Cat Activity Strategy Game Tunnel Feeder Review

Domesticated cats are usually lazy in working for their food.

They depend too much on their owners and when there’s food on the plate, they tend to eat fast too.

The Tunnel Feeder gives you better control over your cat’s feeding habits while simultaneously helping them stretch their mental and physical abilities.

The Tunnel Feeder has a cone at the top where you put the dry cat food.

The cone disperses the food onto 6 different tunnels thru a small adjustable outlet.

Each tunnel is angled in different ways to make it more challenging for your pet to scoop the food out.

The cone has a resealable lid to prevent your cats from prying it open and eating directly from the container.

This feeder may help in keeping your cats busy and entertained, saving them from boredom which may lead to unfavourable behaviour.

You can now leave your house for work without worrying about your pet starving or bored.

Their attention to the Tunnel Feeder may keep them from destroying your curtains and scratching your couch.

It is easy to use and is highly recommended for owners who want to introduce puzzling food dispensers to their pet cat.

The Tunnel Feeder package comes with a booklet containing tips and tricks to maximize the feeder’s potentials and keep your cats interested in it.

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feeder game for catsHow It Works

Just pour the kibbles on the cone-shaped container and gravity will pull the treats down towards the tunnels.

Cats need to put their paws in the tunnel to grab the treats out.

The Tunnel Feeder is meant to make the cats move and look around, like stalking for prey.

They should move, look, and sniff into tunnels with food and work to get it out and into their mouths.

The number of kibbles trickling down into the tunnels can be controlled using the cone container.

You can adjust the size of the food outlet by rotating it to let bigger food pass through.

This makes the Tunnel Feeder suitable with most treat sizes.

To automatically disperse treats, you should properly set the food outlet to have an opening large enough to let treats pass through.

It should not be too big for kibbles to overflow into the tunnels, but should also not be too tight that nothing can pass through it.

Stuck treats on the container may work in your favor if your cats can manage to claw the stuck food out.

This teaches them a new skill and also eliminates the need to constantly check the feeder for clogged outlets.


  • Resealable food holder
  • 6 different tunnels with varying angles to challenge your cat’s scooping skills
  • Adjustable outlet to accommodate most sizes of dry feeds for your cat
  • Keeps your cats healthy through a daily workout and mental challenge
  • Appropriate for cats of age 3 months and up
  • Made of durable plastic that’s dishwasher safe
  • Booklet contains tips and tricks to make the best out of the Tunnel Feeder


  • Can contribute to weight loss
  • Will keep your cats busy and entertained
  • Container is very easy to refill
  • Adjustable food outlet to hold and dispense most sizes of cat feeds
  • Suitable for cats of almost all ages
  • Everything’s made of durable plastic
  • Anti-slip rubber lining to prevent it from being moved around while in use
  • Transparent food holder lets you see the amount remaining on the feeder
  • Can be an alternative to a food bowl or feeder


  • Since the feeder depends on gravity to dispense food, the Tunnel Feeder can’t always control if your cat has eaten more than recommended. They will eat whatever edible food is in front of them.
  • If not properly adjusted, the food will just keep on coming out of the conical food holder
  • The holder can’t hold enough treats that will last up to 4 days.
  • It’s quite challenging to adjust the food holder to evenly distribute the kibbles into the tunnels
  • The tunnel holes may not be big enough for larger cats
  • You may need an extra mat since the base attached to the tunnels may not be big enough for cats during snack time. Food will spill over the floor after they draw it out.
  • Works only with dry food

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Since it’s a gravity-based feeder, you can’t control the amount of food that’ll trickle down the tunnel.

For best results, just put little amounts of kibbles on the food holder and do not fill them to the brim.

This way, you’ll be able to control your cat’s eating pace.

The option to use it in tandem with an automatic dispensing machine is valuable for those who seldom visit their homes and are always out of town.

This setup will let you rest assured that your pet cats are fed regularly but not in excess.

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Cat Activity Strategy Game Tunnel Feeder Review
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