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Abdtech SmartFeeder Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

The Abdtech SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder is a tool you can use to help you feed your pet even if you’re not at home.

Since this unit can be used with the use of an iPhone or Android device, you can easily feed your pet through your smartphone or tablet.

All it takes is to download the free app on your device and get it connected to the automatic pet feeder.

Once that’s taken care of, you can get started in programming your food dispenser.

The good thing about using this cat food dispenser is that you don’t have any limit as to the number of meals you can program for your pet.

At the same time, you are free to customize how much food should be dispensed on every meal.

You can serve each meal from 10g to 100g at a time.

And once the unit is ready to feed your pet, you can trigger the device to release the meal manually in real-time


From your device, you can view your pet as he enjoys his meal; thanks to the 0.3-megapixel real-time camera included on the pet feeder.

Apart from just being able to feed your pet in real-time, the app also allows you to monitor your pet’s daily intake.

This allows you to be on top of his nutritional needs.

There’s also an “Offline Feeding Model” feature that will allow the unit to dispense 10g of food every four hours, depending on the time you have set.

This gives you freedom to not worry about whether or not your pet has already eaten, especially if you get preoccupied throughout the day.

The Abdtech SmartFeeder is equipped with an easy to clean collapsible food tray.

It can be plugged into a regular wall outlet in order to function throughout the day.

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Abdtech reviewAbdtech Features:

  • The food dispenser lets its user control meal size and feeding time
  • Remote feeding is possible by a touch of a button
  • It comes with a free app that allows the user to watch his pet as he is eating through a 0.3-megapixel camera with a view angle of 70
  • degrees and vision height of 19.5 inches
  • App works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • In the event of slow internet connection, “Offline Feeding Model” is possible
  • Hopper is made from ABS safe plastic material certified by the FDA
  • Hopper has a capacity of 5 liters
  • Collapsible food tray
  • Food tray and hopper are removable

Abdtech Dimensions:

  • 7.6″x8.27″x15.75″ LxWxH with tray opened
  • Tray Length: 7″
  • Hopper Hold Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Power: 1.8w
  • Rated Voltage: 80-260V
  • Power Adapter Voltage: 5V


Abdtech Components that come in the box:

  • Abdtech SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder main unit
  • AC power adapter
  • User’s Manual


How the Abdtech Feeder Works:

  1. Download Abdtech SmartFeeder app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Connect feeder to your smartphone. Set up the app and program your pet’s feeding schedule. You will need to make sure you have also set the size of your pet’s meal per batches.
  3. Press the “Feed Now” button on the app for manual remote feeding if not programming for a daily automatic feeding schedule.
  4. To watch pet as he eats, push the “Live Video” button on the app. This comes with features that can make a sound without dispensing any food and taking pictures or recording footage of your pet as he eats. You can opt for low, normal, or high resolution for the photo or video.
  5. The app comes with a Feeding Chart to help monitor how much food your pet has eaten throughout the day. This also helps you check how much food is still available in the hopper.
  6. If there is no internet connection, the Abdtech SmartFeeder Food dispenser will continue to feed your pet by dispensing 1 oz of food every four hours.




  • Gives you full ability to manage your pet’s feeding
  • The app lets you manually feed your pet and choose a particular meal size
  • You get to see your pet as he is eating and take a video or photo of him with the attached camera
  • You can monitor the amount of food your pet has eaten
  • Allows you to program several meals and customize the meal size
  • Has a backup dispensing mode in the event of lost internet connection
  • The opening lets food dispense without clogging
  • Comes with a sound to alert pet that it is time to eat
  • Hopper has a locking lid
  • Comes with a non-slip bottom for keeping the feeder in its place


  • Comes in military 24 hour time so it takes a while to get used to if you are not use to it.
  • Meal sizes are measured in batches with no indication of how much food is dispensed per batch
  • App signal tends to become unstable, which affects video quality
  • App takes a while to connect and sometimes has connection issues
  • Some cats find the “ding” sound disturbing
  • Camera view does not move so you only get to see straight
  • The unit only allows small capacity, which is not recommended for multiple pets

The Abdtech Automatic Pet Feeder is a relatively new automatic food dispenser in the market.

It is one of the few that comes with smartphone or tablet connectivity.

As of this writing, the system is being improved because of some detected bugs that affected app connectivity.

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From reviewing the Abdtech system i can certainly say that this unit is a diverse and flexible unit that enables you to be in contact with your pet even if you are anywhere in the world.

That being said this particular unit does not stack up with the other few feeders we recently reviewed which have the same features but with better performance.

One of the cheaper units MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder | Move onto the Petmate Infinity Cat Feeder


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