Can 2 Cats Share a Litter Box

Can 2 Cats Share a Litter Box – Weird Cat Facts

Our four-legged friends are lovely pets.

They are playful, independent, funny, and very clean.

And if you know anything about cats, you’ll know that our feline friends like to do their business inside a litter box.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why pet lovers choose to adopt a cat, as they don’t go out as often as dogs.

And because of how much some of us love cats, we don’t mind adopting two.

But have you stopped for a minute to ask yourself if two cats can share one litter box?

Would it be sanitary to allow two cats to share one litter box?

Well, in today’s article, we will explain in detail why it isn’t such a great idea to allow two cats to share one litter box.

Plus, we will provide you with some tips to keep your cat’s litter box clean and tidy.

Can two cats use one litter box?

If you have more than one cat, we are sure you’ll be wondering if your cats can share a single litter box.

Well, according to feline behavior experts, it isn’t advisable to provide two cats with just one litter box.

As a matter of fact, experts recommend providing an equal number of litter boxes, plus one.

This means that if you have just two cats in your home, you should provide your feline friends with three litter boxes.

And for those asking why, the reason is pretty simple: behavior and health.

Our four-legged friends are territorial creatures that enjoy having their own space for certain things.

And just so you know, cats like a lot of privacy, especially when pooping and urinating.

Another important reason why you should provide more than one litter box is because of health reasons.

Allowing two cats to urinate and poop in the same litter box will leave you with a litter box full of bacterias.

And if you work away from home and don’t have all the extra time to clean the litter box often, you’ll have a problem in your hand.

To be upfront with you, the accumulation of feces can trigger health problems you’re not just ready for.

This is why experts suggest that each cat have a dedicated litter box and an extra one just for contingencies.

This way, your feline friends feel comfortable in their own litter box.

More so, the litter boxes will remain a lot cleaner and help prevent cases of infections.

Even though some cats don’t mind sharing one litter box, it’s best to provide them with two or three litter boxes if you are very serious about your pet’s health.

Litter box ideas for multiple cats

To ensure toilet harmony in your home, explore the following tips when placing multiple litter boxes across your home.

Ensure that each litter box is situated somewhere quiet.

And by quiet, we mean away from noisy appliances like tumble dryers and washing machines.

Ensure that litter boxes across your home are not placed in corners.

That’s because our feline friends like to have several escape routes at all times.

Lastly, keep litter boxes out of earshot of each other, and that’s because cats love a lot of privacy and don’t like to be watched when doing their business.

Cleaning your cat’s litter boxes

Whether you have a single cat or raising multiple cats in your home, it’s best to clean your cat’s litter box at least weekly.

That said, you’ll have to scoop out their droppings daily.

Read on to find our simple guide on how to clean your cat’s litter box effectively.

Daily routines

  • Ensure their droppings are scooped out every day.
  • Dispose of their droppings
  • Wash the litter scoop using soap and water
  • Store away the litter scoop in a sealed plastic bag.

Weekly routines

  • For a deep cleaning experience, you must ensure that your cat’s litter box is emptied completely.
  • Dispose of the droppings and litter
  • Thoroughly wash the litter box using soap and water.
  • Let it sit for some time to dry thoroughly, or use a clean paper towel
  • Add new litter to the box
  • Assemble the litter box and place it back in its designated area.

Note: Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach to wash your cat’s litter box.

Also, keep in mind that our feline friends are very sensitive to smell and will avoid their litter box altogether if they smell anything odd.

Not just that, certain chemicals are also very harmful to cats.

To this end, we strongly advise you to keep using your common white soap and water to clean and disinfect your cats’ litter boxes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I put two litter boxes next to each other?

For those asking whether they can place two litter boxes next to each other, the answer is a resounding yes.

Plus, doing this offers some exciting benefits.

To start with, having multiple litter boxes next to each other will provide your feline friends with options and more comfort, which is something all cats crave.

Do you really need two litter boxes?

If you have two cats in your home, then yes, you’ll need to have two or three litter boxes to ensure the privacy and comfort of your feline friends.

More so, if you don’t have a lot of time to clean your cat’s litter box, then having multiple litter boxes in your home is a good idea.

How often should you scoop a litter box?

Your cat’s litter box should be scooped daily, and it’s best if you do this as soon as your cat has finished doing her business.


Even though, as kids, we were taught that caring is sharing, it isn’t something you see in cats.

And that’s because cats are territorial animals who enjoy their privacy, especially when going to the bathroom.

Because our four-legged friends like to keep things tidy, they don’t enjoy sharing their litter box.

More importantly, keep in mind that cats need their own space to relieve themselves, and if that’s not the case, they may become unnecessarily aggressive.

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