Cat Litter Doesn't Track

Cat Litter Doesn’t Track – The Ultimate Guide

Looking for cat litter that doesn’t track and stop the mess of litter all over the house? Then you have come to the right place in this article I will show you how to stop litter tracking now.

The main reason why you need a cat litter and a litter box is to make it easier for you to get rid of the cat’s mess.

Regardless of the fact that non-tracking and tracking cat litters can do this effectively, you don’t want the cat to spread dirty messes around the house.

This is why we prefer non-tracking cat litters.

A lot of brands claim that they have the best non-tracking cat Litter which makes the whole purchasing process complicated.

Besides many of these brands claiming that they offer non-tracking features, few of them keep the promise.

This way, we wanted to share enough information and our top recommendations to make it easy for every cat owner.

Before delving deeper into the topic, I have to emphasize the benefits of hard-clumping Cat Litter.

This ensures that the crystals stick together tightly and the messes cannot break loose to make the mess.

Go for cat litter with larger particles so that they won’t get stuck to the cat’s paws.

Besides these two considerations, you also have to consider your personal preferences and the preferences of your cat.

Some cat litters have a strong scent to mask the odor which can be irritating to you and your cat.

Luckily, there are countless unscented non-tracking cat litters that you can choose from.

If the cat has sensitive skin or allergies, always go for hypoallergic litter that will not irritate the paws.

With that information, you should be ready to purchase a cat litter that doesn’t litter.

But with so many alternatives online you can get confused.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for cat litter that doesn’t track.

Before that, I want to clarify that all the reviews in this brief are based on customer reviews and comments on different online platforms, extensive research, and hands-on testing where applicable.

World’s Best Cat Litter

This cat Litter doesn’t track is dust-free and effective.

But you have to dig deeper into your pockets for this version.

Regardless of the prices, the World’s Best Cat Litter has been praised for being excellent in killing odors before it becomes an issue in your home.

The product is manufactured and created by a company that has been in the market for more than 22 years.

The World’s Best Cat Litter currently has different formulas but the original series consists of 100% natural compressed corn.

The plus Series includes a formula for cats that are attracted to cat litter and the other one is designed to solve health issues.

The World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping formula is one of the best products for multiple cat households.

This offers the same hard-clumping benefits as the other two formulas provided by this company.

The product averages odor control when it’s exposed to a small amount of urine.

This is the reason why it contains a lavender scent that controls the odor.

This World’s Best Cat Litter is echo-friendly and flushable.

This makes it 100% easy to get rid of the cat’s messes.

It easily forms hard clumps when it gets into contact with liquid and solid waste.

However, some people complain that cat litter is not very effective in controlling odor.

The other formula, World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula is praised for its effectiveness in controlling odor.

It’s equally eco-friendly and flushable.

This formula is made from compressed corn litter which means it’s free from silica.

The cat can breathe easily.

When in contact with solid and liquid waste, it easily forms tight and hard clumps that are easy to scoop and dispose of.

Besides these three benefits, some people have reported that this formula produces some little dust.

But still, it beats others when it comes to odor control especially when exposed to large volumes of urine.

It also has a slight scent but users claim it’s not strong enough to irritate the cats especially those with sensitive noses.


  • It absorbs liquids and solid waste on contact
  • It produces very low dust
  • Its non-tracking
  • It has a pleasant scent of Lavender
  • It’s flushable
  • It’s eco-friendly


  • Its relatively expensive

World’s Best Cat Litter are at the top of the list for their effectiveness in controlling messes in the house and odor from liquid and solid waste.

If you have wanted a biodegradable alternative that is flushable and very effective, then World’s Best products are the best in the list.

However, World’s Best Litter is expensive, especially when compared to close competitors such as Okocat Natural wood cat Litter.

Okocat Natural Wood cat Litter

Okocat Natural wood cat litter is the best on the list for natural cat litter that you can find in the market today.

But it’s a clumping cat Litter that makes it very easier for cat owners to get rid of the messes.

The litter is expensive but not comparable to the high prices of the World’s Best Cat Litters.

Most users claim that Okocat Natural wood cat litter is one of the best potent odor eliminators.

This means that you will not have to worry about odor and smells in your house for weeks.

The only challenge is that the cat can spread the messes because when this cat litter clumps, it’s sticky.

It can as well attach to the cat’s fur.

The product is manufactured by Healthy Pet which is a brand created by a team of passionate and committed individuals.

They include pet brands such as CareFresh, Puppy Go Potty and several others.

Today, the company is owned by the J.

Rettenmailer and Sohne Group.

They are heavily dedicated into creating sustainable products that will help preserve the environment.

Their litter is absorbent and highly effective in controlling odor.

The company currently has six formulas that you can choose from.

Luckily, all the products are created using natural and sustainable materials.

Unlike other cat litters, Okocat’s reviews and user comments are highly varied.

However, most cat owners understand the benefits of using this litter and praise it for its effectiveness in odor control.

Still, we have to admit that every customer’s experience is unique.

There are both good and bad reviews available everywhere in the internet.

One of the reviewers says that this product was recommended by a Friend and up to now, she hasn’t complained.

The product is perfect for cats with renal issues.

She continued to say that it clumped well and provided all the benefits as she expected.

According to this user, there was little to complain about.

But still, the user claims that the size of the granules was not a good one.

She adds that when she scoops the clumps, the unused litter doesn’t fall back to the box easily.

Moving on, another reviewer claims that she started using this litter Box in 2018 and it didn’t work perfectly fine for her.

It’s eco-friendly and flushable but still it’s not the best one for multiple cat families.

This is actually an important consideration.


  • It’s a natural alternative
  • Its absorbent and great clumping
  • It contains natural components


  • It can stick in the cat’s fur

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping cat Litter

This product already has more than 10k reviews on Amazon which means many users love the properties and functionality.

Most of the reviewers claim that the litter keeps almost every grain in the Box and its 99% dust Free and hard-clumping.

This means that the crystals stick together regardless and the cat will not spread messes around the house.

Others love the fact that this product is very effective in odor control.

It’s completely hypoallergic for the cat and the cat owner.

The manufacturer uses medium-sized grains to make the cat Litter.

What this means is the grains don’t stick on the cat’s fur.

One reviewer on amazon confirms that this product worked for him and there’s little to complain about.

He adds that it has no scent and there are no added dye and chemicals that can be harmful to the cat.

According to reviewers, the odor elimination property of this product works as needed.

The cat litter has no scent which is perfect for people with scent allergies.

It doesn’t mask the bad smells as is the case with a couple of alternatives.

Another reviewer liked the fact that it’s scent-free litter that would be able to keep the odor away.

The product seemed to suck up bad scents.

Most of them claim that even after a week, the smell is insignificant which is exactly what they have been looking for.

Moving on, the product is easily scoopable because of its clumping ability.

The product is made out of clay materials which prevents the moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box.

Reviewers claim that the product does a fairly good job when it comes to clumping.

But still, one of the reviewers claims that their cat prefers just one corner of the litter box.

During scooping, the clumps break apart slightly which is manageable and easy to clean.

It’s equally important to think about the ease of using this product.

Many people claims that this product is heavyweight.

This coupled with the packaging makes it extremely hard to lift and pour.

There are also no handles which means you will have to struggle every time you want to pour.

What this means is that this will make the first use extremely hard for you.

Lastly, this product costs $20 for 40 pounds.

This is well priced and one of the most affordable litter Boxes we have in the market today.

You can as well go with the smaller Bag of litter but if you want to save more money, it will be easier for you.

The decision will highly depend on what you are willing and able to pay.


  • It’s unscented
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s very effective in preventing odor
  • Clumps very well
  • It’s easy to dispose


  • Unwieldy bag.

This Litter Box is a nice alternative for budget buyers.

Regardless of the fact that this product comes with a difficult to handle bag, it still one of the best products when it comes to clumping and odor control.

You will not have to worry about the scent and irritating dust.

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Per Cat Litter

This cat Litter comes in 30 Pounds package and is one of the most affordable products that you will find out there today.

The product is loved for its ability to control odor, and being highly absorbent litter.

This is exactly what makes the product an excellent option for cats that are allergic and those that have sensitive skins.

It’s also chemical free and doesn’t contain any annoying and risky dyes.

There are no additives and scents that might irritate you and your feline friends.

The manufacturer makes this product using recycled paper and features larger pellets that are sure not to affect your cat.

The other benefit of paper pellets makes it easy to triple the absorption to keep the litter box dry and clean.

There are countless reviewers online that all claim that this product is perfect for you and your cat.

One of the reviewers claims that he bought this product and confirms that there’s no tracking which reduces the chances of spreading messes around the house.

The reviewer equally adds that his cat doesn’t get irritated by the product.

In terms of odor elimination, some people claim that it left a slight smell behind.

The product is fragrance-free which means it doesn’t affect cat owners and cats.

After testing this product, it worked perfectly decent at trapping the urine odor, the cats poop smell was noticeable.

To contain the smell, most people consider using litter Box with a lid.

This can reduce the smell but it’s not very effective.

Other users claim that the cat was confused with the litter and never understood how it’s supposed to work.

This means that a cat that doesn’t know much about it, will take time to figure out how it works.

In terms of clumping, it’s non-existent.

It doesn’t clump which is tricky for the people living in apartments and small homes where you have to scoop it more often.

The larger pieces of litter do not shift well with a typical scoop.

Some people claim that this product is time-consuming when you want to scoop.

For urine, scooping was impossible.

Another issue is that the dark color of the pellets makes it hard for the cat owner to see the pee spots.

There are additional complaints that when it’s wet, the pellets become more delicate to scoop.

Using this cat Litter is not a very easy transition.

The company states some clear methods of transitioning your cat to start using this litter.

The company claims that you should start with 1/3 of the ratio of the litter and eventually increase it to ½ until you get to 100 percent.

The pellets are larger which can be very confusing to the cat.

For that reason, some people try to fill the Box to see whether the cat will get interested.

The instructions offered by the company can work for you but some people say it’s not very helpful in transitioning the cat.

The price for this product is within the market average.

It’s just $20 for the 30-Pound bag.

This is within the market average for cat owners.

You can go with the larger bag depending on your different needs.

The only disadvantage, in this case, is that with every change, you will pay more.


  • Its environmentally friendly
  • Good for sensitive paws
  • Low-tracking for less messes
  • The price is within the market average


  • It’s not scoopable
  • Minimal odor tracking

There are several worthy alternatives that people can choose especially given that this product doesn’t work perfectly fine for many people.

Naturally fresh walnut-based quick clumping cat Litter and ever clean extra strength cat litter are viable alternatives.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

Before we close the list, we have to discuss the best odor busting cat litter for families with more than one cat.

This formula is made using moisture-locking technology that works together to create small and hard clumps which are very easy to clean.

Another benefit is that it creates a tight seal around the clumps to trap the odor and keep the room smelling fresh.

Furthermore, the formula is dust-free which makes it great for your cat and other people in the house.

The formula has received a couple of reviews online.

The reviewer says that he has been in the hunt for a way to get the best litter box.

The author has multiple cats which has made the whole process of looking for a litter Box very complicated.

After getting this litter Box, the reviewer confirms it has worked to their expectation.

The formula is very easy to clean.

The most different thing, in this case, is that the cleaning of this Box is different.

As a matter of fact, no one wants to deal with the frustrations when cleaning messes.

It is designed to slide easily out of the box.

This eliminates the headache of scrubbing and scrapping the box.

The formulation offers enough strength to take care of the excretions.

It comes with boxes with measurements of fourteen pounds, twenty-eight pounds and fourteen pounds.

The key features are the patented EZ cleaning technology.

The other one is that it combines with the power of baking soda for Odor elimination.

Lastly, you require no scrubbing or scrapping because it’s easy to slide.


  • The formula slides easily out of the litter box
  • It provides odor protection
  • It offers very low tracking
  • Its affordable
  • The best for mess controls.


  • Some clumps can break
  • It has a scent that can irritate the cats

Arm and Hammer create a different kind of cat Litter Products.

The products range from natural to clay litters which are all effective in controlling odor and helping in mess controls.

The company already has sixteen different formulas which all work perfectly fine for multiple cat households.


What is the best cat Litter that doesn’t track?

There are several different brands of cat Litter that doesn’t track. You can pick from the list explained above.

However, World’s Best and Okocat Cat litter are the two main products for cat owners.

However, these two cat litter are relatively expensive.

What this means is that you will have to dig deeper in your pockets to get these products.

Why would you want non-clumping cat Litter?

Non-clumping cat litter is very effective in controlling odor from cat urine and feces.

The litter has the ability to absorb urine and other excretions effectively.

Some people also prefer the non-clumping litter because they are not very expensive.

How do I stop my cat from tracking litter everywhere?

If you want to stop your cats from tracking everywhere, you have to keep the litter Box clean, try non tracking cat litter, use vacuum and sweep the room frequently.

Do not overfill the litter box and also use a cat Mat.

You should also discourage the cat from sleeping in the litter box.

Eventually, try a top entry litter box because it’s more effective.

Do cats prefer certain litter?

Most cats prefer clumping litter with fine texture.

Some others prefer unscented litter.

Try to see what the cat prefers the most.

To do this, always spend time with your cat and try different litters.

There are countless reasons why you should use a non-tracking cat Litter.

They are less expensive and equally effective in odor control.

I’ve also offered a small list of the best cat litter that does not track.

You can pick any of the five recommendations depending on your preferences and budget.

When shopping for litter Boxes that do not track, pick a sustainable and affordable cat litter without scent.

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