Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder review

Cat Mate C3000 Cat Food Dispenser Review – Dry Food Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 is a loaded automatic cat feeder and comes with different mode settings.

To help you understand and know this product better, this comprehensive review will lists down its top features, the pros and cons, mode settings and our final say on what we thought of this unit.

By using this unit, you are given a chance to program three meals in a 24-hour period, with a minimum of 10 grams or 1/3 ounce per meal.

Keep in mind that this unit can best work of certain sizes of pellets, with a minimum of 1/4′ in diameter up to a maximum of 6/8′.

If you want the best results from this automatic feeder, it’s suggested that you select pellets that measure 1/2′ in diameter.

Also, this unit also comes with a programmable LCD control, with clock.

You can also expect a number of mode settings, that allow you to customize the feeding schedules.

Cat Mate C3000 Features

  • Allows pet owners to program up to 3 meals daily
  • Mode settings
  • Offers a minimum amount of 2 teaspoons of kibbles or pellets
  • Can be attached to a wooden board for better stability
  • Works with 4 C batteries, but not included in the box
  • LCD screen shows low battery status
  • Hopper can accommodate up to 6.5 lbs
  • Unit is dishwasher safe

Cat Mate C3000 reviewMode Settings

Aside from the fact that you can program up to 3 meals within 24 hours, you can also enjoy other mode settings of this food dispenser.

Here are the four mode settings that works on the Cat Mate C3000:

  • Extra Feed. This feature allows you to add an extra meal to the programmed 3 meals a day. This can be programmed manually.
  • Manual Feed. This allows feeding of cats by demand. This is recommended if you want to vary the amount of food for your cats at specified times of the day.
  • Advance Feed. This can be selected if you want to bring forward the scheduled meals for your cats. This unit will only allow up to one feeding in advance.
  • Frequent Feed. This allows pet owners to schedule multiple feeding times in a day, with smaller food portions each time. This is a recommended mode setting for pets or cats with special dietary needs. If you choose this mode setting of the automatic cat feeder, you will need to identify the number of times the food will be released.


  • This unit is recommended for pet owners who require 3 meal times for their pets. If pet owners want to increase the number of meals, then this can be done by calibrating the unit manually.
  • This electronic pet feeder will also allow pet owners to program specific meal times
  • You can select the ‘Frequent Mode’ setting if you want to offer multiple feeding times, and each feeding time features smaller food portions
  • Programmed settings are retained even if the unit has been turned off
  • Friendly price point
  • Unit is dishwasher-safe


  • May produce noises when it dispenses food
  • Problems may arise if small pellets (usually 1/4′ in diameter) are used
  • Chute is not assembled directly in the unit
  • Works with batteries, no other power source
  • Programming the unit takes some research

Cat Mate C3000 dry food dispenser Important Things to Remember When Using the Cat Mate C3000

  • If you want to get the best results from this Cat Mate unit, you need to set the clock first, wait a full 60 seconds, before attempting to program a feeding schedule. Please follow this important recommendation if you want to use the unit in a stress-free manner.
  • Read a few customer reviews before using this unit, especially if your pets are too creative, and always try to access extra pellets ahead of time.

Conclusion of the Catmate

This automatic cat feeder can work for pet owners that have cats that are easy to manage, especially if the cats are not the ‘locksmith’ type of pets.

Based on our actual tests and observations of the unit, we have collected the following conclusions:

We recommend for:

  • Pet owners who prefer to feed their pets with pellets and kibbles that measures 1/2′ in diameter
  • Individuals who want to feed their cats 3 times a day
  • Pet owners who have the patience to learn the manual of the unit
  • Pet owners who need to feed their pets at regular intervals, with the same amount of food.

Using small pellets that measure 1/4′ in diameter, this unit can only work if:

  • Your cats are expected to follow a strict diet
  • The pet owners have at least two cats to feed in the household.
  • Your pet cats in the household are highly trained and well-behaved, and are not totally obsessed with pellets

Keep all these recommendations and insights in mind when considering the Cat Mate C300 Automatic Cat Feeder.

What makes this unit a better option is the availability of different mode settings, which can help busy cat owners.


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