The Best Wellness Plans for your Pets

Like us humans, our lovable pets need to get regular visits from vets for check-ups, vitamins, and vaccinations.

There are arguments, though, in including said routine care as part of your pet’s insurance coverage.

Wellness coverage involves routine check-ups and similar measures to maintain your little pals’ healthy state.

Your insurance plan provider may offer you wellness coverage as an expansion to your current policy.

It can be a good add-on depending on several factors.

The Positives 
Newborns, like cute pups and furry kittens, will benefit most from wellness coverage since they usually need regular check-ups and vaccinations, and may undergo surgeries.

Applying for wellness coverage packages may be a more practical option if the overall amount you’ll pay straight from your pocket is greater than the additional premium you’ll pay for the extra coverage.

The Negatives
Wellness coverage is an expansion of your current policy.

As an add-on, it will cost you extra bucks on your usual premium.

The good thing is that the price for this type of coverage typically stays the same every year, making it easier to budget.

The bad news is that it can’t help you in unexpected emergencies and in shouldering bills like what your regular policy does.

Important Things to Consider about Wellness Care Coverage

Insurance policy providers may offer some variations of the list below, but basically, here’s what the annual package includes: one to two check-ups, selected vaccinations and medications, spay or neuter surgery, fecal tests, regular blood check, microchip implanting, nail trimming, urinalysis, and other services depending on the company’s offer.
Some plans may ask for an additional fee, usually around $15, per vaccination.

This does not include other consultation charges your vet may require unless your visit is part of the annual check-up covered by the wellness plan.
Companies Providing Wellness Coverage

See first the Top 3 of the top 5 companies offering pet insurance we reviewed for the best options for pet wellness care on the market.

Another one which is included in our pet insurance comparison chart also offered wellness coverage.

This means 4 out of 7 companies we’ve reviewed here provides the add-on option for wellness care.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace has Wellness Rewards a rewards system which gives annual budget consumable on your chosen routine care procedure.

There are 3 types of allowances, with the cost of each depending on your pet’s age, breed, current health condition, location, and several other elements.

Listed below are the prices of the 3 plans available:

  • Allowance of $250 per annum, which may vary according to specific aspects
  • Allowance of $450 per annum, which may vary according to specific aspects
  • Allowance of $650 per annum, which may vary according to specific aspects

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide gives two options to choose from as an add-on to your enrolled policy: Wellness Basic and Wellness Plus.

They basically cover the same routine care, but the Plus has a higher payout limit and its premium is a little more costly than the Basic.

Each plan has its own max limit for payouts, with microchipping service having a $40 maximum.

  • Basic ‘ max payout of $400; monthly premium is at $12 to $18
  • Plus ‘ max payout of $500; monthly premium is at $17 to $22

Pets Best

They offer the policy add-on called Best Wellness Routine Care Coverage.

It has its own payout limit and costs vary if your pet is a dog or a cat.

  • Dogs ‘ max payout of $505; cost may vary in each state
  • Cats ‘ max payout of $565; cost may vary in each state

Pet Premium

They have options called Routine and Advance.

The Advance has a higher limit and covers some additional procedures compared to Routine.

  • Routine ‘ max payout of $200; costs around $120 which may vary in each state
  • Advance ‘ max payout of $500; costs around $400 which may vary in each state

Important Notes on considering a reliable Pet Wellness Coverage Plan
Embrace’s wellness option is the sole plan that permits you to use the allowance on available services of your choosing.

Other plans have their own annual payout limit for each service availed.

For example, your vet consultation amounted to $40.

This is added to the costs of all previous services availed up until it reaches the max payout limit.

Wellness procedures may not be as beneficial and regularly used as insurance policies, with the neuter/spay surgery being the most significant.

A few companies might offer cancellation of wellness plans when you’re celebrating your enrolment anniversary with them.

Just to be sure, read your contract carefully to avoid any misconception.

Calculations play an important role in choosing whether to get a wellness plan or not.

For beginners, try adding up your expected expenses in treating your pet without the aid of insurance.

Compare it with the amount you’ll pay when your pet is covered by wellness plans.

Pay close attention to the maximum payout limit each company provides.

You may have to pay something if the maximum payout can’t cover the whole cost of vet charges.

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