Aqua Purr Cat Water Fountain Review

Having problems leaving water for you cats to drink while you’re out of town?

AquaPurr is a water drinking fountain that will help you regulate the water they drink straight from the tap without the dramas of humming from regular pet drinking fountains or the faucet being left on and wasting water.

What is the AquaPurr?

AquaPurr is a water fountain for your cats who are prone to turning on the faucet, especially when you’re away from home.

Or If you are concerned for your cats health due to common water contamination issues with regular water bowls that build up bacteria and mould as a result of still water, then the AquaPurr offers a new and innovative way to keep your cat hydrated.

Similarly, you can rest assured your cats won’t get thirsty because AquaPurr allows them to get their own water without your assistance.
When you purchase one for around $70, expect to get the following:

  • An 11.75in x 20.5in pressure-sensitive platform; custom sizes are also available. Underneath it, are 3M Command grip tapes to help the platform stay in place on your countertop
  • Dedicated fountain for your cat’s hydration purposes
  • Diverter valve to allow the normal use of faucet even after AquaPurr is installed
  • Aerator adapters to fit the diverter valve into almost any spigot size
  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • No electricity or batteries needed to keep it running

AquaPurr water dispenser is ergonomically designed to fit on any countertop, hence the customizable platform size.

It has a pressure sensor that regulates the water flow, releasing the water when your cat steps on the platform and shutting the water off it when they step off the platform.

This simple functionality makes it easier for your feline pals to get the hang of using AquaPurr.


aquapurr demostration

How It Works

Directly attaching AquaPurr’s diverter valve to your sink faucet with the help of the aerator adapter included in the package.

Once it’s attached, position the platform on your countertop and open the sink faucet.

Use the knob on the diverter valve to either redirect water to the fountain or let water flow directly into the sink as you would if you were to do the dishes.
AquaPurr has a pressure-sensitive platform that triggers the flow of water into the attached plastic spigot.

When at least 3lbs of pressure is applied on the platform, water is then released similar to a typical drinking fountain and now your cat has fresh drinking water to stay hydrated to.

Setup is a breeze.

There’s a detailed user manual and there are installation videos available online to help you assemble and set everything up.

Maintenance + Support

AquaPurr needs minimal cleaning, you only need to wipe off the platform for any grime from your cat’s paws or fur.

You don’t need to clean the spigot or refill the setup with water since AquaPurr is basically a faucet extension; there are also no filters to replace or clean as you would normally see in other cat fountains on the market, Simply put, AquaPurr is a maintenance-free pet water fountain drinking system.

As if the price isn’t good enough, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on its parts.

According to the official website, just contact Steven Chalmers ([email protected]) and they’ll give replacements for free if you need them.


  • thumbs-up-down-iconsThe idea of providing fresh tap water to your cat with out a bowl
  • No Filters needed
  • No Power Needed
  • Regulates water directly from the faucet
  • Customizable platform dimensions allows AquaPurr to fit on any countertop size and also handle any cat size
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free setup
  • Diverter valve and aerator adapter fits on almost any faucet with the provided converter
  • Affordable product, costing only $70
  • Excellent customer service with lifetime warranty on parts and support


  • o May not be ideal for all cats as there is some training involved
  • There’s a possibility that your cat will just play with it. They may remain on the platform even though they’re not using it to drink water.
  • After prolonged use, the pressure trigger may not spring back to stop the water flow, allowing water to run even if no pressure is applied on the platform.
  • The plastic spigot may be too short for some sink designs and may cause water to splash everywhere.


review of the aqua purr waterer

How your Cat might react to the Aquapurr

Training doesn’t seems to be an issue.

According to some users who left reviews on the Aquapurr, their pet cats typically took 2-5 days to get used to AquaPurr.

If your cat used to drink from the faucet, this setup won’t cause any problems and may be ideal for your situation.

Once they’ve mastered how to use it, they won’t need to wake you up any more in the middle of the night purring to give them water.
Leaving the faucet turned on for AquaPurr raised concerns from a few users.

This is due to the fact that if leaks occur and it may be an issue.

Its recommended checking from time to time if your cats are just playing with it even when they’re not drinking the water.

They may accidentally turn the fountain around, spilling water onto the platform instead of into the sink.

Securing the plastic spigot with duct tape may do the trick.

The system is not perfect and still has room for improvement.

Still, owners give AquaPurr good reviews for its innovation and efficiency in providing water to pet cats.
There’s also a chance that the trigger underneath the platform may not spring back as expected after prolonged use, letting water flow even when there’s no pressure applied to it.

These are just some isolated cases, though.

The manufacturer guarantees that each package has been reassembled for leak testing before they’re disassembled and shipped to customers worldwide.

Important Features and Benefits of Aquapurr pet fountain

  • Efficient hydration
    You don’t have to leave your faucet on or worry about your cat’s water supply when you’re away; they can just get it themselves when they want to. This saves you time because you don’t have to regularly check their drinking bowl or wake up in the middle of the night just to give them some water to drink.
  • AquaPurr considers your cat’s health
    Drinking from a bowl leaves traces of saliva which is the perfect formula for bacteria to grow faster when left out in the open. This may introduce unwanted organisms in your cat’s digestive system, causing illnesses and other complications when they drink from the bowl again.

AquaPurr provides water only when needed, ensuring the supply is safe and fresh.

  • Low learning curve
    The simple reward system employed by the setup makes it easier for cats to understand the function of stepping onto the platform. It typically takes less than a week to teach cats to get water from AquaPurr.
  • Easy setup
    You don’t need a plumber to set everything up. The detailed manual included in the package, along with free videos and assembly materials available online, will guide you for a fool-proof installation of the system.
  • Lifetime warranty
    AquaPurr believes that nothing beats exceptional customer service which is why they provide free parts replacement. Forever.

My Conclusion

The Aquapurr fountain is not for every cat but it poses a working solution for cats who can learn fast to drink from the aquapurr.
We have learned that some people had trouble getting their cat to use this system for a variety of reasons, however 80% of the users said that it wasnt a big issue to get their cat to use the system.

Many other cat water fountains out there are not thinking for your cats health unlike the Aquapurr, and its clear that the creator has thought of almost everything and this could be a great addition to keeping your cat hydrated the smart way.

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