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The Bergan Petite Gourmet Combo Feeder Review

The Bergan Combo feeder has two sizes, namely the Bergan Elite and the Bergan Petite.

This review focuses on the Bergan feeder.

This food dispenser consists of a waterer and a food dispenser that has enough space wide enough for your pet cats to drink and eat for a longer period.

The sturdy style of this pet feeder and waterer prevents your cats from leaning over the unit and causing any unwanted accidents.

The Bergan Petite food dispenser is designed to support the dietary needs of two or more pet cats.

The Bergan Petite unit is designed to dispense up to six pounds of food automatically, while the water hopper of this unit dispenses 1.5 gallons of water.

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  • Measures 13 inches in length, 11.5 in width and 11.25 inches in height
  • Can be easily refilled with food and water
  • Has high and sufficient capacity for food and water
  • Has wide openings making it easier to clean up
  • The lids are convenient and spill-proof


  • Excellent choice when feeding two or more pets
  • Requires no power
  • Hassle-free changing and refilling of food and water on a daily basis
  • Cheaper when compared to other similarly-designed products
  • Can be easily cleaned daily for better performance
  • Good capacity of water and food dispenser
  • The Bergan Petite has sturdy design
  • Does not require programming, making it easier to use


  • Setting up of feeding schedule is not allowed by the gravity dispensing system
  • Feedback from some customers state that the unit does not refill the bowl once it gets emptied
  • Some customers have noted the presence of water leaks from the dispenser
  • Water and food gets exposed to elements
  • The top lid is incorrectly snapped in place
  • Thin clear plastic is not snapped into the bowl correctly

We recommend the use of this combo unit for:

  • Those pet owners who have more than two pets
  • Pet owners who want to use this indoors
  • Pet owners who do not establish feeding schedules for their pets
  • Pet owners who want to make their lives comfortable by not pouring water and food in the dispenser every day
  • Pet owners ho have cats that do not like to touch water before they drink it
  • Pets and cats that are heavy drinkers of water


We do not recommend this product for:

  • Pet owners who frequently leave their cats at home for at least 2 days
  • Pet owners who are looking for a pet waterer or dry food dispenser that can be used outdoors
  • Pet owners who are looking for a highly reliable and durable unit that can work every time, for different cats

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My Final Conclusion

The Bergan Feeder Petite Gourmet Combo is designed to feed and provide water to a certain number of pets.

However, there is a need to pay special attention to the waterer since it easily gets dirty.

Regular cleaning is also needed since there is a chance that bacteria may develop if the tank is not properly cleaned and maintained.

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