My Cat Drools? Reasons Why Your Cat is Drooling

Drooling doesn’t only happen to dogs but it can also occur in cats and we are going to cover some of the reasons why your cat may be drooling.
In any case, we would recommend taking your cat straight to the vet if this has happened out of the ordinary.

There is an underlying medical problem

A serious health condition can be one of the reasons, so taking your cats to a veterinarian is the best thing to resolve this problem.

Tartar stored inside the lips of your pet cat will cause your cat to slobber and eventually drool.

To know the problem of your pets, try pulling her lip backward until it reaches her ear.

Try to determine if her teeth are brown and if they look like concrete.

Also, you can check if she has swollen or bleeding gums.

If these signs are confirmed, you can consult a vet for professional cleaning and medication.

Ask your vet if your cat has chances of getting tumors, mouth ulcers and gingivitis so you can take preventive measures.

To maintain her cleanliness, practice brushing on a daily basis.

Cats drool when they have trouble with swallowing

Your cat might drool because your cat is experiencing trouble when swallowing food.

As a result, something foreign might have gotten stuck inside her mouth or tongue which you may not easily notice.

If you are careful and confident, you can try and find out the problem.

But if not, you should let a veterinarian do the work.

If your cat is having a hard time swallowing, there’s a chance that your cat developed a bad taste for food, or have problems with medications.

If your cats will not swallow its medications, try not to get mad at your pets.

Heatstroke causes your cat to drool

If a cat drools, she might be experiencing heat stroke.

Heatstroke not only occurs in humans but to cats as well.

Breeds of cats that usually experience heatstroke are Persian cats.

Giving her too much water or exposing her to too much heat will cause heatstroke.

Felines do have lesser fur than any other animals so it will be very dangerous for them to be exposed to heat for a longer period.

Always provide them with clean and fresh water to prevent this from happening.

Take your pet cats away from poisonous plants

Cats may get sick once exposed to poisonous plants like chrysanthemums and tulips and these plants can cause drooling.

Don’t let your cat eat those poisonous plants.

You can check out the list of plants poisonous to your cats by consulting some of the existing animal protection groups.

You may take your cat with you wherever you go, but make sure that she doesn’t have motion sickness.

This can be another reason for drooling and you might not want this to happen in public places.

You are the owner so you are the only person who will directly notice the normal and abnormal behavior of your cats.

So as a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the erratic behavior of your cats, and try to understand the reasons if they are drooling.

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