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The Truth About Automatic Litter boxes

I’ve owned cats for as long as I remember, grooming, feeding and cleaning the litter box is second nature, and it’s been 6 years since I have cleaned or scooped a little box. How? I discovered self-cleaning litter boxes, 6 years ago there were only a few main products you could purchase, but it was still early days and they weren’t always consistent with the results and may break in the first 3 to 6 months.

In 2020 there are multiple big brands making amazing litter boxes which brings you here to my blog. I have reviewed all the automatic litter boxes on the market to help you find the best solution for your family.

Saving Time & Money

The speed of life has changed over the past years to a faster pace way of living. People are working longer hours and families are trying to do the best to juggle the day-to-day tasks to keep up with their family and busy social lives.

When it comes to owning a cat, you’ve got extra responsibilities like feeding, cleaning the litter box, hair grooming if is a long-haired breed of cat like a ragdoll or Maincoon.

All these day-to-day tasks eat into your free time, especially when it comes to the less desirable task of cleaning your cats filthy litter box. Good news, there is a way to automate the entire litter scooping and cleaning process without the hassle.

Did you know traditional litter boxes waste 65% of litter, whichever premium clay clumping litter you are wasting your money and the Litter Robot saves you more money in the long run.

How to Stop Litter Box Odor

Do you know that litter box cat odor smell? It’s that stinging sensation of the brain as it hits your nostrils. You get the feeling of dread just thinking you will be cleaning cat poop and cat pee for the next 30 minutes.

Even though the odor plays as a rude reminder of what task is yet to come, you need to deal with the lingering foul cat smell that has taken over your home.

Unfortunately, there is no way of dealing with bad cat odor without removing the problem first.

What’s the problem you may ask?

It could be the little box you are currently using is wrong for your home and your cat. Thankfully the latest high-tech and affordable litter boxes offer these anti-odor features.

How To Stop Cleaning Cat Litter

Check out our automatic litter box reviews you will immediately notice that you won’t be coming home to a smelly little box anymore. You will no longer want to breathe in that harmful bacteria-infested litter dust that your cat has left behind, or want to stop doing the unpleasant task of scooping up cleaning it up.

Having a litter box that’s completely automated does 90% of the litter box clean up. its serves its purpose and it has changed my life and my cats life.learn more about litter boxes

Top Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Hi My name is Angela Bronson I will be showcasing the best self-cleaning litter boxes rated based on my reviews with each unit as well as taking in the consideration of other user reviews from various other websites such as Amazon and forums, bringing you my top picks of the Top 5 best automatic cat litter boxes on the market. All system are rated on factors of easy to use by cats, odor control, cleaning performance, durability, and Convenience.

Litter Robot LRII & Litter Robot Open Air Review

Overview: We reviewed the Litter Robot 2 and Litter Robot III Open Air and with all the information that we compiled, the Litter Robot III is the litter box solution on the market and provides amazing value for money and here’s why:

The design of the litter robot’s impacts on how the unit’s self-cleaning process functions. The spherical shape also works like a hood to stop litter kicking and trailing, It automatically removes litter clumps by the spherical head rotating, filtering out all the dirty litter from the clean litter and disposing the waste into the waste receptacle which is conveniently placed at the base of the unit. The Litter Robot requires no additional branded supplies, it only requires premium self-clumping cat box and domestic household trash bags.

The whole idea of the unit is the convenience for cat owners, this is a set and forget self-cleaning litter box solution which requires no scooping or direct handling of cat waste, cat waste is disposed into the trash receptacle for easy bagging litter-robot-IIIand disposal. The odor is not an issue with this automatic cat litter box as it is heavily equipped with a carbon filter to eliminate any offensive cat odor.

Easy to use for cats10/10 It is easy for most cats, however, it is not ideal for cats who are handicapped or ill

Odor control10/10 Odor is no issue with this unit, waste is handled immediately and disposed into the waste receptacle which is equipped with a heavy-duty carbon filter.

Cleaning performance10/10 The cleaning process lives up to its advertised expectations and does a fine job in separating dirty litter from the clean litter.

Durability10/10 The unit is made out of hard solid plastic which is rugged to withstand time.

Convenience: 10/10 The LR is a great hands-free cat lavatory solution which frees cat owners from ever having to manually scoop their pet’s feces again. It does require minimal maintenance, changing waste bags, and topping up litter.

Overall Rating 10/10

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Catgenie 120 Review

Overview: The CatGenie is the most advanced cat tray on the market and its the only automatic solution that uses water as a key part of its cleaning process, it really is a fancy toilet for cats that flushes and cleans itself making it a dream come true to all cat owners everywhere.

The Catgenie is currently the only self-flushing functional system on the market which uses reusable plastic granules as the regular clumping cat litter alternative, saving money on regular kitty litter. But what about germs? The CatGenie uses a biodegradable disinfectant solution during the automated cleaning process, washing the dirty granules clean and disinfecting the unit for your cats next use.

Easy to use for cats10/10 The Catgenie’s design is very practical to all domestic cats who are toilet trained, there is no difficult entry and exit points and there is a big enough space to cater to all kinds of cat, big or small.

Odor control10/10 There is virtually no odor

Cleaning performance10/10 The Catgenie is in a league of its own when it comes to the cleaning process, however, it does a great job and makes the Catgenie one of the most hygienic cat boxes around.

Durability9/10 Built with solid materials such as hard plastic and metal/aluminum the Catgenie is a heavy-duty unit.

Convenience: 10/10 This unit requires no manual scooping or cleaning, It really is a hands-free solution.

Overall Rating 10/10


ScoopFree Ultra Review

Overview: The ScoopFree is the best automatic cat litter box for the price tag and is one of the leading rake operated cat boxes on the market, using blue crystal disposable litter trays which are designed to sponge up moisture, effectively cutting down on odor as soon as your cat does his/hers business.

The design is nothing foreign in comparison to an ordinary cat box which enables cats to easily warm up to their new ScoopFree toilet. The ScoopFree automatic litter box lives up to its name is one of the best hands-free rake operated litter pan solutions. As mentioned before odor is not an issue with this unit as it utilizes blue crystal litter along with the trash receptacle being fully equipped with it own carbon filters to further extinguish any bad odors.

Easy to use for cats9/10 A spacious and classic cat box design which enables cats to get used to their new cat box with ease.

Odor control8/10 Carbon filters and the use of the crystal pallets effectively cut down on any odors.

Cleaning performance7/10 The cleaning process lives up to its advertised functionality expectations of providing a Scoopfree solution.

Durability9/10 The unit has got a solid design and it has been boasted to have a powerful motor to rake out any difficult solids.

Convenience: 6/10 This is a good domestic solution if you are trying to avoid direct handling of cat waste, however, it’s not a completely automated solution and it does require some human interference to maintain the upkeep to maintain its optimal performance.

Overall Rating 7/10 

SmartScoop Review

Overview: The SmartScoop Litter box is an all-around great cat box with a durable motor to handle stubborn waste. It requires no additional waste containers like the Litter Maid’s, plus it’s an effortless transition from an ordinary litter box to the Smartscoop due to its classic looking design.

The Smartscoop automatic litter box is yet another rake operated cat waste receptacle however it has been known to do a great job when removing feces and has twice as less motor noise than most of the other self-cleaning waste boxes on the market.

It has the capabilities of handling multiple cats and cats who are full-figured. The unit is seen to be a smart solution for all cat owners looking for a reliable and affordable litter pan which won’t cost them any extra on additional branded requirements, self-clumping litter is the only thing it needs in order to function at its optimal level.

Easy to use for cats10/10 A very spacious design which most cats will love immediately.

Cleaning performance7/10 The cleaning performance of the Smartscoop is on the same par as the LitterMaid except the SmartScoop runs more quietly. There are instances where feces is caught in the rake however as mentioned before this pron to happen with soft feces.

Odor control7/10 Carbon filters have been also equipped onto the Smartscoop to cut down on cat box odor effectively.

Durability6/10 The motor has seen to be more reliable than the popular LitterMaid series, its overall construction is made out of solid plastic which is built to last many users from all types of cats.

Convenience: 7/10 The LitterMaid is a good temporary solution for cat owners trying to distance themselves from scooping their pets waste pan the manual way, it is very convenient and works great.

Overall Rating 6/10

LitterMaid LM980 Mega Review

Overview The Littermaid ML980 Mega is one of the more popular entry-level rake operated cat boxes on the market. The unit is not quite as different from most of the other rake operated pet pans, however, it’s certainly the highest ranking affordable cat waste box on the market. The litter pan provides a spacious, high-walled, classic design in order to cater to multiple cats big and small.

The high wall design is designed to stop litter from being kicked out of the sandbox, the LitterMaid also comes with an anti-trailing ramp which is meant to stop the common problem with litter training.

The LM has the capabilities to house at least 1 week worth of litter before needing to be changed, the unit takes disposable litter boxes however the Litter Maid provides reusable alternatives for people not looking to spend more on branded containers. The LitterMaid LM980 handles odor quite well and is reinforced with carbon filters to knock out offensive cat box odors.

Easy to use for cats9/10 A spacious high walled design to stop litter kicking cats from kicking litter.

Cleaning performance7/10 The cleaning performance of the unit is pretty good and lives up to its advertised capabilities, it is evident in most rack operated cat box that soft feces do not properly work with the rack system as feces can get caught in the rake.

Odor control7/10 Durable carbon filters have been implemented into the Litter Maid to stop all odor and odor leakage from the trash receptacle.

Durability4/10 The Littermaid has got a solid design, however, it has been reported that the motor can fail after a year of use, there are mixed reports about this topic.

Convenience: 7/10 The LitterMaid is a good temporary solution for cat owners trying to distance themselves from cleaning their pet box the manual way, it is very convenient and works great.

Overall Rating 7/10

An honorable mention: Omega Paw

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