5 Ways Cats Show Their Affection To You

There’s no denying that cats are loyal and adorable pets, and they are known to show their love and commitment in special ways.

Here are just some of the manifestations and the gestures you might notice with your pet cats that would make you feel loved.

Meowing coupled with purring means something

When a cat meows sweetly when she/he is beside you, they might want to play or have fun with you.

This gesture definitely means she is contented with the way you treat her and appreciative of the love and affection you are giving her.

Often times, a cat doesn’t stop meowing unless you give her your full attention.

A cat who loves her owner usually follows her owner, and this definitely shows love and loyalty! Sometimes they get in your way to make sure that your attention to her is undivided.

They even get jealous if someone is with you, or if you are conversing with someone over the phone.

Head bonks are signs of love

You might notice your cat do head bonks in front of you.

This is a sign that she really loves you as her owner.

In other cases, you might want to consider taking home another cat as a companion for your pet cat.

If a cat likes her companion, you can observe head bonks as a sign of respect and acceptance.

Cats do head bonk to show that she wants to establish a friendship with another cat.

Cat rolls around your feet

When a cat rolls over your feet, it is a sign of trust, contentment and love as she lets you see her belly.

Though cats show off their bellies, it doesn’t mean that you have to touch or play with it because sometimes they are too sensitive.

Don’t scratch them over their belly because you might get harsh reactions from them.

No matter how much she loves you, touching their bellies is really not a good thing.

Your cat likes to sleep on your lap

Does your cat fall asleep while lying on your lap as you watch the television?

If she wants to be your furry companion at night, then your cat really loves you.

She finds your lap as her comforting area as she feels more secure with you.

Slow eye blink

A cat can show her love and acceptance to her owner with just an eye blink.

If a cat wants to express her love to her beloved cat owner, she slowly blinks her eyes as her owner talks to her.

It is indeed a great moment to establish a good connection with your pet cats through intimate communication.

You can definitely expect a lot of love, companionship, and loyalty from your pet cats.

So take good care of this creature so you and your furry companion will stay together for a longer period of time.

Feline love is truly great and can be comforting at times, especially when you have established a strong connection with your pet cat.

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