Best Diet Cat Food

Fast Diet Cat Food – Top 3 Health Choices

You definitely love your cat and clearly understand that she needs proper nutrition for this special friend to live a healthy life.

Besides the foods, the cat equally needs security, comfort, and a lot of love.

The pet should always have access to clean and fresh water.

The water should be changed after every three to four hours.

It should equally be filtered and freshly available.

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When giving your cats water — water dispenser for cats, you should ensure that the bowls are large enough simply because cats can’t bend their whiskers.

Another thing to know is that cats are very sensitive to smell and taste.

The bowls, for that reason, should be thoroughly washed and rinsed.

Moving on, cats are true carnivorous, and for that reason, they need high-quality wet food to keep the teeth healthy and act as a good source of protein.

This means that you should feed your cat wet foods with a wet food cat feeder, least two times every day and avoid grains and too much of proteins, especially if your cat is an indoor cat.

To give the best for your feline friend, be as consistent with feeding as possible.

When your numbers on the scale start to skyrocket, you would probably think of a dieting course or hitting the GYM.

Our feline friends may not have the ability to hit the GYM, and again its your full responsibility to ensure the cat is not overweight.

The only few things you can do is to involve the cat in some fun activities or introduce some dieting foods for weight loss.

As much as you want to keep your cat active and introduce some exercises, it’s important to buy the best diet cat food.

But I specifically understand that the process of researching and buying the Best diet cat foods can be very overwhelming.

For that reason, I’ve compiled the top three best diet cat foods that you can get for your feline friend.

3 Methods to help your cat lose weight

There are countless ways to help your cat lose weight.

Although dieting is the main point of discussion today, here are additional tips of helping your cat lose weight.


Cats can’t lift weight and punch the bag throughout the day but they can jog, walk, play and run for some time, which is important in weight loss.

Calorie restrictions are important in cat weight loss but it makes more sense scheduling playtimes, adding vertical jumps, and giving the cat puzzle toys.

Automatic feeders and Treat Balls

It’s very important to feed your cat using automatic feeders because it can help get the cat accustomed to automatic feeding schedules.

This helps in weight management by way of restricting the amount of food that the cat can consume at a go.

Its equally important to start using food, puzzle toys and treat balls.

Dieting and Cat weight loss Foods

The vet will always recommend the right foods, portions, and feeding schedules to help your cat lose weight.

In most instances, the best diet cat foods will include a combination of High fiber/Low fat and high protein/low carbohydrates.

Higher fiber contents support satiety and increase the bulk which makes the cat feel fuller.

This combination delays stomach emptying which leaves the cat feeling fuller for longer.

So, what are the top best Diet cat foods to Buy in 2021?

Here is a list of the best brands in terms of affordability, ingredients and nutritional importance.

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Dry Cat food

This brand is the top selection in this brief mainly because the manufacturer is well known for manufacturing cat foods using natural ingredients of high quality sourced from the USA.

The company uses a specific blend of components in recipes that automatically supports the cat’s health by providing the right supplements and at the same time allowing the cat to restrict calorie intake.

The main ingredients include the chicken meal, barley, chicken, brown rice and menhaden fish meal.

This means that if your cat is not allergic to seafood, you can choose any of the above formulas.

Furthermore, the recipe is made using taurine, Omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and L-carnitine that greatly helps the muscle development and healthy digestion.

This recipe doesn’t contain any type of artificial additives and by-products, soy, wheat or corn.

The Blue Buffalo as the manufacturer of this product claims that its safe and healthy to feed this dry food to your kittens especially if you want to help them lose weight.

This cat food contains antioxidant properties which helps it deal with hairballs.

Even if your cat is not overweight, you should feel free to feed this dry food.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

To bring the best cat foods on the market, Blue Buffalo works with a couple of manufacturers and producers.

According to information found on a recent Journal, Blue Buffalo works with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, CJ foods, Tripple T-foods, Tuffy’s Pet foods, ANI/VITA-Line Products and many others.

Blue Buffalo also produces its own products and it appears that the company produces these products in Indiana, Joplin, Richmond and Missouri.

Positive reviews

Blue Buffalo has been at the middle of a couple of controversies and Lawsuits.

It has also attracted varying reviews from previous users.

One of the users on Catdog claims that his 6-year old Kitty loves this food and he cant get enough of it.

The user continues to say that his cat was on a Science Diet A/A for some time after she was first adopted.

The Blue Buffalo weight control dry food has been a blessing to the cat mainly because it has a similar texture and some similar ingredients.

Another user left a positive review claiming that he started to feed the Blue Buffalo Weight loss control dry food when his cat developed diabetes.

The cat has been on his food for almost 8 years and the vet told the owner to keep feeding the cat the same food.

This review is available on Quacker.

Negative reviews

Besides the above positive reviews, there are few negative reviews.

On review available on Debbi claims that a user fed this food to a cat that had grain allergies and when she ate this food, she developed allergies and the vet was suspecting the food contains some grains.

The cat loves this food but he was automatically disappointed after this case.

Another user was very disappointed after her cat indefinitely started developing issues after feeding this cat food.


  • Cats love the flavors
  • No by-products
  • No flavors or artificial additives
  • Relatively low carbohydrates compared to other dry food
  • Made from Natural ingredients
  • Relatively affordable.


  • It’s a dry food meaning it doesn’t provide the hydration your cat requires.

Final verdict

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Dry Cat food is made from a popular manufacturer.

The food contains some considerable amount of plant matter which means the foods might not be very beneficial to our cat.

The manufacturer has been recalled several times during the last decade.

Besides all that, I can testify that the food is a great alternative for obese and overweight cats.

Chicken Soup Weight & Mature Care Canned Cat Food

This cat food is a top selection for most cat owners because of its nutritional value and affordability.

It provides the cat with the nutrition it needs and at the same time remains to be a low-calorie food that can help your cat with weight loss.

It’s made primarily from Chicken, Duck, Salmon and turkey which makes the formula rich in proteins for better cat health.

However, I only recommend this cat food for cats that don’t have different types of allergies to seafood.

The food excludes all artificial additives and by-products that would otherwise compromise its value for your cat.

It contains DHA and taurine for our cat’s brain development.

It also has a couple of vitamins including Vitamin A, E and B12 which is very important for organ development and immunity.

Introduce your cat gradually to this wet food to avoid any forms of allergies and indigestion.


  • It contains animal-sourced fat
  • There are no plant by-products
  • It’s very affordable
  • No additives or flavors


  • It has a relatively high carbohydrate content

Final verdict

This cat food is one of the best diet cat foods that you will find out there.

Among the many benefits is the fact that it is made by a well-known company, its high in fiber and has low contents of carbohydrate.

Nulo Grain-Free Dry Cat food

Lastly, Nulo brings a food containing about 82% proteins sourced from real meat.

This is actually what makes it one of the best dry cat foods for cats that are dieting.

It’s made specifically from chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, deboned cod and deboned duck.

The formula also contains BC30 probiotics that boost the immune system and helps with digestion.

The amount of protein here is a minimum of 40% which I believe is fair enough for cats that are overweight or those that are dieting.

The cat will equally benefit from Vitamins A, E and C.

It also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that helps the cats coat, skin and eyes.

The Taurine found in the food is equally beneficial in the cats’ overall health.

There are few feeding guidelines on the package to help you determine the right portions to feed the cat depending on the size, breed, activity level and health status.

However, you must consult with your veterinarian to determine whether this is the right food for your cat.

Nulo Cat food Customer reviews

Nulo has received a couple of positive and negative reviews from previous users.

Nulo has 4-5 star ratings online with a lot of user comments about the food’s quality and palatability.

However, there are some few negative reviews.

Most of the users that left negative reviews said that their cats refused to eat the food.

Nulo cat food pros and cons


  • There are no artificial flavors, preservatives and colors
  • It is a meat-based cat food
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Relatively cheap
  • Its primarily made with animal proteins.


  • It doesn’t provide the needed hydration to your cat.

Final verdict

To help your cat lose weight, then you can never go wrong with Nulo cat food.

This brand is one of the best cat food manufacturers out there.

The food is rich in animal protein which is very important in cat’s growth and development.

It also contains relatively low carbohydrates to help the cat manage weight.

Most of the ingredients are naturally sourced and there are no additives and flavors.


How to help your cat lose weight safely?

If you’ve noticed that your cat’s weight is going up on the scale, it’s important to get in touch with your veterinarian to determine the main cause for weight gain.

This is specifically important because there are some health issues that can contribute significantly on weight gain.

The vet will also be in a position to establish a cat dieting plan and help you in selecting healthy foods for weight loss.

Remember severe cat food restrictions and rapid weight loss can be very fatal and can cause diseases such as fatty liver disease and hepatic lipidosis.

How much weight should the cat lose every week?

Make sure that your cats don’t lose more than 1-2% of their total weight in a week else the cat will struggle with health issues.

If you reduce the calorie intake by about 80%, you will automatically see a 1-2% weight loss.

However, this might vary depending on the breed and several other factors.

It’s important to consult your veterinarian because he/she can help you do all these calculations.

Final verdict

This brief has covered all the information you may need to help your cat reduce and manage weight.

Besides that, I’ve also included top three best diet cat food that you can go for today.

However, before you take any actions or buy any of the stated foods, determine whether your cat has any form of allergy.

You can consult with your veterinarian for additional information if your cat has underlying health conditions.

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