Cats are often aversive to water. They see it only as something necessary to hydrate themselves and keep them alive. They don’t see it as something vital to keep them clean. A few drops of water touching their skin can make them go wild. Your cat is naturally equipped with all they need help keep themselves clean. Their tongue has properties designed to maintain their skin hygiene. Unlike dogs, cats don’t smell as bad because

Like humans, pets need a shelter they can sleep in away from the wind, rain and harsh summer sun. With this in mind, the pet house should be comfortable and easily accessible to them. We’ve searched for the best outdoor pet houses you can provide to your cats and dogs. Take a pick from the list we’ve come up with. For your feline friend, here are some of the best outdoor cat houses you can use:

Fleas and ticks are the top parasites affecting our beloved pets. They carry numerous diseases and are really difficult to eradicate. What can we do about these things? Is there any effective treatment we can use to shield our pets from harm? These are some of the things we’ll be discussing in this article. Knowing the Enemy The more you understand about fleas and ticks, the better you’ll be able to formulate measures to prevent

Living things need food and water to live. We can live without eating for days or even weeks as long as we have water to drink. Water replaces fluids we lose when we sweat or urinate. The body of a cat also functions the same way in this aspect, which is why it’s important to always provide them with potable water. But what if your cat suddenly stops drinking water? What if you forgot

Cranberry has been a popular supplement for people who have a history of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It’s believed to possess anti-bacterial properties that can cure the said infection. Aside from this, many people drink cranberry juice and take in cranberry supplements because of the fruit’s health-boosting properties. Cats are also prone to UTI. This is why you’ll see that a lot of cranberry supplements have appeared in the market, catering to pet owners who

There’s no doubt that we all love our feline friends, but where is the red line? For most owners, the moments we regret having a cat are fleeting. Even when we’re mad because of something they did, it all goes away as soon as they curl up on our stomach and start purring. But let’s get back to that red line – can it be the scratches on the legs of an antique mahogany cabinet

So your cat is ignoring the food that you have served? For many cat owners, this is a cause for concern, and the concern is understandable. Cats deprived of food will suffer from extreme weight loss, and when not properly addressed, will lead to liver damage. Don’t let these happen to your pet cats; as soon as you noticed some changes in their behavior, like refusing their food, you need to act fast. PRO TIP: The

detect sickness in your cats health with Pretty Litter

detect sickness in your cats health with Pretty LitterLet’s be honest, are you certain you cats health is in tip-top shape? If you do, then you know what its like to spend hundreds of dollars in VET checkup bills, least you have some piece of mind, right? Problem is that VET bills are expensive, fortunately, there is now an easier and cost-effective solution that

Cats, in general, easily learn from what they observe in their surroundings. For litter box training, kittens learn from their parents if their mothers are trained in using a litter box. Adopted cats without any kind of training may not immediately take on as easy as your normal domesticated breed. It’s important to do litter box training at the onset of their arrival at your home. As kittens, they’ll learn early how to move

If you own a cat who loves to eat everything, including the food of your plate, then you might be harming your cat. Do you know what human foods are safe for your kitty and which ones are toxic? I created an infographic illustrating some of the best people foods your cats can consume and enjoy with you. It’s important to note that you must consult your Veterinarian