) and the waste receptacle was a little less than half full and all the litter had been processed from the litter tray.
Through that week alone i did not experience any bad odor which brings be to say that the unit is a top quality unit for the price tag.

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Getting the best price: I have seen the Pet Safe simply Clean litter box at good retail outlets including Walmart, Costco etc and are normally being sold for $129.99! But you can get the Petsafe here for only $89.99 from which is a bargain.


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