Cat Amazing the Best Cat Toy Review

Cat Amazing toy has holes strategically punctured around it to give your cats some challenge in getting their treats for snack time.

It’s made of sturdy cardboard that 99% of cats love to play with.

Pieces of cards can be found inside which divide the box into 3 areas.

Each area is represented by color to easily distinguish their difficulty level: green for ‘Beginners’, purple for ‘Intermediate’, and yellow for ‘Top-Cat’ which is the hardest of them all.

Research says these colors are the most visible colors cats can recognize.

Each level requires a different skill set to solve.

The Beginner level, being the easiest, only requires your cat to swipe the treats out into the big hole at the base of the box.

The Intermediate level needs a combination of swiping and scooping.

Your cat will need to push the treats onto the side walls before scooping it out from the holes on the side of the box.

The Top-Cat is for clever cats well-trained in using their paws as it requires swiping, scooping, and even dragging actions to complete.
And there’s more! When you go to Cat Amazing’s official website, they’re promoting a secret expert level you can unlock when you buy this cat toy.

Best Interactive Cat Toy Ever! Cat Treat Maze & Puzzle Box Game for CatsCat Amazing invites your cats to use different senses and skills to get the treats out of the box.

They’ll need to look, sniff, feel, and plan how to grab those kibbles and put them into their mouths.

The box is ingeniously designed to sharpen your cat’s problem-solving abilities and stimulate their natural hunting instincts.

It simulates the scenario where the prey is hiding and the cat has limited options on how to capture it.
The challenge Cat Amazing presents to your cats will keep them busy for quite some time.

Features of the Cat Amazing the Best Cat Toy

  • Three different puzzles built-in one box
  • Varying levels of difficulty suitable to cat’s skills
  • Works with toys and treats of varying shapes and sizes
  • Made from non-toxic cardboard which cats love
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 3.5 in
  • Weighs approximately: 12oz


  • Effortless to assemble
  • Made of hard cardboard no feline can resist
  • Cardboard is solid enough to support the weight of cats that stand on top of it
  • Materials used are non-toxic, making it safe to leave it with your pets
  • Creatively designed puzzles will surely keep your cats entertained
  • The different levels of challenges the box presents is suitable for newbies up to the most experienced cats
  • Doesn’t make annoying sounds when cats play with it
  • Trains your cats mentally and physically
  • You can put in toys, treats, or anything your cat is interested in


  • Cardboard can be ripped or get soggy when wet
  • Its lightweight frame makes it prone to sliding and being dragged around
  • Some cats may just try to flip it over to spill the treats out
  • The card insert that divides the box into three levels may get torn or removed after some time
  • Declawed cats may have trouble playing with some of the levels


Cat Amazing, as they advertise it, is probably the best toy ever made for cats for several reasons:
First, it’s made of cardboard which almost all cats love.

It doesn’t need anything fancy to work properly.

Cat Amazing teaches us that a simple box littered with holes can bring exhilarating joy to our cats.

Second, it has three levels to suit your cat’s skills.

It works not only for smart, experienced cats but also for cats who are new in playing with puzzle toys.

You can train your cat to master the Beginner level first before moving on to the next challenges.

Third, you can use a combination of treats and toys with it.

This makes it a versatile toy that doesn’t need any adjustments to accommodate treats of different sizes and shapes.

Fourth, it’s cheap for the value it brings to your feline pals.

Cat Amazing’s crafty design stimulates your cat’s natural hunting disposition by recreating the predator-prey scenario with this toy.

Cats are motivated to use their predatory nature by stalking for treats hidden inside the puzzle.

This kind of challenge trains them both mentally and physically while giving them an entertaining test with delicious rewards.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Cat Amazing is one of the cat toys that has the best bang for the buck.

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