Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder review

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

The Automatic Pet Feeder, a revolutionary and innovative product by Arf Pets is designed with the conscious pet owner in mind.

Whether your pet needs to be on a specific feeding schedule as dictated by your vet, or your want to make sure your pet is fed regularly throughout the day, the unit definitely makes this aspect of caring for your dog or cat a hassle and worry-free experience.

Being able to configure many specific settings is sure to put a concerned pet owner at ease, especially if you are unable to be at home throughout the entire day; luckily, the features that this product contains solves just this.


The Arf Pets consists of a rotating paddle (much like a water wheel) that moves food onto an opening that then allows the food to fall onto the feeding tray.

A control panel at the top of the food dispenser features an LCD screen and clear button for easy use and set up.

You will be able to set the time, choose how many meals your pet is fed per day, how many portions should be served per meal, and what time those meals will be dispensed at.

A manual button is also present on the unit in case your pet needs to be fed in between meals.

One fun, yet functional feature that deserves mention is the ability to record a message that tells your pet that it’s time to eat.

This recording plays three times in a row during feeding time and serves to ensure that not only does the food dispense, but also increases the chance that your pet will eat and become familiar with the product.

arf pets power on the bottom of the unitIn-depth Technical Features

The unit allows configuration of up to four feeding times per day.

You are then able to choose how many portions should be served each time ‘ between 1-10, measuring about 2 tablespoons per portion.

The container also called the ‘food hopper’, has a 1.14 Gal capacity which is equal to about 4 lbs of dry food.

The food hopper and feeding tray are both removable for effortless cleaning.

The top of the unit boasts many features that make feeding your pet a breeze.

The LCD screen ensures you can clearly see the settings you’ve chosen; the transparent acrylic lid allows you to see inside the feeder and gauge how much food is left with just a glance, and the strong magnetic lock ensures that your pet will not be able to get inside.

The cat feeder can be powered with either the AC/DC adapter (which comes with a 5-foot cord), or with batteries so it can be semi-portable.

This product’s life span is said to be about 2000 working hours.



There are a number of reasons this product is the perfect addition to a pet owner’s home.

Firstly, the food dispenser comes assembled in box so you don’t need to worry about any sort of frustration or mess during set up.

The unit is made using strong ABS plastic which is a material commonly chosen for its durability, resistance, and toughness.

Feeding times and portion size are highly customizable, and the strong magnet lid not only keeps food fresh but also keeps pets out of the cache.

Another huge plus is that the Arf Pets can be placed anywhere in your home since it is battery compatible.

Convenience and ease is what makes this unit so unique and useful.

The food hopper’s large storage capacity, for example, ensures that refilling doesn’t need to occur too frequently.

Similarly, the removable feeding tray and storage container makes for a struggle-free cleaning process.

  • Easy setup pre-assembled in the box – plug and play
  • Strong Design
  • Made from ABS Plastic
  • Customisable feeding times
  • Custom sized food portions
  • Keeps cats from stealing food using strong magnets
  • Battery compatible
  • Easy to clean
  • Large food storage capacity


Though there are many ‘pros’ to the Arf Pets, there are also some minor cons.

The power button being located at the bottom of the unit and the lack of information on the manual (on topics such as how much food is in a portion) may be points of frustration for some users.

The 24 hour time may be another problem for people who are uncomfortable with the setup.
Though the unit is strong, it’s intended for indoor use only.

Moreover, a larger pet may be able to knock it over which may damage the feeder over time.

A final cause for concern that users may see in this cat food dispenser is that you can only dispense dry food.

Additionally, the product may jam depending on the type of food being dispensed.

The Arf Pets automatic cat food dispenser works best with medium sizes, semi-round, dry food.

  • Power button placed at the bottom of the unit making it hard to reach
  • Manual lacks information
  • 24 time cannot be changed to regular time
  • Not suitable for larger pets who could knock the unit over

Arf Pets Conclusion

The Arf Pets is a handy, convenient, worry-free product designed to feed your pet on a schedule.

The product works as advertised and has proven to be a great addition to your home.

If you are new to the Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 then this system has plenty to offer | If you want your feeder to be connected to the internet then the PetPal WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder is the right one for you.


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