4 Easy Ways to Prevent Cats from Urinating Outside the Litter Box

Most cat owners deal with problems involving the odd peeing patterns and behaviors of their pet cats.

If you are experiencing this problem then it is best to deal with this issue as quickly as possible to avoid complication.

Resolving this major concern is possible if you follow these easy tips to prevent your cat from urinating outside the litter box and will hopefully identify the causes.

Under any circumstances, these tips do not work for your kitty then it’s best to consult a vet.

Take corrective and preventive action

Soon after your cats have urinated outside their litter box, immediately clean up the mess.

Cleaned up spots will not push your cats to urinate in the same area again.

This preventive action will keep the litter box and your home smelling fresh once again.

If its possible separate living areas for each cat if you own multiple cats.

Vets know the best for your cat

Consulting a veterinarian is a highly recommended step to take.

There’s no other person who would know cats better than a cat specialist.

So, make an appointment and ask your vet to conduct a series of tests like urinalysis and other physical examination on your cat.

Through this, you will not be mistaken as to what steps you are going to take on to resolve the problem.

Inappropriate peeing among cats can be an indication that they are suffering from serious health problems causing them an abnormal urge to pee.

So, only vets can help you determine the actual condition of your pet.

Cats have social dynamics too

Not all cats can easily be acquainted with other cat breeds or creatures in their environment.

This can be a reason for their inappropriate habit of urinating outside the box.

Some of them might have had an experience of fighting with other cats or pets when they were young.

You should be aware of the social dynamics among cats to fully understand their inappropriate peeing behavior.

Proper location, type and cleanliness of litter box should be positioned in proper places and not be left under a dark space.

The cat may not be able to locate it easily once you place it in a hidden area.

If you live in a multi-level house, then providing single litter box in every floor is the best thing to do to keep your cats comfortable.

The litter box should also be cleaned up regularly because just like people, cats prefer a clean box over a dirty one.

Provide an extra litter box if necessary

Two or more cats sharing a single litter box will only cause you headaches as they will eventually fight on who is the first to use the box.

So, adding more litter boxes is a perfect idea to avoid potential problems.

However, keep in mind that adding an over-decorated and super scented litter box is not a good idea because your cats may not like it at all.

Choose a simple brand that is more convenient to use.

Keep in mind these easy steps and you’ll surely be free from problems concerning the urinating habit of your cats.

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