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Practical Cat Harness – The Easiest Way To Take Your Cat For A Walk

The truth is people are more familiar with walking their dogs than cats.

In fact, the idea of walking a cat might seem silly.

But what many people don’t know is that cats also need exercise.

And what better way there is to encourage your cat to exercise than taking a walk around the neighborhood?

Your cat will have the chance to engage in some extra exercising and also explore the outside world beyond your living room.

That being said, you will need a cat safe when in unfamiliar surroundings and prevent them from running off and getting lost.

If you’re thinking of introducing your indoor cat to the outside world, a comfortable and secure harness would be the best way to let your feline companion roam around freely.

The only challenge might be finding the best cat harness for your furball.

Walk into any of your favorite pet stores, and you will find different types of cat harnesses with features ranging from nylon to designer inspired harnesses.

How do you actually know which one to pick and the features that are best for your kitty?

As you might have noticed, it can be quite a challenge.

But all is not lost because we have taken matters into our own hands and done the research for you.

This way, you have all the info regarding the best cat harnesses and how to pick the most comfortable and secure harness for your kitty.

Read on to discover the top cat harnesses in 2021.

Why a cat harness?

Many cats don’t like leaving the comfort of familiar surroundings.

If you have an indoor cat, she probably doesn’t spend that much time outside the house.

This is probably why you are likely to see very few people walking their cats.

You have to understand that your kitty will not like the harness at first.

However, regular leash training is a suitable means of letting the cat get used to the harness and finally feel comfortable enough to spend some time in the outdoors.

As you might discover later, a good number of cats enjoy the outdoors.

If you are going on a hiking adventure, a good cat harness will enable you to take your kitty along.

It’s considered unsafe to attach a leash to your cat’s collar directly.

This is where the importance of harnesses comes into play.

With a harness and a standard leash, your cat can exercise in the outdoors.

This will also be the best opportunity for your fur baby to enjoy some new sights, smells, and terrains.

What about the people who own expensive pedigree cats?

You surely must have heard a few stories of cats being stolen from their owners.

Letting such a cat roam freely would be risky.

On the other hand, walking the cat on a harness would help give peace of mind that she is safe.

Another way a harness can come in handy is when traveling or going for a vet visit.

Normally, you will need a cat carrier when traveling.

But you can use a harness in addition to the carrier for extra safety.

Some cats have a reputation of running out of their carriers at the first chance they get.

Lastly, if you happen to move into a new house, harness walks are the best way of familiarizing your kitty with the new surroundings.

On that note, you still have to find the best harness for your cat.

There are different styles, but which one is the most suitable for your feline companion?

What to look for in a quality cat harness?

You cannot randomly pick a cat harness.

There are plenty of things to look for before deciding on the best cat harness for your cat.

The process of selecting the right harness begins with understanding the two main basic styles in the market.

The first style involves a few straps, which are then attached to a leash and the other one is vests created to look like little pieces of clothing for your kitty.

That said, the most critical thing is that there should be an even distribution of pressure.

So what do cats really need out of a harness?

It should be safe and secure

The safety of your kitty comes first.

Cats are super-fast for starters, and once he/she takes off, you don’t stand a chance of catching them.

Secondly, they have the ability to easily squeeze themselves out of anything, no matter how small you think it is.

If you don’t want your cat to slip, choose a secure harness, and will keep them safe.

Keep in mind, the harness you choose should be suitable for your cat’s size.

There are harnesses designed for kittens and those for older cats.

Check the manufacturer size chart to pick the appropriate harness for your cat.

Also, check the sizing instructions so that you are assured of picking the right harness.


Your cat will probably not relish the feel of a harness.

Think of those ultra-sensitive kids who just don’t like the way socks feel inside their shoes.

Well, we can say that such super-sensitive kids are basically the human version of cats.

The truth is cats are hypersensitive creatures and will only feel comfortable in a well-fitting harness, and it’s made of material the cat reacts well to.

A perfectly-fitting harness will not restrict the movement of the cat.

For that reason, she will feel more comfortable walking in it.

The type of material will depend on your cat’s preference.

Some owners report that their cats don’t like mesh material and find it irritating.

Thin nylon webbing straps usually have pinch points and can dig into your kitty’s body.

This isn’t very pleasant and makes them less comfortable.

Furthermore, it’s best to look for a harness with wide straps that distribute weight evenly across the cat’s body.

If you must use a harness made with mesh material, it should be breathable soft mesh or made of cotton material.

Well-made and of high-quality

Sometimes, cat harness sellers order cheap dog harnesses and then later sell them at retail prices to make a profit.

The problem with such harnesses is that they are poorly made and fall apart within a short time.

Ensure what you’re buying is specifically a cat harness, and it should be well-constructed.

You wouldn’t want a cat harness that falls apart and fails you in the middle of an enchanting adventure.

The cat harness should be appropriate for your cat?

Every cat is different and has a few specific demands.

In that case, your cat might have slightly different expectations for the harness.

For instance, the larger cat breeds like the maine coons will not easily find a harness that perfectly fits their long and large bodies.

Other cats don’t like the sound of Velcro, as this makes them uncomfortable.

These are better off with harnesses that feature buckles.

What is your cat’s lifestyle, and where will you be using the harness?

These factors will inform your choice of the best harness for your kitty.

If you need a harness for hiking purposes, the important things to look for are breathability and security.

On the other hand, if you don’t necessarily take your cat on walks and just want one for trips to the vet, a lightweight, cheaper, but secure harness will do the job.

Top 5 best cat harnesses in 2021

If you are certainly adventurous and don’t want to leave your beloved kitty out of the fun, here are the best 5 cat harnesses you can use to walk a cat.

Kitty Holster cat harness

The Kitty Holster cat harness was specifically designed to offer maximum security to your cat.

With this harness, it’s close to impossible for your cat to escape the harness and get lost in the wilderness.

It’s basically what you need when going on hiking adventures with your feline companion.

This is a vest-style harness that consists of cotton straps meant to contain your kitty most comfortably and securely.

Pressure coming from the leash is evenly distributed across the chest and waist.

It’s highly adjustable to ensure your cat has a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Made with 100% breathable cotton material
  • Comfortable wide straps
  • You can clean it in a washing machine


  • The sound of hook and loop can be irritating for some cats

Pet safe come with me kitty harness

The Come With Me Kitty harness is lightweight and the best to walk your cat in low-risk situations.

For instance, if you occasionally walk your cat around the neighborhood where there is no need for extra security, this is the most suitable harness.

It also comes with a bungee leash for easy control of your cat.

However, it’s not the best choice for a skittish cat notorious for escaping.

It’s not the most secure or even appropriate for use in high-risk environments.

It’s mostly ideal for short cat trips and visits to the vet.


  • Great for cats that need lightweight harnesses
  • Dual adjustability feature


  • It’s not the most secure design and hence not ideal for adventures or high-risk environments.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager pet harness

Many people who have used this harness attest that it’s super-soft and snugly, suitable for hypersensitive cats.

The Best Pet Supplies Voyager harness comes in sizes to fit even the largest of cats.

The step-in design ensures you can easily and safely insert your cat’s paws through the leg holes and fasten it on the back.

You won’t have trouble putting it on your cat because it doesn’t slip over the head.

The Velcro straps ensure a perfect fit for all cats, no matter the shape.

That said, it’s not the best choice for adventures in remote areas or anywhere your cat might get anxious and want to escape the harness.

Casual trips or visits to the vet would be ideal.


  • Comfortable wide straps
  • Made with soft, breathable mesh material


  • The hook and loop closure might disturb some cats

Rabbitgoo Escape-Proof cat harness

Rabbitgoo is a reputable brand known for producing excellent harnesses.

This particular harness is designed in such a way that your cat will not escape.

Furthermore, it’s made of breathable material and a padded air mesh.

The vest itself is extremely comfortable.

It won’t cut into the neck or shoulders of the cat.

If you want to take your kitty on an adventure, you have surely landed the right choice.


  • The small size is suitable for walking kittens
  • The tapes and buckle combination keep the pet secured in the vest


  • Might be too big for some kittens

Eagloo cat harness

Cats are known escape artists and can easily wiggle themselves out of anything.

The Eagloo cat harness is secure enough to ensure your kitty does not get the chance to escape.

It’s designed using lightweight mess material for extra comfort and breathability.

There are also quick-release buckles and adjustable straps to allow a custom fit your cat cannot slip out of while walking outside.

The reflective strips make visibility easier at night.


  • Available in three sizes and four colors
  • Works for the larger cat breeds such as the Maine Coons


  • It can be too much for some cats


How long will it take for my cat actually to get used to a harness?

Your cat will be uncomfortable at first when you put on the harness, but this will pass within 15 minutes.

After that, you should begin the leash training.

Are harnesses safe for cats?

A harness is basically the safest and secure option for walking a cat outdoors.

Without it, your cat can escape and get lost out there.

A well-constructed harness will not allow your cat to slide out of it.


Giving your cat some freedom to roam outside is a good idea as long as you keep him/her safe.

Thankfully, there are many cat harnesses for this purpose.

This list is a wind-down of the top cat harnesses, but there are many more in the market.

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