my cats hair is every where

5 Easy Ways to Remove Cat Hair – Updated Guide 2023

Looking for the Ways to Remove Cat Hair from your home then read this 2023 guide to learn more.

Cat hair all over you Clothes, Furniture, floor and places where you didn’t think is possible?

On this page is a complete step-by-step guide different ways to get rid of annoy cat hair.

It’s amazing to have had a pet cat, but let’s face it, having to deal with cleaning up their shed fur is not the ideal pastime activity we all enjoy.

Luckily, there are a few cost-effective and easy ways to handle the process.

Use a sponge – It’s not just for cleaning the dishes

To get excess hair off of couches and other furniture where hair tends stick to, try using a regular dry kitchen sponge.

The fur will cling to the sponge and will alleviate some of the efforts.

Use a rubber glove

While you are still in the kitchen, you can use rubber dishwashing gloves to remove shed fur in a similar way.

To remove the hair, put the gloves on and rub your hands over your furniture (or another surface that needs hair removal) to loosen the hair; the natural rubbery grip will cling to the hair caused by rubbing the rubber glove on the surface of the upholstery, and it should cause the fur to roll into chunks.

Want to be creative? – Use a DIY lint roller

Lint rollers may be your tool of choice when it comes to cleaning up pet fur but keep in mind that replacement sheets can get expensive (and you’ll have to buy them often).

An easy, cheaper alternative to lint rollers is simply packing tape.

Just wrap a strip into a circle with the sticky side facing out and dab or gently rub along the fur-covered surfaces.
You will be able to pick up as much fur as with a lint roller but at a much cheaper price.

Use dryer sheets

The best way to prevent excess shedding is to start at the source: your pet! Rubbing a fabric softener sheet over your cat once in a while is a great option because it attracts excess hair without needing to use a brush.

The Simple Hack to Help your vacuum cleaner pick up more fur

Vacuums are an obvious appliance to use when cleaning up pet fur around the floors and furniture, but it can become an increasingly difficult task in the spring time when even more fur is shed.

You can help your trusty appliance out by using a liquid fabric softener solution.

Fill a spray bottle with water, add one spoonful of fabric softener, mix the concoction well by shaking it, then let the solution sit on the carpet for about five minutes after spraying.

All the hair that was embedded into your carpet or upholstery should then loosen up and rise to the surface, making it much easier for your vacuum to clean up.

If you are still stuck then I have put together a comprehensive step by step guide

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