How to find the Best Cat Litter

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when buying cat litter to use in your home. For instance, it’s important to consider how much odor the litter will block or create, or whether the litter is environmentally-friendly. The most important and deciding factor, however, is how much dust the litter produces. It is an extremely crucial factor to think about, and it will be explained further below:

Toxoplasmosis can occur when a person inhales dust from toxic and contaminated litter; it is a harmful parasitic disease type of sickness that can eventually make you and your family members (or others living in your home) sick. The inhalation of dust may occur when manually scooping the cat litter tray or changing the litter altogether during cleaning as it usually creates a cloud. Whether you see the cloud of dust or not, it is very likely that you will get toxoplasmosis and parasites in your system through inhalation.


Though most people will not be seriously harmed if introduction to this harmful parasite occurs, but it is still best to reduce as much exposure this is parasite to it as possible. The main thing you can do to reduce the risk is to change the litter box daily, then thoroughly wash your hands. Researching and buying great quality, yet affordable litter is also highly recommended. Precious Cat’s Premium Clumping Litter, for example, is a lab tested best product that guarantees to be 100% complete dust free. It is a trusted brand that has over 9000 reviews!

Dust clouds can be created in a number of ways, from pouring the bag’s contents into the litter box to cleaning out the waste itself. Though the dust that becomes agitated and forms a cloud is not healthy for anyone, it can be particularly harmful to those who are pregnant or have a weak immune system. Breathing in any type of dust is a health concern in general, but waste particles in the litter can make it especially dangerous.



Welcoming a cat to your home is a new adventure and journey for yourself, your family, and your pet. Learning how to optimally take care of your pet takes time, especially if it’s your very first pet. Not only will your pet need to get acclimated to you and your family, you will need to learn about what it likes, including food, toys, and litter.
Deciding which cat litter is best can get a little complicated, especially if you’re a first time owner. Some factors you need to consider are the ingredients in it, the composition, and more. It’s also important to keep in mind that your cat may be picky; some cats will respond more positively to some litters (with a certain texture, for example) than others.
The following is a summary of some benefits to look out for when purchasing cat litter.

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AMAZING NEW LITTER – This litter helps you easily determine your cats health in a color-coded way. Its called Pretty Litter (review of the Pretty LitterClick here for more info) A chemical reaction occurs when your cat uses Pretty Litter, it changes color to tell you exactly what you need to know about your cats health.

Its helps notify you in the early stages of any onset and sinister conditions that you hear about going undetected, which usually lead to a premature death of your furry friend.

Now you can manage your kitties health with this amazing litter that costs the same as normal litter while having peace of mind.



As with many other types of products, you find in your home and everyday life, not all brands who manufacture a product will do so equally. Some companies will invest time, money, and effort into creating a great, health-conscious product, while many others have no problem cutting costs so that it can ‘beat the competition’ and put out cheaper litter.

Like many other types of products, they can get expensive, but that usually means you’ll receive a better quality product. Some features to look out for are: can the litter accommodate multiple cats? Is it a hassle to easily clean up? Is it environmentally friendly? Can it be disposed of easily?
Below are more in-depth explanations for why these features are important to look out for.


    Buying products that are produced from environmentally friendly and eco materials are always the best decision because it reduces the amount of potentially harmful chemicals that you, your family, and your pets are exposed to.Keep a look out for litter that highlights, or states that their ingredients are natural, family friendly and bio-organic. One of the highly rated, environmentally friendly cat litters around is the World’s Best Cat Litter.


    While cats are generally known to be solitary animals who enjoy their alone time, they also tend to enjoy spending time with other cats. For this reason, buying a litter that can accommodate for multiple cats in the home is important, especially if you have multiple cats that relieve themselves in the same place.Litter produced with the intention of being used in a home with multiple pets focus on minimizing odors that can build up from more frequent volume and use; a great litter for multiple cats is Arm & Hammer’s Multi-Cat Clumping & Seal Clumping Litter.Again, it is important to keep in mind that these are just a few of the most important guidelines for buying litter. Introducing any pet to something new requires a good amount of trial, testing and ironing out the errors along the way to find out what works better than others. You might find the ‘perfect’ litter that your cat may seem to love, but it will be useless if your cat dislikes, and avoids it.


    The next factor to think about when buying litter is how you easily you can dispose of it. Some formulas require you to throw the litter in the trash, while others can simply be flushed down the toilet. It’s incredibly important to consider that landfills everywhere are nearly at their capacity and that it’s part of our duty to put in as much effort as possible to avoid filling them further. We recommend trying out a compostable, biodegradable product such as Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter.


    Litter that clumps up will provide you with a most hassle-free cleaning experience. Cat owners generally trade the effort of having to walk their cat for exercise, for regular litter box cleaning, so it’s important to find a litter that helps the process move as efficiently as possible; this means looking out for clumping litter that produces minimal cat litter dust. The most highly rated litter with the least amount of cleaning hassle is Purina Tidy Cat’s Lightweight Clumping Litter.


    After buying the litter, it is important to keep track of whether your cat uses it or makes an effort to avoid it. It is advised to see a pet care professional if you are unable to find the main problem. The following are a number of potential reasons why your cat won’t use the litter; this will hopefully help you narrow down the problem.


    Cats are known to be somewhat picky, so the texture and grading of the litter you’ve chosen may be deterring it. If the cat litter is rough or too granular, your cat may not like to walk or sit on it and will then just find a more comfortable surface to use instead.
    You may need to spend a little more time testing to see which textures your cat prefers over others. Once you find it, stick to it. You can make the change of the product or brand, but just be sure that the texture, composition, and formula are similar.



    The fragrance that the litter emits may be an additional reason why your cat won’t use the cat box. Many animals’ smells (including cats) are much stronger than humans, so if the litter you chose has a strong smell to you, it is likely very amplified and overwhelming for your pet.
    In this situation, try and look for a product or a brand that has less fragrance, with the right amount of protection of cat odor. Ensuring a pleasant experience for your cat that will make it want to make use of the cat box, as well as prevent the odor from saturating your home.



Your cat may be avoiding using the litter box because it does not like the location you’ve placed it in. If you’ve decided that the reason your cat won’t utilize the litter tray is not one of the two previous problems, then change the location to a place that can be easily found and accessible. Observe your pet and take note of the areas they frequent, then place the cat box there. And is likely to dismiss the litter if it’s in a place it is frequently in.
You can train your cat to use the litter tray in a specific location if that’s what you prefer. First, place the box where your cat usually relieves itself, then gradually inch it towards your designated location. Your pet won’t notice the subtle changes and you will eventually be able to leave the cat box in the designated room.


Though there are many factors to take into consideration, the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding which type of cat litter to buy are kept in mind for your cat. Something seemingly as simple as the consistency of the cat litter can greatly influence how your cat uses it. It is highly advised to be patient, take your time, and do extensive research to find a product that works best given your situation. It is also recommended that you try using different types of litters until you find a litter that can make or break if your furry friend is satisfied.


In a perfect scenario, the right cat litter would be the first one you see in the store; this, however, will most likely not be the case. In a similar way, if you introduce a new cat into your home, especially a kitten, it’s important to note that it may not respond to the current litter like the other cats have. Always keep in mind that different pets may prefer different types of products. The following guide will help you choose the right litter for your kitten.



Kittens have very sensitive paws and stomachs, so a great starting point when looking for the right cat litter is to find one made from clay as it is the least aggravating material for young cats. If you choose to use clay litter for your cat, be sure that it’s unscented so as not to irritate your kitten’s nose, and deter it from using the litter box. Clay should not harm your kitten’s stomach should it swallow a small amount by accident.



It is best to choose clumping litter for your kitten to use because it doesn’t create a dust cloud, and many brands using natural ingredients such as renewable and high quality whole-kernel corn and more, instead of artificial materials. One of the most trusted litters for your kitten is the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats.

Purchasing a litter with a natural corn-based formula, free of silica and/or synthetics will ensure your kitten won’t be harmed if it indirectly eats the litter. Also, as stated above, products containing no dust and without using dust-reducing agents, will not affect your cat’s respiratory system or digestive health.



The first things to make sure of is whether the ingredients in the litter pose a potential threat to your kitten’s health and that the litter is comfortable for your kitten to walk on. It is recommended to stay away from clumping litter if it is intended for kittens to use it because the artificial ingredients may harm your kitten. Clumping litter is said to be safe to introduce to your kitten after its third month.


The litter should consist of pellets made from recycled materials if you’re training a baby cat to use the box. Recycled ingredients are generally safer to use around young cats because the pellets are made from newspaper of pine, and will not interfere the kitten’s digestive system if it accidentally swallows some. Furthermore, the larger pellets will not attach to your kitten’s paws like granular litter might, so it causes less mess around your apartment or home.


Kittens are much like toddlers, in that their curiosity often leads them to taste things that are not familiar to them. While swallowing a small amount should not be too concerning, gastrointestinal problems may occur if your kitten swallows a significantly larger amount. In these cases, it is best to speak with a veterinarian immediately. You can also contact an animal professional with help in choosing the best cat litter.


There are two types of cat litter that you can buy: traditional or better scoopable. Basically, traditional litters do not properly clump when it gets wet, while scoopable litters do. Clumping litter makes regular cleaning much easier, and it lasts longer than the traditional type.
The following is a guide to help you choose the premium type of litter for your home.



One of the more better scoopable litters, in our opinion, is the Purina Tidy Cat’s Clumping Cat Litter. It is made from a type of clay that has a natural deodorizing system, and it will be gentle on your kittens and works hard on removing odors.
As we’ve stated before, deciding on the right cat litter will take time, testing, and research. Here are some tips for finding the best product for your cat’s needs:


    There are many different types of litter to choose from, from clay-based to biodegradable organics. Natural cat litters are the best choice for you, your cat, and the environment because they do not contain harmful chemicals. The perfect cat litter should clump well, and be eco-friendly so you won’t have to be worried about the health of your cat and of yourself.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying any type of litter is to be sure to avoid brands that produce too much dust; ensuring that your cat is not breathing in dust particles when using the litter box should be your number one priority. One way that dust can be created is if your cat kicks the litter all around while burying their waste.


Scoopable litters are generally a little more coarse than the traditional type due to the ingredients that helps to clump occur. Scoopable litter that is made from natural ingredients are usually made from finer granules because of the lack of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. It is important to experiment with litter textures to find the type that works best with your kitten.
Generally, the litter you should buy pleases your pet and is easy to clean up. Cats are sometimes very particular, so it could take some time to find a brand that works best with your cat. As stated before, it is important to be patient and do research to find the best possible product.


If you think that buying litter for just one cat to use is troublesome, it is even more of a hassle to attempt to find a type of litter that multiple cats will like and use. It is true that cats are animals that generally like to keep themselves clean, but cleaning the litter box can become much more work that you would like if you lack the ideal equipment. Trapping mats, litter boxes, and scoopers are among some of the tools that can ease the cleaning process.

There is, however, no product more important than the type of litter you can choose, and it can be quite difficult to choose the correct one. Many may want to opt for cheaper brands so they can save money, but you should keep in mind that the cost-effectiveness comes at the heavy expense of bad odor and harmful dust clouds. You could put your and your cat’s health at risk, as well as facilitate more of a mess by buying the cheapest litter available.


recommended the Worlds Best Cat LitterWHAT DO WE RECOMMEND?

A brand called the World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the best, most effective brands of cat litter available. There are a number of sizes available, between 7 to 28 lbs, which can save you some money if you’re still trying to experiment with what your cat likes or if you can only afford to get smaller bags at a time. The World’s Best Cat Litter is more expensive than other brands, but it effectively controls odor and clumps easily for better, less-hassle cleaning.

This litter has a natural smell as it’s made from organic wood fibers, as well as whole-kernel corn for great absorbency and easy cleanup. It is septic tank and sewer safe and breaks down immediately, so you can dispose of it through the toilet without causing clogging or other issues. Furthermore, these clumps break up faster than other brands, further facilitating mess-free cleanup.



Aside from the benefits and advantages stated above, the World’s Best Cat Litter is 99% dust free, greatly reducing health risks that threaten you and your cat if you inhale the product. Clean up is very easy because there is no need to worry about excess dust flying around. Moreover, since it produces much less dust, it is less likely that the litter will make a mess around your home.
The World’s Best Cat Litter provides comfort for your cat to use as well since the texture is soft. It allows cats to adapt quickly and use the litter without much training.



There are so many confusing factors aside from health concerns and your pet’s comfort that you need to consider when buying cat litter. Many brands boast that their litters are quick clumping and odor-masking, but they all seem to be at different prices contain different ingredients, making the choosing process even more confusing. The World’s Highly recommended kitty Litter is the best because it is affordable, odor-masking, dust-free, sold in a number of sizes, and environmentally friendly.

It is a good idea to buy much smaller quantities of a product you’re trying to test out to introduce to your cats. This way, you won’t have spent your money on a large bag of litter that your cats don’t respond to; for this reason, the World’s Best Kitty Litter is your best starting point. In our experience, however, you are likely to stick with the World’s Best Cat Litter once you’ve tried it.



Owners of pets of all kinds will know that taking care of an animal is definitely not cheap, especially if you want to do it the right way. On average, cat owners spend much more hard-earned money on litter than they do on food! It is incredibly tempting to purchase a dirt-cheap product, but there are a number factors to consider.
As the saying goes ‘Cheaper is not always mean better product’, especially if you’re spending on a product you’ll use regularly. Natural and bio litters are always a better choice than the cheaper alternatives because they’re safer for you and your pet’s health, and they’re environmentally friendly.

SWheat Scoop Bio Litter is a perfect example of quality biodegradable cat litter which I recommend if you are looking to venture that route.



Corn, pine, and wheat are among the renewable resources that natural litters are comprised of; some litters use reusable recycled products like walnut shells or newspaper. These litters can either be disposed and flushed with a toilet or composted instead of being thrown into the garbage since they’re biodegradable.
A major downside, and possibly the largest deterrent that makes people not buy natural litters is the cost. On the other hand, non-natural litters may cost less but have to be constantly replaced, sometimes more regularly than others, so you’re really spending more money buying non-natural alternatives than long-lasting natural brands.


Blue Buffalo multi cat litterBLUE BUFFALO LITTER

We recommend the Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter because it uses walnut shells, a material which would otherwise just be thrown in the waste. There are a number of types of litter this brand offers, including finer grain, quick-clump to coarse, multiple formulae. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter also offers a special formula for cats who prefer the feel of pellets over granules.

Some major pros that these brand offers are clumping, odor control, no dust production, biodegradable, and affordable. On the other hand, some factors that require improvement include the discoloration it causes in the toilet bowl, unequal variety, and that cats may still be fussy with the textures.
All in all, the pros outweigh the cons for this product; Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is a great, an affordable alternative to natural products. It clumps rapidly, controls odor well, and produces much no dust in comparison to other products due to a formula that is coarser makeup.
In terms of the negatives, not all varieties of this litter are equal in their ability to clump or control dust. Many customers report discoloration in their toilet bowl after the flushing of the litter, but it can also be disposed of in the trash bin.



While this entire article was aimed at helping you find the right cat litter that works best for you, your home, and your cat, we should say that like anything else in the world, there is no such thing as a litter that is perfect, all cats can react differently. Different types of Pellet litters produce less dust, but self-clumping clay litters are generally much easier to clean; though coarse litter is safest for baby cats, more mature and older cats won’t respond to it or use it.

Natural and Bio litter has more benefits on top of the normal clay-based litters, as they contain biodegradable, environmentally friendly ingredients and materials that are much healthier for you and your family and safer to dispose of. Natural litters also tend to last longer than its artificial alternatives, and though they are more expensive, they give you the best value for your money. Finally, natural and bio suited cat litter brands typically come in many different varieties such as granular or pellet types, so you can choose which types work best for your situation.

Finding the best cat litter is about weighing your needs and wants, and prioritizing which factors are most important for your situation. After figuring out which features are more important than others, research different brands, compile a list of brands with the best reviews, then test them out for yourself because that’s the only way you’ll know for sure.

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