Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

my cat head bonksOne of the ways cats show their affection is by licking the hands or feet of its owners, and many pet owners tend to agree. Although their tongue’s lick may feel a little bit sandy or rough on your skin, this sweet gesture really manifest love and appreciation. But more than the love your pets wants to show, there could be other reasons why your cats love to lick some parts of your body. Here are some reasons that can explain this fun and unique cat behavior.

kitten-hood memories

Just like other animals, kittens want to be protected and loved by their parents, and they become dependent on others for survival. Once a kitten gets older, she might retain the memories and gestures of her mother. Thus, when your kitty gives you a lick, it is a sign of acceptance of your companionship to her just like her mother. She feels more secure when she is with you. Licking means she nurtures your role the best way she can. Sometimes, if a cat licks you on your hand or finger, it acts like a pacifier for her. It’s because they got weaned just before the proper time of weaning or it can be due to being orphaned at an early age. Licking allows cats to experience the comfort of nursing care which they did not experience at an early age.

When your kitty becomes possessive

Most mother cats establish possession among their kittens through licking. And your pet cat will do the same way to you if she wants to let you know you belong to her. Cats lick to show social bonding, may it be to the owner or other cats. When she licks you, she simply wants to have fun with you.

Anxiousness among kittens

There are times when cats are also stressed out, like their inability to escape the attention and company of other cats. If a kitten gets anxious, she might start showing an impulsive licking behavior. This tells you when to pet and cuddle her to eliminate the stressful feeling. More affection and attention should be given to her if she licks you incessantly because this is what she needs.


what does cat purring mean?Your cat is wants to show love

If an owner can pet a cat, a cat can also show affection to her owner. Licking is cat’s version of petting her owner which shows the feeling of affection. She licks you because she can’t pet you the way you pet her. However, your cat doesn’t know that her tongue’s texture often you.

There are heart-warming reasons why a cat licks you. Cats that usually lick their owners are those that have been deprived of proper care and attention. If you want to stop her from licking, you need to divert her attention without hurting her feelings, or even its body. You can do this by throwing a toy on the floor or giving her food to munch for the rest of the day. Licking is a natural behavior among cats, so never punish or reprimand her for showing this behavior. What she needs instead, is more care and love from you.