Cat Mate C10 REVIEW

Cat Mate C10 Cat Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

Timed meals are critical for your pets, and when it comes to carefully calibrated meals, the Cat Mate C10 Automatic Cat Feeder works like a charm.

This unit comes with a flip lid that can deliver one dry meal any time, within the day.

The food tray can carry 450 g of dry pet food, and there is a clock that can help deliver the meals at the exact time.

This automatic wet food cat feeder works with an AA battery, but this is not included in the package.

Cat Mate C10 Cat Feeder Features

  • Unit can deliver up to 450g of pet food at a time
  • Comes with a quartz timer
  • Measures 7.5 by 2.8 by 5.8 inches
  • Works with a single AA battery
  • Can schedule one meal within a 24-hour period
  • This cat food dispenser is dishwasher-safe

How Does the Cat Mate Work?

There is a lid secured by a spring and a clock timer that ensures the on-time delivery of meals for your pet.

When the timer hits zero, the notch will push the lid to open and reveal the food for the pet.


  • Unit is easy to use and program
  • Dishwasher-safe, which means that you can easily clean the feeder
  • Noises are not produced when operating the unit
  • Good food capacity, at 450g
  • Reliable unit, and can be turned off manually


  • You need to set the timer every time
  • There is no voice alarm that can get the attention of the pets to eat
  • The timer may require a locking cover
  • Battery compartment does not feature a protective cover
  • Ice packs are not provided, thus food may not be fresh during certain times. You may need to freeze the food to keep it fresh


cat mate c10 feeder
A closer look at the cat mate controller

Tips When Using the Cat Mate C10 Automatic Cat Feeder

  • We recommend that the batteries should be replaced on a regular basis
  • If possible, look for ways on how to protect the batteries


We recommend this unit for:

  • Docile and ‘behaved’ cats that are willing to wait for their turn
  • Pets that only need one meal a day
  • Pet owners who want to serve another meal that can complement the diet of he cats
  • Pet owners who want to feed their pets separately, each one is served by a specific cat feeder

We do not recommend this unit for:

  • For playful cats and those that are obsessed with cat food
  • Pet owners who require a strict schedule in food delivery
  • Pet owners who want to give their pets wet food, without having to refrigerate it


We believe that the Cat Mate C10 Automatic Cat Feeder is a basic feeder, and can be reliable in many households.

This works best if you want to feed your cats just one meal within 24 hours.

This is also reliable and can last for a long period of time, thanks to the use of quality materials.

You can also use multiple units in case you want to feed your pets at the same time, but separately in your home.

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