Babadio Automatic Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

BABADIO Automatic Pet Feeder is a programmable, automatic feeder that can be set and managed with a Bluetooth remote.

The owner has the option to record a personal message that let’s their pet know there is food ready and that it’s time to eat.

You are able to decide the exact portion for each meal, as well as set exact feeding times for the perfect, most suitable feeding schedule for your specific pet.

This unit works with batteries which are not included in the packaging; with regular use, the unit should work for 4 to 6 months.

Babadio Feeder Features

You will be able to program this automatic feeder’s feeding times and meal portions with a Bluetooth remote.

Three meals can be scheduled per day and the times are adjustable to the minute for extra precision and you can choose between 1 to 12 portions of food per meal (1 portions usually equals 1/6 cup or 0.5 oz of dry food).

The hopper, or food container, itself can hold up to 4.5L which is 19 cups of 9.6 lbs of dry or semi-moist food.

The unit comes with removable parts down to the hopper for easy cleaning.

BabadioWith the remote, the user will be able to manually feed their pets in between scheduled feedings.

Various shapes of dry and semi-moist kibble can be accommodated in the Babadio Automatic Feeder, and the unit comes with a built-in detection system that prevents food from getting stuck in the hopper.

As stated above, you are able to record a message that repeats 3 times that calls your pets over when it is time to eat.

The unit works with 3 C-sized alkaline batteries and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries, but you should note that these do not come with the package and have to be bought separately.

There is an indicator on the feeder that lets you know when the battery is running low; when you see this, switch the batteries immediately.

The entire unit measures 8.7 x 15 x 11 inches and weighs 4.7 lbs in total.

The food tray is quite large, measuring at 8 x 7 x 1.8 inches.

How it works

The Babadio Automatic Feeder works with most dry to semi-moist pet foods, though it is important to note that some customers have reported that they have experienced their pet’s wet food getting stuck in the chute.

The unit uses a conveyor belt mechanism to dispense your pet’s food; this is said to help with accuracy in serving portion sizes.

Minimum portions depend on the size of the kibble though and can vary since small-sized kibble can be anywhere between 0.4 to 0.7 oz.

The maximum portion, however, is about 2 cups.
The unit will notify you when it is low on battery power, signalling you to change it as soon as possible to avoid missing feeding schedules.

After programming the feeder using the remote, it will run as scheduled even if the remote itself is out of range.thumbs-up-down-icons

The Positives and Negatives


The unit is classy, sleek, and well constructed.

It is easy to clean and dispenses food with better accuracy than some other feeders.

It is sturdy and strong which is a great advantage, especially if your cat is somewhat food obsessed and is known for tipping feeders over to get to the food.

The hopper is also square shaped which makes it difficult for cats to steal the food inside.

The wide food tray, measuring at 8 x 7 x 1.8 inches, is large enough for multiple cats to eat at the same time, and the voice message recording is a handy device to call your cat over.

You can precisely choose the exact times and portions you would like to feed your cat, as well as bring the next feeding time to present if your cat requires.

Additionally, you can use the remote to release food whenever you like, allowing your cat to have snacks throughout the day.


Many people like myself report that the Babadio Automatic Pet Feeder was not easy, and quite confusing to set up, at least at first.

Some customers even complained that their packages came with an instruction manual written in Chinese, not English, which makes the set up process much harder.

To remedy this, the company offers $5 compensation for the inconvenience, and they will ship you the correct manual.

Some customers noted that the minimum portion sizes are too large if you are feeding just one cat 3 times per day.

They state that this feeder’s minimum portion sizes might be better suited for larger dogs, or multiple cats.

Also, though the unit should be able to take semi moist food, many people reported the food getting stuck in the chute.

Other customers were unhappy that the feeder loses its scheduling if the unit is turned off, or if you need to replace the batteries, meaning you would have to set it up from the beginning again.

For the voice recorded message, many noted the long pause between each message and stated that this confused and frustrated their cats.

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the voice recording.

remote control

Tips on the Babadio unit

  • If you do not want to use the voice recording, you can bypass this by recording silence, since you are unable to disable the function.
  • If you would like more reinforcement to ensure your cat does not tip over the unit, you can screw the feeder down to a wooden board.
  • Do not let the feeder run too low on food as it becomes less reliable.

Conclusion – is it worth it?

The Babadio Automatic Pet Feeder, though new on the market, has seemed to satisfy customers for the most part.

Many people look for good construction and the ability to program feeding schedules, and this feeder is satisfactory for the price of under $80.

Moreover, the company boasts 5 star customer service which they say can help with your situation.

This feeder should work well if you use regular sized kibble and are feeding a larger dog or multiple cats.

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