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Bergan Travel Pet Feeder – Review

Bergan Pet Feeder Travel is the new advanced gravity pet feeder specifically designed for pet owners who love to travel.

With this new automatic pet feeder, feeding your pet while driving on the road is now made more convenient.

The Travel feeder features a rotating base and a snap-on lid allowing you to remove the cover of the food bowl during mealtime.

Once your pet has finished eating, you can get the food bowl covered again.

Through this, food is kept fresh while avoiding contaminants from entering the food bowl.

The snap-on lid of this unit has a handle making it easier for you to carry it.

Swinging the bowl open allows you to fill food by a gravity system.

Food portioning is controlled because it depends on the intensity or distance you swing the bowl open.

This pet feeder can hold up to five pounds of dry food.

The feeder is made from plastic-free from BPA, which is compliant to FDA requirements.

review of the bergan travel feederBergan Travel Pet Feeder Features

  • All in one automatic pet feeder and handy storage
  • Easy to operate because you only need to swing the bowl open to refill the bowl with dry food
  • The feeder makes use of an Auto-Flow gravity system
  • Can be easily refilled with its large top opening
  • Food portion control using the adjustable rotating bowl
  • Easy removal of the bowl for regular cleaning
  • The capacity of up to five pounds of food
  • Convenient and comfortable to use since it is hand carry
  • Rotating bowl and snap-on lid of the unit makes it easier to use
  • FDA compliant and BPA free raw material

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Two in one unit usable for food storage and pet feeding
  • The excellent gravity feeding system
  • Can feed your pets for weeks due to its good holding capacity of food
  • Swing the food bowl open when you are about to feed then swing it shut once done eating
  • Refilling is not done often because it automatically fills the bowl
  • Rotating bowl and airtight lid keeps pet food fresh and free from contaminating elements
  • Can be used for traveling, outdoors and indoors
  • Has a slant which allows the good self-filling system
  • Easy carry due to its handle on its lid
  • Allows you to save space


  • Not suited for pets on a diet or has an obsession with food
  • With its gravity system, food continues to come down
  • Not suited for bigger sized pets
  • Small food bowl

Notes About the Travel Feeder

The manufacturer of Travel food dispenser seeks to transition the unit to a new color so it may come with gray-blue color.

The Bergan pet feeder is recommended for traveling, though cats with plastic allergy may not find it good.

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The unit is an all-in-one solution to your feeding problem.

While allowing you to store food and save space, you can feed your cat with Bergan pet feeder anywhere, anytime.

While we love the general features oi this feeder, you also need to consider some issues:

  1. There are some instances where some large-sized kibbles can get stuck, thus preventing the system to auto-fill your bowl
  2. Pet owners can easily control the amount of food that gets into the bowl, but it is impossible to limit the amount of kibbles that your cat can eat.

We recommend Bergan Pet Feeder Travel for:

  • Small dogs and cats
  • Cats that are not obsessed with food
  • Traveling regardless of distance

Bergan Pet Feeder Travel may not be suited for:

  • Aggressive and obsessed cats
  • Cats on a diet
  • Big kibbles


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