Scoopfree self cleaning litter box review

ScoopFree Litter Box – Review

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Welcome back to another edition of the self-cleaning litter box review series, In this post, I will be reviewing the ScoopFree litter system.

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I will be covering all the major features of the unit and how it might positively benefit you over your old and smelly litter pan.

Scoopfree Product description

The unit is a fully automated litter box solution which will keep your cats sandbox cleaning demands well in order so you are not tied into cleaning your cats litter trey on a daily basis. Its a set and forget system that has got all customers talking about its great features.
The unit was even proudly supported by Animal Planet as being one of the best litter boxes on the market.

The unit ensures an odourless environment with the use of SF signature disposable cardboard crystal litter trays, literally, all you have to do is load the ScoopFree litter tray and you are ready to go.
The SF features premium blue cat litter crystals which absorb any moisture and eliminates any traces of odor from emitting into the air.

Note: Premium litter crystals work differently to self clumping cat litter; clumping clay cat litter is used for clumping the waste, however, the blue crystal cat litter works in such a way that it absorbs the moisture and effectively dehydrates the cats waste. As a result of this the crystal blue litter reduces all odors significantly.

PetSafe PAL00-14242 ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Automatic with Disposable Tray and Non-Clumping Crystal Litter - Purple
  • Automatically removes waste: No...
  • Unbeatable odor control: Crystal...
  • No more messy floors: Low-tracking...
  • Leak protection: Disposable trays...
  • Easy cleanup: Simply remove the...

What is blue crystal litter?

Crystal litter is a silica gel that starts in solid granular form and becomes a gel when it is exposed to moisture. The gel dissolves and congeals when the cat urinates. The cat uses the crystals like any other litter to cover its feces.

Like most other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market the ScoopFree litter trey features a smart Optical light sensor system which is able to detect when your cat has used the unit.
Once your cat has used the SF the sensor is engaged and enables the cleaning process, beginning with a 20 minute time delay before the cleaning cycle is engaged to ensure that your cat has cleared the unit. If your cat does re-enter the litter system at any time during the delay timer is engaged or the cleaning process is active the SF litter box kills all operations and resets itself automatically until the cat leaves the box.

The Scoop free cleaning process is a worry-free and simple process, once the cleaning cycle is engaged the rake is in motion and collects all the dirty solids and waste and rakes the waste into the covered waste container which is located on the opposite end of the litter receptacle (Purple covered container), the rake then retracts back to its stationary position smoothing out the crystals with in the process.

All odors are immediately eliminated as soon as the dirty waste has come into contact with the crystals and disposed of into the waste receptacle.

The unit ensures a hands-free/Scooping free solution to people looking for an automatic hands-free solution.

The unit requires its own branded disposable cardboard litter trays, and its recommended to change the trays every few weeks as the cardboard trays start to go off with the consistent use.

The DesignScoopfree litter box

The unit is constructed with a solid and robust plastic design and utilises a stainless steel rake for the scraping up of waste: which is really helpful as most other plastic rakes seem to break under pressure.

The unit has an easy to use programmable interface which allows you to change the delay time of the cleaning cycle as well as a day counter to keep track of how many times your cat has used the litter box in a day.
The units branded disposable blue crystal trays are treated to repel the cats urine which insures the cats urine does not soak into the cardboard.

Scoop Free Features

  • Unit functionality which automatically disposes your cats waste with ease.
  • Disposable branded crystal litter trays that absorb urine and moisture, leaving an odorless and clean result.
  • You do not need to clean or do any maintenance to the Scoop Free.
  • Box dimensions are 27.5 x 19 x 7 inches.
  • Litter area dimensions 14 x 14 inches.
  • Disposable litter trays are plastic sealed to prevent leakage.
  • The premium litter trays include blue crystal cat litter
  • Programmable interface for easy push-button functionality
  • The cleaning cycle is activated after a 20 minute delay time after the cat leaves the litter box.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.

How does the ScoopFree work?

The unit works in conjunction with specially designed litter trays that fit flawlessly within the units litter area.
The crystal litter used for the prefilled litter tray is used to soak up the moisture of cat urine and effectively stops urine odor in its tracks.
The cats feces are also affected by the crystal litter, soaking up the moisture and drying out the feces which ensures there is minimal odor.

Once the cat has done his business the advanced optical light sensor system located on the ScoopFree is activated which detects the use of the waste box.
Once the cat has successfully left the cat trey, the 20 minute delay period is engaged to ensure that your cat doesn’t re-enter the cat box during the automatic self-cleaning process.

After the 20 minute delay period is finished the rake mechanism is engaged for scooping up the dirty litter and feces into the purple covered waste container to complete the cleaning phase, stopping the manifestation of contamination to the unused litter.
The rake then retracts back to its normal idle stationary position running back over the litter, smoothing out the litter as it returns.-

Demonstration Video

How to set up the ScoopFree?

The unit is so easy to setup a child can do it, the unit is made up of 3 main parts that need to be assembled.
These parts include:

Scoopfree Litter box review
Scoopfree Litter box
  • Frame
  • disposable litter tray (Blue Crystal)
  • Frame lid

One of the first things you have to do is to set the tray’s lid under the litter tray as protection. Then, lift the trey and slide the crystal litter pan underneath, you should hear a “click” that means the sensor is on the waste trap are connected to the ones on the litter tray.


Important information

As I have detailed the Scoopfree utilises disposable litter trays, however it is important to make note that there is another competitor providing a cheaper litter tray solution for the unit.

These cheaper litter trays are called 😍  ScoopMaid and they perform terribly in comparison to the branded litter trays, because the cardboard is simply not treated with the same plastic urine protection film as the litter trays, there has been many complaints from users confusing these cheaper litter trays to be ScoopFrees litter trays.

If you looking to SAVE SOME MONEY! using a reusable tray to replace the expense of disposable litter trays, there is a new product called Forever Litter Tray,
The Forever Litter Tray is a non-disposable solution to the SF which can save you hundreds of dollars in disposable litter treys.

Forever Litter Tray. The Original Reusable Replacement for PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Refills. Ultimate Quality, Design and Durability Since 2005.

Cat owners can refill the tray with premium crystal cat litter and change it every time the box needs to be cleaned.


Tips and Tricks and best practices

To save money without having to use disposable litter trays there is a non-disposable solution called the Forever Litter Tray made specifically for the Scoopfree litter box system.

For a bigger size trash receptacle there is another extension on the market called the Litter bagger by ScoopFree

The Litter-Bagger for Scoopfree Litter Boxes. Replaces Disposable Crystal Litter Trays, Bags Litter Waste for You.
  • An automated waste bagging system...
  • Reduces odor as waste is dumped...
  • Keeps waste collection area almost...
  • Litter changing is easy and more...
  • Unit is UNFINISHED birch plywood....

This unit works in such a way that the ScoopFree litter container is placed on the top of the Litter Bagger (See Picture on the right)The standard waste receptacle bag is removed from the unit freeing up a hole where the waste falls into the litter bagger.

The litter bagger possesses and easy to use bagging system which frees you from handling any waste ever again.

The litter bagger has been receiving raving reviews and makes the waste automatic managing system a real breeze to work with.

  • This unit is a big unit and I recommend having some free space to put it.
  • If your cat is a notorious litter kicker or he/she likes privacy, there is additional
    extension hood which can be bought with the SF or as an additional purchase.
    The Hood is highly recommended for cats who tend to kick litter out of their trays, however the hood does not cater well to larger sized cats.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Privacy Hood, Purple
  • ODOR CONTROL: Helps contain the...
  • LESS MESS: Helps keep the crystal...
  • PRIVACY FOR YOUR CAT: Gives your...
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT: PetSafe brand's...
  • I highly recommend placing a mat on the entrance or the perimeter around the cat box, this will stop litter tracking through out the household.
  • It is a good idea to occasionally stir the crystals in the waste receptacle if your cat in known to urinate in the same spot every time.
  • Lastly, make sure that you avoid using disposable trays longer than the recommended use, otherwise, this will result in leakage from the cardboard trays and it will start to smell.
  • No need kitty litter mats


  • Very solid and rugged design, built to last.
  • Easy to assemble and setup.
  • Reliable system.
  • The cleaning process is a lot quieter.
  • 20 minutes delayed cleaning functionality, waste is dried out before the Scoopfree’s rake starts cleaning the litter box.
  • Significantly reduces cat waste odors in the household
  • Safe for cats to use thanks to the automatic optical sensory system.
  • The walls are at a sufficient height to combat most litter kicking cats.
  • The blue crystals litter allow the waste to dry out and reduce any odor occurrence.
  • Long power cable.
  • Blue crystals do not stick to the cats paws as often as most other kitty litters.
  • It possesses an automatic reset cleaning cycle if your cat re-enters the litter trey during or before 20 minute period.
  • The on-board program allows you to adjust the time delay when the cleaning cycle starts.
  • There is a counter that keeps track of your cats daily use of the cat box.
  • Additional attachments which will save you more money in the long run, check out the  ScoopFree Hood


  • The system can be seen to be expensive to maintain especially when using the pre-filled disposable trays.
  • Clean litter also seems to get mixed up with the dirty litter when it is getting scraped into the waste container.

I recommend the unit to:

  • Multiple cats, no more than 3 to 2 cats .
  • Easy to integrate into the cats toilet routine.
  • If you cannot afford the disposable pre-filled trays but you are willing to replace the filling system with its alternatives described above.

I don’t recommend the unit to:

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PetSafe PAL00-14242 ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Automatic with Disposable Tray and Non-Clumping Crystal Litter - Purple
  • Automatically removes waste: No...
  • Unbeatable odor control: Crystal...
  • No more messy floors: Low-tracking...
  • Leak protection: Disposable trays...
  • Easy cleanup: Simply remove the...

Final Conclusion

The unit system is a great unit, and stands up against most of the other self cleaning litter box brands on the market.
The unit uses blue crystal litter which absorbs cat waste efficiently along with knocking out any smelly cat odors that come with it, however there is a limit to the blue crystal litter as it starts failing to absorb the urine as the time goes on, which leads me to say that you have to change the litter trays every few weeks of use (As directed by the manufacturer).

The downside of the SF is that it requires a lot of pricey disposable litter trays to maintain the use of the unit, however this can easily be avoided with the purchase of the additional reusable litter tray call the Forever Litter Tray available for the unit.


Litter bagger. attachment which enables more waste to be collected.

The Litter-Bagger for Scoopfree Litter Boxes. Replaces Disposable Crystal Litter Trays, Bags Litter Waste for You.
  • An automated waste bagging system...
  • Reduces odor as waste is dumped...
  • Keeps waste collection area almost...
  • Litter changing is easy and more...
  • Unit is UNFINISHED birch plywood....

This type of cat box can be used by multiple cats however i would recommend 2 – 3 cats could comfortably use this litter pan with ease.


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19 thoughts on “ScoopFree Litter Box – Review”

  1. I was given this litter box by a close family friend who is also a cat breeder of rag dolls and I can say that I was costing me more money to run the damn thing because the litter treys would die out so quick and would need to be changed very often. Along with that my scoop free had some mechanical issues I could never figure out and I ended up tossing the scoop free and getting a litter robot based on its practicality

    1. Thanks for your insight Shelly, the scoopfree is not for everybody and I would have to agree that it can be quite expensive to run, especially when is concerns getting the blue crystal litter refills on a regular basis.

      I like to stick with the normal clumping clay litter as it is cheap it is not hard to find and is available is in all pet stores nationwide.
      And thats why I love the litter robot because it uses clumping litter and is very easy to run.

      Not sure about your technical difficulties, seems like you were given a lemon litter box. Did you managed to contact the company for support with this issue?

  2. This is a top product for any cat owners who on a budget and who is looking to semiautomated their litter box cleaning retains.
    At first I saw the Omega PAW on Amazon and I wasn’t sure if it was going to work like it was claimed. So I decided to go ahead and purchase it and see for myself as there were many reviews, and this is back in back in 2009.

    Ever since purchasing the Omega Paw I have not looked back and it’s been an amazing product going on for 7 years already but now I am looking for something a little more automated. 🙂

    What do you think is similar to the Omega Paw in electronic form?

  3. We have a Scoopfree liter box and love it! We only have one cat and it lasts about 3 weeks. I just changed it when I notices it was on 70 – and there still was no smell! Neither of us like to scoop the litter so this is perfect for us! It is a little pricey but I found – to be the least expensive for the litter and order from there. With auto order I get an additional 5% off and never have to worry. Great product but pricey!

  4. I have owned cats my entire life and have never found a litter box as WONDERFUL as this one. I have two cats and the litter tray lasted a full two weeks. We never once smelled an odor. Changing the disposable tray was a breeze and we didn’t have to touch anything. My cats immediately used it. The replacement trays may be pricey but worth every penny. I’ve had self cleaning boxes before where the motor malfunctioned after a year and changing them was a real pain along with the fact that we still had an odor with all the scoopable litters. This may be a pricey unit but worth it!

  5. I have been using the scoopfree litter box and thought it was also a good product. It can be expensive but I had problems that I could not figure out until recently when I did not think it was working as well as it had been. It has to be in a dry area if in the basement keep your dehumidifier running. I did not realize that when ours was not working it effected how it cleaned the waste. But what I have found most important is that the customer service is by far the best that I have ever encountered and to me that is a big deal. Whenever I have had a problem, question or concern they have always gone way over and above for what I would expect for really good customer service. I have found that every time I call it has been exceptional. If you have this product and experience any issues I would not hesitate in calling the company. I have found that they will do everything to make it right, I had one box that I had for many years and thought I needed to replace it (8 years) the next one I did not think worked as well and they took care of it with hardly any questions asked. I have gotten boxes that due to shipping my have been damaged and again they took care of it over and beyond what I would have expected.

  6. Can you use the The Litter-Bagger in conjugation with the Forever Tray? I’m not clear on how the two fit or don’t fit together with the original equipment.

    1. Sorry Nic for the late reply. We are the manufacturers of the Forever Litter Tray. Unfortunately the Litter-Bagger system requires the tray to be cut (modified) so our trays won’t work with that system. Please do visit the Forever Litter Trays website for further info and also for our direct contact info if we can provide customer service.

  7. I have used this litterbox for years. I used it with two cats and changed the litter box about every 2 weeks. I recently bought a new one for our new pet. This is only being used by one cat and I do not feel it works as well. The litter box smell is overwhelming, both urine and feces. I have tried adding scented litter box deodorizer to the mix, but it doesn’t help. I’m thinking I may need to go back to clumping litter as I’m changing out the box more frequently than every 7 days. Good review however.

  8. Is there a compatible litter besides the silica blue crystals that would work just as well.I have 3 cats so just looking for feed back Re if you can use different litter in the permanent plastic tray rather than buying the throw out ones.Any feed back would be much appreciated.
    Thank you đŸ€—

  9. Annette Melnychuk

    I just bought my pet safe scoop free litter box just last week and so far I have had no problems other than just a tiny bit of a smell, but then again my precious baby has always been a smelly pooper. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive including the trays themselves but other than that my baby and I love it and best of all NO MORE SCOOPING AND TOUCHING DIRTY CAT LITTER!!!

  10. Khrystyna Fedunkiv

    Hello to all who are reading.

    I would like to add an honest review based on my experience on having this litter box for almost a year. And how My Russian Blue kitty (who is a medium size cat) reacts to it.
    Yes, it is very helpful and does a lot of things like clean itself when you’re not home, which is awesome when you need to leave overnight, but it has a lot more not so awesome facts about it which every review seems to miss.
    I think you need to know about these not so awesome facts before you purchase and see if you are ok to deal with them.
    I do like the machine overall and I’m still using it. I’m just trying to find a way to get around or fix the flaws it has.
    So here we go
    1. It does not last you a month like they advertise it. I have to change the crystals at least 2 times a month if not more. The reason is that the crystals start to smell and the container does not fit a month load of poop. Especially if your cat goes 2 times a day. I have to either buy 2-3 Litter Box Trays per month or buy extra crystals and scoop all the dirty crystals and poop into a garbage bag and refill the box with clean ones.
    so far it’s been cheaper to buy extra crystals and scoop out 2 weeks worth of poop and dirty liter. This, in the end, beats the purpose of having the self-cleaning box where you don’t touch the gross parts. But I’m on a tighter budget and prefer to clean it out one every week or two.

    2. Two weeks in, it starts to smell, really bad. Yes, the crystals absorb all the moisture but what they don’t tell you is that it still smells bad. It sticks to the bottom and the metal self-scooper does not scoop it. It’s like the saying “don’t touch sh*t and it won’t smell” But unfortunately the self-scooper constantly irritates it so it smells.

    3. Yes, it is expensive, especially if you are changing the box 2-3 times a month. I recommend changing once a week for the best odor control. If not then after 2 weeks it’s a must to change.

    4. Don’t buy the plastic reusable box for crystals. It absorbs the smell and smells even worse. If you wrap it in plastic first for easier cleanup, it only works sometimes because the car will puncture the bag with his/her claws and than it will be messy. The paper ones are better because now they are lined with plastic on the bottom so the pee does not soak through.

    5. If you got a smart and curious kitty like me who is a clean freak and must have his litter clean than beware of coming home to poop being squashed on the opposite side of the box. My kitty started noticing the rale moves and cleans after him, so (this doesn’t happen to often) but he started to pee first and wait until it cleans and then climbs into the box during which scooping process pauses because he activates the sensor, and poops on the opposite side of the rale. So when it turns on later when he climbs out it scoops the poop the opposite direction, squashing it against the wall of the box. Cleaning that sucks. I come home and my cat is waiting for me at the door and meows at me to follow him and leads me to the box and looks at me and meows (look what I did, get to it and clean it) then sits there and watches me clean it. Sometimes meows to tell me I missed a spot and sniffs it because it got stuck in between the rales. YEP, not pleasant. So much for you don’t have to touch it again advertisement. Bet they didn’t think of that incident.

    6. It’s a personal issue I guess. It depends on the cat. I’m planning to buy the privacy hood to see if it fixes my problem. My problem is that my kitty has webbed paws and gets the crystals between them. So to get the crystals out he wipes his paws on the walls around it. -_- which I have to clean. So I was also wondering can I put regular sand into the box instead of crystals.

    7. If the cat is too young it won’t work. The poop is too small and it just smears it across the whole box of crystals instead of scooping it.

    So this is my review of the ScoopFree Litter Box. I still prefer it over others. I just got used to cleaning it once a week which is better than cleaning every day.

    Hope this is helpful ^_^

  11. I want to know what the purple litter actually is,,got the unit for x mass,,well every thing is good except the cat has lost atlest half his body weight,took him to vet,vet said the cat is healthy, but his thyroid was off a little is this stupid purple litter slowly killing my CAT?????

  12. Dawn hodgson , sorry the litter actually is blue some dark blue some light blue and white,after used it turns purple

  13. Carlos Zinkevich

    This just doesn’t work. After received it , through Amazon, I could tell the sensors were not working. I communicateD with the vendor and they sent me a replacement, which doesn’t work either. Now I have two useless pieces. DO NOT BUY IT.

  14. This technology would have been amazing if it didn’t generate so much ecological damage. The crystals are non-degradable and are produced with great pollution and energy waste. The whole tray is disposed completely every 2-3 weeks. On the whole this is much worse than normal litter. And of course of you like the planet you’d even go for the corn-based types of litter that are bio friendly and flushable (down the toilet). It’s about time companies and consumers alike pay attention to the ecological implications of consumer products they consider. There’s no place for new products that do WORSE on eco scales than the standard products, in addition to being even more expensive to the consumer.

  15. First I’ll say, this is one of the most complete reviews out there for the PetSafe. I’ve been hunting for reviews and info on automatic litter boxes as I am in the market for a new one. I currently have a PetSafe Scoopfree and it is falling down on the job as of now. Not doing well for me at all. I have found some of the same issues that others have commented here. The crystals do really start to stink when it’s about time to change them. They don’t keep the odor down as much as I would like. Mine also does not clean too well. Not sure if it’s just a flaw with mine or what. Anyway, it’s about time for me to get a new one. I’m leaning away from the PetSafe and towards the AutoEgg. It’s a fairly new model with extraordinary reviews. Looks super cool. I’ve heard it keeps odors down, is quiet and cleans great. I think that’s the one I’m going to get!

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