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Biodegradable Cat Litter – Eco Friendly Cat Litter

Are you a cat owner who is worried about the sustainability or the harsh ingredients used to make regular cat litters?

Then getting a biodegradable cat litter wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

And if you’re an environmentally minded cat owner, getting a cat litter made from natural ingredients like pine, wheat, corn or even paper will most definitely appeal to you.

Unlike regular cat litters that are stripped mined, biodegradable cat litters generally make the most of leftover items and put them to good use.

With biodegradable cat litter, you’ll feel less eco-guilt when it’s time to change your cat litter, this is because biodegradable cat litters are eco-friendly and break down more easily than regular cat litters.

More interestingly, you can compost the used cat litter, making it such an amazing option for environmentally conscious pet owners.

Today, you can get both clumping and non-clumping biodegradable cat litters and they offer average to good odor control to keep your house smelling fresh.

Here, check out our list of some of the best biodegradable cat litters, hopefully, you’ll find one that your cat loves.

HARTZ Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Cat Litter

Made using some of the best materials including clumping paper, this biodegradable cat litter is a darling of cat owners and is good for odor control.

And unlike regular cat litter, this natural cat litter can be easily scooped away.

Plus, it is made with recycled materials, which makes it eco-friendly and safe to use.
Prepped to give other biodegradable cat litters on the market a run for their money, this cat litter is dust-free, meaning you’ll not be breathing too many allergens in the air.


  • Ecofriendly and biodegradable
  • Makes cleaning easy as it is easy to scoop
  • Neutralizes odor effectively


  • High tracking potential

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Arguably one of the best clumping biodegradable cat litters, Dr.

Elsey’s premium clumping cat litter is a must-have for cat owners looking for an ecofriendly cat litter that is easy to dispose, and at the same time safe for their cat.

And because it clumps very hard, cleaning your cat’s litter box wouldn’t be such a hassle.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this cat litter is unscented and will not irritate your cat.

It is also great for odor control.

When it comes to getting an eco-friendly and cat-friendly cat litter, you’ll not go wrong to give Dr.

Elsey’s clumping cat litter a try.

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  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Great for odor control
  • Eco-friendly and cat-friendly


  • Tracking seems to be one of the biggest worries with this cat litter

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

As an environmentally conscious cat litter brand, Okocat makes some of the best biodegradable cat litters on the market today.

This particular biodegradable cat litter is made from recycled materials; it is safe to flush and comes in a compostable packaging.

Amazingly, this litter is 100% dust free and absorbs 5x their weight in moisture, this makes them great for odor control.

Made from naturally fallen timber, this cat litter has wood pellets and natural plant fibers that easily binds odor and liquid.

As a matter of fact, the company claims this litter will trap waste odors up to 7 days.



  • Tends to stick to cat paws

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter

This highly absorbent biodegradable cat litter stands out from other cat litters on the market.

And this isn’t surprising giving the fact that it is made from eco-friendly materials that can easily be recycled.

More so, it is made from 100% wheat and is free from chemicals and other ingredients that can be harmful to you and your pet.

Unlike traditional cat litters, this cat litter uses wheat enzymes to control odor and wheat starch as a clumping agent.

Did we forget to add that this cat litter is safe to flush?

This makes it perfect for cat owners looking for a cat litter they can easily dispose.


  • Great for odor control
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low dust


  • Prone to tracking

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Call it the best non-clumping natural cat litter on the market and you’ll not be wrong.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most consistently praised cat litter on the market, this is because it lives up to its promises.

What we particularly love about this natural cat litter is its ability to neutralize odor.

Pet owners who have used this product, reported that they experienced no odor while using it.

Made from compressed dust, this pellet style litter disintegrates when dampened and turns to sawdust.

This makes cleaning a hassle-free experience.


  • Helps neutralize odor
  • 100% dust free and minimal tracking
  • Easy to dispose


  • It is not a clumping litter

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

This is a biodegradable corn based cat litter that is great for odor control.

Designed to make cleaning easy, this natural cat litter produces strong clumps you can easily scoop out of your cat’s litter box.

Cats tend to love this litter because it comes in fine and soft granules that cats like to dig their paws into.

If you’re on the market for a natural cat litter that is both eco-friendly and cat friendly, this is the one for you.


  • Excellent odor control
  • Excellent clumping ability
  • Makes cleaning super easy


  • Can be dusty
  • Susceptible to mold growth

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

This brand offers cat owners a walnut based cat litter that is loved for its superior absorption capability.

Designed for your peace of mind, this biodegradable cat litter uses natural walnut shells to produce an unscented litter that effectively neutralizes odor while clumping quickly when it comes in contact with liquid.

Produced to rival clay litters, this natural litter is reported to absorb 3x more than other traditional litters out there.


  • Cats tend to love its fine granules
  • Creates solid clumps that makes scooping easy
  • Effectively neutralizes odor


  • High tracking potential

GreenCat Natural Cat Litter Odors Eliminator

Made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, this natural cat litter is both eco-friendly and cat-friendly, making it an excellent option for cat owners looking for a cat litter that is safe for their feline friend.

Its active carbon formula makes it great for odor control.

And because it clumps easily, it makes cleaning your cat’s litter box such a hitch-free experience.

If you’re on the lookout for a biodegradable cat litter you can trust, look no further than the GreenCat Natural Cat Litter Odors Eliminator.


  • Excellent odor control
  • Clumps easily and makes cleaning easy
  • Super easy to dispose


  • Susceptible to molding

Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter

This brand of biodegradable cat litter has earned its place as one of the best on the market.

This is because it is made from 100% natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and easy to recycle.

Featuring fine granules, this natural cat litter quickly absorbs liquid, clumps nicely and is easy to scoop.

This makes cleaning super easy.

Not just that, it is also good for odor control and perfect for pet owners who want to keep their homes smelling fresh.


  • Excellent for odor control
  • Excellent clumping ability
  • 100% natural


  1. Its tiny granules make it susceptible to cracking

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter

One of the exciting part of using this natural cat litter is its excellent clumping potentials.

This makes it desirable for pet owners who want to easily clean their cat’s litter box without a fuss.

Made from a unique blend of baking soda, corn and other plant extracts, this biodegradable cat litter effectively neutralizes odor while absorbing moisture.

It is a low dust litter and is highly recommended for pet owners looking for an eco-friendly cat litter they can absolutely rely on.


  • Great for odor control
  • Clumps really nicely
  • Easy to dispose


  • Can get moldy

How does a sifting litter box work?

A sifting litter box is a great choice for pet owners who are looking for a smart and easy way to clean their cat’s litter while ensuring that their house smells fresh all day long.

Sifting litter boxes usually come with a uniquely designed sifting pan which is perforated at the bottom.

These sifting pans allow small, clean litter granules to fall through, leaving behind waste and clumps that are larger.

With this, it is easy to separate dirty litter from the clean ones.

Types of biodegradable cat litter

Just a decade ago, it was super difficult to get a natural cat litter, plus their outrageous price tag tends to scare pet owners away.

But guess what, all that is in the past now as more people are becoming increasingly fascinated about a cat litter that is good for you; your pet, and the environment.

Today, there are lot of options available for cat owners.

With that said, here are the types of natural cat litters you should know.

Wood based cat litters

As the name suggests, this type of biodegradable cat litter is made from reclaimed wood fibers.

And although pine seems to be one of the most popular kinds of wood used for cat litters, there are other types of cat litters that are made with a combination of wood and other ingredients.

One thing you’ll love about wood-based cat litters is their nice wood aroma and of course excellent odor control potential.

Paper-based cat litters

Paper-based cat litters are made from recycled papers and will make a perfect choice for environmentally conscious pet owners.

But while this type of cat litter is a cheaper option when compared to others, it has poor clumping ability and doesn’t last long like other types.

One a good note, this type of cat litter is soft and good for cats with sensitive paws.

Corn-based cat litters

Corn-based cat litter is popular for its impressive clumping ability.

They tend to create strong clumps that makes scooping and cleaning easy.

The cool thing about this type of litter is that they are also good for odor control.

Wheat-based cat litters

This type of cat litter is made from wheat and it can be easily recycled.

Thanks to its powerful enzymes, wheat-based cat litters are great for odor control.

Also, they feature wheat starch that makes clumping easy while making cleaning your cats litter a hassle-free experience.

Walnut based cat litters

Walnut cat litters are one of the best cat litters you’ll come across.

And this is because of their excellent absorbent materials that makes clumping quick and easy.

They are typically great for odor control and perfect for pet owners that want to keep their house smelling fresh.

How to dispose degradable litter

Getting rid of biodegradable litter can be tricky, but not to worry, we have you covered.

Follow the tips below to easily dispose your cat litter.

Dump in the woods

If you have enough space on your property, you can easily just dump your cat litter out of sight.

And because is biodegradable, you don’t have to worry if it would break down or not.

Bury it

If you are not very comfortable with dumping off your cat’s litter in the woods, burying it would be a better option.

One good thing about burying degradable litter is that it breaks down faster.

However, you should be careful not bury it close to a water source.

Compost the litter

One thing that stands biodegradable litter out from traditional litter is the fact that you can compost it.

This makes it easy to dispose.

Flushable Cat Litter

Many manufacturers claim their biodegradable cat litters can easily be disposed of by flushing it down the toilet.

While this makes a lot of sense giving the fine texture of some cat litters, you’ll want to be careful as this can have your toilet stained.

Common questions about environmentally friendly cat litter

How compostable cat litter bags can help

When it comes to disposing of cat litters using compostable cat litter bags has proven to help tremendously.

We like to call it the Puur-fect solution for cats waste.

It is not just a great choice for pet owners who want to easily dispose cats waste but also an innovative choice for people who want to protect the planet.

Is biodegradable cat litter flushable?

This appears to be one of the most frequently asked questions among cat owners looking to give biodegradable cat litter a try.

Well, according to many manufacturers of biodegradable cat litters, their products are flushable.

But while this is true, you should be careful as flushing away cat litter may eventually stain your toilet.

Are eco-friendly litter more expensive?

There has been lots of argument as to whether eco-friendly cat litters are more expensive than traditional cat litters.

The truth is, eco-friendly cat litters are more expensive and this is because the demand is lower, plus they cost more to produce.

Notwithstanding, if you’re an environmentally conscious person, you’ll agree that nothing is too expensive to protect the planet we live in.

Is crystal litter environmentally friendly?

While crystal litters are biodegradable in the landfill, compared to biodegradable cat litters, they are less environmentally friendly.

This means you have to take extra care when disposing of it.

Bottom line

Biodegradable cat litters are an excellent choice for cat owners who want to easily dispose cats waste while protecting the environment.

One thing we have come to love about biodegradable cat litters is that they are both eco-friendly and cat friendly.

Feel free to read through this post to find one that works for you.


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