Did you know that female cats spray, just as males do? Both male and female cats have glands in their paws, cheeks, and near their bladder that produces a smelly liquid substance. You won’t notice this smell when your cat rubs her cheeks on you, but it is definitely noticeable when they are sprayed. If you notice your cat making messes around your home, check for a pungent smell; if there isn’t one, your cat

If you are looking for a quick solution to finding the best cat box for your budget then you have come to the right place. It can be a time-consuming task to find a quality litter box that your cat will actually use and not reject, I have compiled and organized all the information you need to know in one easy-to-follow chart. There are many types of cat boxes on the market, however, it can be

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There is no annoyance quite like having your cat urinate or spray areas inside your home as it leaves a mess and an odor that you can’t ignore. Thankfully, there are products available to help clean up the smelly cat odor and will effectively deter your cat from repeating from spraying in the same place in the future.      

Simple Solution

Similar to the previous product, this spray will remove all odors and

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Automated litter boxes, just from the sound of it may be pricey. You may be forced to choose between getting the cheap unit that makes you have to clean up more than what you expect to it being ‘automatic’, or the other option is to get the most expensive one that works fine but leaves a hole in your pocket because of its outlandish price tag. You are probably aware by browsing this site that there are a

litter robot III review

There are many types litter machines on the market which feature a horde of different features to choose from. But nothing, nothing comes close to the Litter Robot series from being the best automatic litter box you can get. But nothing comes remotely close to the Litter Robot series… Here, we take a look at 2 of the best in the series to see what makes them stand out above others. Sure, I review a

Cats can vomit for a number of reasons, and in general it should not be too much of a concern for the owner. Vomiting, for example, occurs with healthy cats so there is no simple answer as to why. The first step to take is to determine if your cat is otherwise healthy. Happy cat, happy vomiter Vomiting is totally natural in cats, especially when you take into account how they usually eat in the

Kids and cats are more similar than one might think; they both love playing and getting attention, for one. It might be difficult to believe, but cats are more suitable to have in your house with small children than a dog because they are, in general, easier to maintain and care for since they take less frequent baths and you do not have to bring them outside to let them use the washroom. In actuality,

We think a litter box is simply a place where our cats do their business. We put it in a place that’s convenient for us and we expect our pets to follow our rules without thinking about how they feel. This is not how it should be. Who wants to go to a restroom situated in a far or inconvenient place? No one right? Cats form a relationship with their litter box and we should

Litter Robot III Open Air is an automated litter box (see here) for your cats. It has a futuristic globe shape with an open-air feel to make it more comfortable for your cats to use. The LR III needs only human assistance in disposing of the full waste drawer. It’s very convenient and reliable, especially for cat owners who are too tired to clean their cat’s litter when they arrive home from vacation, work

It is common for cats to suffer from UTIs, or urinary tract infections, on a regular basis; in fact, it is one of the most common ailments that cats tend to experience. It should not be taken lightly, however, since it can get quite serious if it is not check out by a professional. If your cat seems to be suffering from a UTI, or any ailment, take them to see a vet right away.