Best Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder

Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder Review – Must Read

Need an automatic wet food cat feeder to feed your furbaby when you are not around, we’ve got the answers for you.

Life can get busy at the best of times which poses the daily challenge of feeding time for our pet cats.

The challenges of the rat race can get us caught up in traffic and long working hours.

Let’s face it, you probably find yourself chasing kids, running back and forth to school, long hours in the office whilst juggling social and quality time with family and your pets then this may be the solution you have been looking for.

In this article, we tally up the best and worst wet feeders for cats, some of these also service dry and wet food depending on the price range.

However, if you are looking for the perfect automatic dry food cat feeder then click here.

Top 12 Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeders

What you will find below are some of the highest-rated wet food feeders for cats on the market along with the not some great ones.

Here are some main features you should be looking for when choosing a feeder for your family so you can spend less money with trial and error.

  • Stealing Cats – Stops your family of dogs and cats from breaking into the feeder to pig out on their daily meals in one session
  • Scheduling Feeding – Set a timer to feed your pet at any moment of the day to ensure they get a fed at the right time
  • Multi Meals – Scheduling multiple meals in 1 day or over the course of days.
  • App Compatibility – Interface with the feeder to engage feeding times and even talk to your cat through the app when you are not around.
  • Portion Control – Struggling with an overweight cat? Then the portion control will help you give the correct portions to your furbaby throughout the day to stop overeating.
  • Prescribed Medications – Plan meal time medications easier without stressing about your cat’s health.
  • Wet and Dry food – Get the best of both worlds with dry kibbles and moist foods

FEED AND GO Wet Food Feeder

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If you’re too busy with work demands, then this Feed and Go unit is suited for you since this can be controlled using the web.

There are a built-in microphone and webcam that will allow you to track the activities of your pet in real-time even if you’re away.

You can also record a message to your cat and play this before they eat.

The unit easily connects to the internet thanks to an internal Wi-Fi.

To operate the unit, you need to connect this to the AC/DC adapter, using US volt standard.

The Feed and Go automatic feeder can handle up to 8oz of food and can be scheduled for 6 meals daily.

We recommend this unit for:

  • Controlling Diets for obese and diabetic cats
  • Pet owners who want to manage the food intake of their cats
  • Pet owners who are busy at work and wants a dependable feeder
  • Individuals who are looking to complement their dry food dispenser

The complete review is available here.



SureFeed is an advanced pet feeder that makes use of a microchip to verify a pet and provide them with the appropriate food serving based on what was programmed.

This chip is often implanted in the collar tag or ID of the cat.

Once the sensor recognizes the microchip, the unit will open up the lid and let the cat access its food for the day.

This automatic feeder works thanks to the RFID technology and can track up to 32 pets (identities) which means that cats can eat and enjoy the food at the feeder at the same time.

This is a great option for cats with special dietary requirements and should work for households with many pets.

The use of the Surefeed microchip-run dispenser is great for:

  • Owners who want to restrict the pet’s access to food
  • Individuals who want to feed many cats with varying portions
  • Cats with prescribed medications
  • Individuals who want a special bowl for a specific cat

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This dry food dispenser works as an automatic feeder for cats and can be programmed to deliver food to your cat up to 5 times daily.

Expect a cover for the first tray to ensure that the food is protected.

This feeder features the digital timer that lets you assign feeding hours or the intervals between cat meals.

This automatic dispenser can work for:

  • Cat owners who want to feed their cats 3 to 4 times daily
  • Individuals who will use the unit for many days that require one or two meals daily
  • Cats with health concerns

Complete review is available here


CAT MATE C10 Wet Food Feeder

This works as an automatic feeder where you can plan one meal at a time, and schedule it in advance.

There’s an analog timer in place, and the scheduled feeding can be done within the 24-hour time frame.

You can count on this automatic feeder if:

  • You have well-behaved cats that will not access the dispenser at any time
  • Cats with specific diet to follow at certain hours of the day
  • Owners who want to see their 2 cats eat together
  • You are looking for an extra automatic cat feeder

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CAT MATE C20 Wet Food Feeder

You can depend on this Cat Mate automatic wet food dispenser if you plan to feed 2 cats for two days while you are on a business trip.

The unit features two compartments to store the food, which is kept cold and fresh by the ice pack.

We recommend this product for:

  • Disciplined cats that are not always looking for food
  • Pet lovers who want to feed 2 cats with 2 meals daily
  • Pets who prefer dry and moist food

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CAT MATE C50 Wet Food Feeder

[star rating=”3″]

This wet food dispenser features a rotating lid system and 5 cat slots where food can be placed.

When you buy the Cat Mate, you can arrange up to 5 meals, and the initial meal can be served instantly.

To ensure complete tracking of feeding, the unit boasts an analog timer that allows the owner to set up the feeding time for cats.

This will work by using just 1 AA battery, but its not included in the box.

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6 MEAL LCD Wet Food Feeder

This feeder automates the feeding type of your cat thanks to a reliable dispenser, microphone, low battery indicator and a speaker.

You can sequence the feeding times, and you can arrange up to 6 feeding times for a day.

You can also record a personal message for your pets that can be played and replayed by the unit.

This feeder is recommended for:

  • Disciplined cats
  • Cats that feed on dry and wet cat food dispenser
  • Diabetic cats who need to feed on a well-calibrated portion

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LENTEK 6 DAY Cat Food Feeder

A great temporary solution if you are going to be away for a day or 2.
With the lentek you can feed your cat 6 times while you are away and will work with dry and wet food.

  • Schedule 6-time food schedule
  • Easy to operate and get going
  • Ideal for people going on short 1 – 2 day trips

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PETSAFE 2 Meal Automatic Wet Food Feeder

For those planning just two pet meals a day, then PetSafe feeder is the ideal unit.

This can be programmed to dispense food once every 24 hours, or twice a day.

The tray can hold up to 1.5 cups of dry or wet food.

If you need to feed the cats with wet food.

  • Battery life 1 year
  • wet or dry food
  • Twice a day feeding
  • Set up time with the dial

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The WOpets 2 is a simple 2 times a day feeder enabling a simple and temporary solution to pet owners looking for a feeder that would maintain their cats feeding time for a 24 hour period.
This unit is not suitable for long term hands-free feeding but focuses on helping pet owners feed their pets while they are away for a day

  • twice a day feeding portion
  • Easy time schedule set up with the dial

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Thanks to a closed lid design you can use this unit with dry or wet food.

The Sharper Image has a motion sensor that will detect and open the if it detects your cat.

  • Pet detection
  • Wet and dry food

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In Conclusion

Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeders are great products for pet families who are health conscious about their cats.

They serve a purpose for controlling the weight of their furbabies and ensuring a long and healthy life of their cat.

On the flip side, the everyday rat race of life can get in the way of family time and feeding time for their cats and that’s when automatic wet food cat feeders can be a valuable companion for your family and pets daily life.

If you find yourself in a predicament where you can’t feed your cat or can’t find someone to feed your cat for you then automatic feeders for cats are the best options available.


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