Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder Review

The Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder package contains a circular base with 9 openings where you can put combinations of tubes as food containers.

There are 9 tubes included in the package, each having different lengths to represent varying ‘levels’.

The six ‘Level 0’ tubes are 1.8in long and the ‘Level 1’ tubes are 3in in length.

Tubes are labeled with the max capacity of food each can hold.

The goal is to place treats on tubes with varying depths and allow your cats to reach for them.

This will stimulate both their mental ability to solve puzzles and their physical ability to use their paws properly.

It recreates the scenario where the cat as predator hunts for its prey by reaching into deep and tight holes.


  • Includes 9 tubes with varying lengths: Six 1.8in and three 3in tubes
  • All materials are made of BPA-free plastic
  • Easy to refill
  • Consists of 9 openings where tubes can be inserted
  • Dishwasher safe materials


  • Can contribute to weight loss
  • Reduce the pace of your cat’s food ingestion
  • Tubes are detachable for easier cleaning
  • Will keep your cats busy and entertained
  • Higher ‘level’ tubes are sold separately and can be bought to increase the toy’s difficulty.
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Everything’s made of durable plastic
  • Works even for declawed cats
  • Can be an alternative to a food bowl or feeder


  • The Cat Feeder may slip while your cat is reaching for food
  • Intelligent and experienced cats may find this very easy to solve
  • Holes may not be big enough for larger cats
  • Works only with dry food


The Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder stimulates foraging in your cats which can also contribute to your cat’s weight loss program.

It’s a great way to control your cat’s eating pace to try to curb it to prevent them from getting sick.

The adjustable tube ‘levels’ will keep your cat busy and challenged for quite some time, leaving them stimulated and motivated to work for their food.

This Cat Feeder can train your cat’s scooping capabilities and is also a great way to introduce them to similar food dispensing toys.

This toy is recommended by veterinarians and experts in cat behavior.

It has also passed the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials

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Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder
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