Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review

When I was first introduced to the Blackhole Litter cat mat I had no idea it would be better than advertised. I was given this product as a gift from a friend and was skeptical that my cat, Miss Kay (my other cat), would not like it. Not only did Miss Kay adapt right to it, the mat actually worked unlike other mats I have used.

My vet recommended that we switch to a litter mat, but finding the right one was difficult because we continuously ran into problems with them. This was the only mat we tried where Miss Kay and she used it right away and had no problems whatsoever!

The Blackhole Cat Mat Design

The mat is offered in a nice sleek dark grey color that goes well with any room. It is not tacky and will not stand out no matter where you put it. It is also a great size because it doesn’t take up more room than needed and will not be overly visible to guests. The soft EVA material is durable but soft enough that your cat will love walking over it and it comes in two colors which include a sleek and modern Black and Beige would go together nicely with any decor.

The mat measures at 30″ X 23″ so there is plenty of surface area for your cats trailing or kicking litter out of the litter box.

The Pros and Cons of the Cat Mat by Black Hole

The Pros

There are many advantages of having a litter mat for your cat. The biggest advantage being that litter won’t go flying everywhere which saves you a lot of clean-up time.
Another advantage of using this litter mat is that it is easy to clean, simply use soap and water and it’s ready to go! Litter mats are a great invention especially when it comes to eliminating the mess that regular litter makes.

While completely eliminating any mess is nearly impossible, this mat makes a tremendous difference. I have tried other litter mats but they were flimsy and tore easily; with the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat I was extremely surprised at how sturdy and durable it was.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the product has it’s limitations and is not able to accommodate everyone’s needs. For example, the large version of this mat is not as big as many people would like it to be; especially people with multiple cats.
Another con is that the mat is one big piece, it would be much easier if it was two separate pieces. Although, even with these few minor limitations, this product is a must buy for anyone looking to save time, money, and energy along with providing a great product for the furry family member!


After Purchasing the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Since we started using this product, the amount of time I typically would have spent cleaning up the litter that was tracked out of her box was reduced by about 90%. The Blackhole Cat Litter Mat catches about 95% of the litter being tracked out of the box. Once caught, all you have to do is simply pick up the mat and dump it right out; it’s extremely fast and easy. I have used this product for almost a year now and I have not once vacuumed the litter box area. The little bit that gets left over is easy enough to clean up with a paper towel.

The BlackHole mat working awesome with the Catgenie automatic litter box


My Conclusion – Blackhole Litter Mat a 10/10 rating

I have recommended this product to a lot of family and friends; many of whom have playful cats and were worried that their cats would get the litter off the mat. However, after they purchased the mat and implemented it, they quickly realized this is not an issue and that the mat really does catch it all. I would say I have recommended this product to over 20 people, and none of them have had any complaints about it, it’s simply that good.


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On a side note, while litter mats are becoming more popular and many companies have decided to make their own version of them, take it from me that this is one of the best cat litter mats on the market. Like I said before, I have tried many other mats, with that being said there is no surprise of this mat is a great product based on the 725 positive reviews people have left about the Black Hole Litter Mat.

The Blackhole Kitty Litter Mat is perfect for every cat owner out there, click below to get your own.


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