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Hi, My name is Angela Bronson and welcome to my blog. Below you will find The Top 10 best automatic self cleaning litter boxes for your cat.  I have been doing all the hard work for you and I personally reviewed and test all these litter box systems down below so you can make a better and more informed decision.

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We all love the thrill and love that comes with owning a cat, but when it comes to taking care of a litter box, well that’s another thing. Carrying and hugging the cats create amazing bonding moments between us and out pet, but scooping the litter can be a challenging undertaking. When you consider this as a problem related to cat ownership there are cat litter boxes for sale that can save the day, much like other appliances like washing machines and coffee makers that help make the job easier.

These products take the work out of managing your cats waste box, and allows us to focus more on more important household activities that truly matter.

But don’t just say hello to the first automatic cat litter that you see — know what you are buying and what’s the best around, there are some products out there that are absolute TRASH and should be avoided.

We help you decide- read our reviews and consider the following our shopping points to discover what truly works for your cat!

Don’t Worry, We have done all the hard work for you so you can view

Top 10 Reviews of the best automatic litter boxes.

There are many litter boxes on Amazon and in pet shops around the nation, so picking the best self cleaning litter box can be a time consuming and annoying task to find the best one for your home and your cat.
You will find a list of some of the best litter boxes on the market and I have done all the hard work for you in finding the best ones and reviewing them for you.


litter-robot-IIILITTER ROBOT III OPEN AIR [Limited Time $25 OFF Inside]

If you have ever heard of the litter robot 2 then this is the next big and improved released since the Bubble and Skylight versions.
This litter box moves in a rotating fashion that cleans the litter efficiently without the need of every scooping and cleaning just as the company’s catchphrase reads “the last litter box you will own”

  • Maintains large-sized cats, usually ranging from 5 to 20 lbs in weight
  • Manages your cats litter when you away from your cat for long periods of time
  • Allows you freedom from cleaning your cat’s litter box
  • Perfect for 2 cats or more
  • Reliability is where it shines in comparison with other self cleaning litter boxes
  • Perfect for Small Apartments
  • Uses regular clay clumping litter

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Sally using her Litter RobotLITTER ROBOT II UNIT With Skylight [Limited Time $25 OFF Inside

Please note that this product has been Discontinued – See the latest version above

Getting tired of cleaning and maintaining the cat box? If yes, then this Robot II Unit is your best bet in the market.
Its smart and efficient scooping system rotates and automatically cleans the area with ease so you no longer have to worry about manually scooping

The design can also accommodate larger cats, thanks to the addition of a bubble-type of the window on the backside of the unit. This is a highly automated unit best for pet lovers. This Bubble version is fitted with a sensor that will be activated as soon as your pet enters the system, and a 7-minute countdown will be started as soon your cat exits the box.

  • Households with cats of different sizes and weights
  • Owners who don’t want to regularly buy special trays and cartridges
  • Owners who don’t want to scoop their cat’s litter
  • Pet owners who want convenience and will be out for the next few days

Check this full Litter Robot II unit review.



Please note that this product has been Discontinued – See the latest version above

The Litter Robot just makes the lives of cat owners more convenient and easier. At the core of its operations. Its rotating self cleaning system that effectively separates the dirty from clean litter in under 7 minutes after the pet entered the box.

Maintenance is easy too – simply push the button at the bottom part of the unit to replace the filled bag. This is a great investment for cat owners who:

  • Can cater up to a number of cats
  • For cat owners who are busy with their work commitments and don’t have time for scooping of litter

please check out the complete review.



PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with Clumping Cat Litter
  • Self cleaning litter box that...
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean. Low...
  • Uses less clumping litter than...
  • Waste bin can be lined with...
  • 1 year warranty. 6 foot cord plugs...

If you are concerned about price then you have to check this one out
The Petsafe offers a continuous cleanup process, The cat’s waste its silently pick up using the conveyor rotating system that you will think the unit is off.
The Simply Clean box is the quietest automatic litter box on the market today and has been making waves with is an affordable price.

  • Very silent – the quietest litter box on the market
  • Cat owners who manage busy lives and need a reliable cleaning solution while they are away
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for kitten and adults
  • Ideal for clumping clay litter

Check the other pros and cons of the Pet Safe Simply Clean by reading the complete review.

I recently came across something that has always been in the back of my mind when I am cleaning around my cat’s litter box, you probably know it already but litter gets everywhere!
Most of the time it’s in the hardest to reach places only a vacuum can reach. Check out cat litter vacuums, yes this is a thing and they are awesome!


CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box
  • Automatic cat box flushes waste...
  • Uses litter-like Washable Granules...
  • Ideal for cats of average size and...
  • Requires hookup to cold water and...
  • Includes biodegradable, recyclable...

The first actual cat toilet for cats that flushes…

The CATGENIE 120 is known for having an innovative self-flushing feature that acts similar to a regular toilet and connects to the home sewage system. The system works by using washable granules instead of traditional litter that can be found in other litter boxes. it comes with a highly programmable interface that is easy to use – you can schedule for the litter clean-up from 1 to 4 times a day

  • Uses home sewage system
  • No scooping solution
  • Required to have extra space in your home where the swage line is
  • Almost a completely hands off solution
  • Not recommended for sick cats

Check out the full review



Pet Zone Smart Scoop Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Automatic Litter Box with Hands-free Litter Disposal)
  • MESS AND ODOR CONTROL: Automatic...
  • QUIET: Four times quieter than...

The Smart Scoop is a rake operated litter box that uses a sensor to detect if they are in or out of the litter box. Once your cat has finished doing their business the Pet Zone takes care of the rest while you don’t have to.

  • Fit for any size cat
  • Households with a number of cats
  • Dont need to empty the unit for 2 days of use

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LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Single-Cat (LM580)
  • Strong, durable drive mechanism
  • High side wall design. Refer the...
  • Removable automatic rake for easy...
  • Safety bar to stop rake in case of...
  • Designed for single cat households...

The Littermaid LM580 that cleans up the mess immediately after the cat used their waste box. Like most popular automatic litter box system on the market, the Litter Maid uses a smart sensor to detect your cat and initiates the cleaning process 10 minutes after your cat leaves the cat trey. This product comes complete with the dual motion sensors that will kick-start the clean-up process by putting the cat waste directly into the compartment which is odor sealed.

This unit uses a carbon filter. Each unit comes with 4 filters, 4 waste receptacles which need to be replaced depending on the uses.

  • Rack system no advised for sick cats
  • Affordable Solution
  • Avoid Scooping
  • Easy maintenance

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LitterMaid LM-86579 Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Self-Cleaning Scoop with Ramp, 24"
  • Automatic litter box makes...
  • Self-cleaning litter box...
  • Rakes the waste into a disposable...
  • Ideal for large cats and multi-cat...
  • 27 inches long. Multi-Cat Over 15...

This automatic cat litter box has a self-cleaning system that will scoop the clump any dirty cat litter and sweep it away from ever smelling it.
The waste receptacle is fitted with the carbon filter to ensure that odors will be kept at a minimum. The clean-up process uses a similar sensor which detects your cat from entering and exiting.

  • Multiple cats
  • Battery powered

To learn more, read our complete review.



If you got this far then you would know the litter maid products very well and this very particular is very similar to the others which have a carbon filter to stop all those bad odors and a sensor system to detect your cat.

  • Sick cats shouldn’t be using this unit
  • Loud noises might disturb your cat
  • Ideal for cat owners to be away from home without fretting over the litter box

To know if this is fit for your lifestyle, read our complete review.



Pet Zone Smart Scoop Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Automatic Litter Box with Hands-free Litter Disposal)
  • MESS AND ODOR CONTROL: Automatic...
  • QUIET: Four times quieter than...

With SmartScoop system, cat owners no longer need to worry about constant scooping of waste throughout the day. This is an instant clean-up solution that will start to work roughly 15 minutes after the cat has completed its task.

One advantage of this product is that its easy to clean and maintain, and boasts the clumping litter for maximum effect. Each box will come with its own AC adapter for power source. This cat litter box is best for households with just one cat and:

  • Whose cat doesn’t normally use all corners and doesn’t have problems with excessive urination

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Nature's Miracle Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  • SINGLE CAT LITTER BOX: Designed for...
  • NIGHT LIGHT: Includes night light...
  • EASY SETUP: Simply refill, relax...

There’s a dual sensor fitted into every Nature’s Miracle, and it activates cleaning process 20 minutes after the cat’s exit. The operation is made possible by a special rake that efficiently sweeps the dirt into the assigned compartment. There’s no need to worry about the possible smell since it is fitted with filters that can screen the unwanted smell.

I do have my reservations about this litter box but all the same it should as good as the litter maid.

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Honorable mention – The Cheapest best self cleaning cat litter box:



Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box, Midnight Black, Large
  • Elite Self cleaning EL-RA20-1
  • Features chrome accents
  • Built in "litter step" catches...
  • New improved clip design
  • Stronger more durable sifting...

You may have already heard of the Omega Paw is one of the more notable of the affordable and best cat litter box on the internet which was made famous for its unique and simplistic design with the ability to create a boundary in the cleaning process between the user and the dirty smelly cat litter we all hate to deal with.

The only difference as to why the Omega Paw didn’t quite make this list is because it a Semi-Automatic styled litter box, which involves manual human intervention to make it work.

That being said, if you are looking for a cheaper cat tray without all the mechanical features that you see on this page, then I would highly recommend you give the Omega Paw a closer look.

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