Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door Review

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door makes it possible for cats to enter and exit the house whenever they want it.

It allows freedom among your pets, and at the same time removing your duty of personally watching over your cats, and opening the door for them.

This unit is a reliable solution for cat owners as it identifies a cat using its electromagnetic technology.

It also allows cats to get in and out of the house without letting other stray pets enter the premises.

With this Cat Mate Door, cats are recognized through a small magnet that has a double mechanism as an identification tag.

And this identification tag is usually located in the collar your cat wears.

This cat flap has 4-way locking system which includes: Only-in, 2-Way, Only-out and Locked.

The frame lining of this electromagnetic cat door measures up to 60 millimetres or 2 3/8 inches, which can work for different types of doors.

This Cat Mate Electromagnetic has a Control Panel powered by a single 9-volt battery.

This unit also contains two compact magnets attached to the collar that’s worn by your cat.


  • 4-way lock settings: 2-way, Only In, Only Out, and Locked in
  • Has two compact magnets
  • Self-framing of 60mm
  • The flap that has brush is weather-proof sealed. This reduces the loss of energy and makes the unit quieter when in action
  • Best for panels and doors
  • Opens only for cats with a magnet, keeping unwanted animals out
  • Requires PP3 9-voltage alkaline battery, Battery may last for up to 12 months
  • Include complete instructions upon purchase
  • Cat opening measures 6 inches in width and 6.5 inches in height
  • Overall Door Size: 7 5/8 inches in width and 9 ‘ inches in height
  • Cut Out Size: 6 5/8 inches in width and 8 5/8 inches in height

How It Works

This electromagnetic cat door detects and recognizes the field of a compact magnet located on the cat’s collar.

Once detected, it initiates unlocking mechanism of the door allowing cats to enter the house from outside.

Just like any other feline door, Cat Mate also requires the cat to push the door using its head or nose in order to get in.

When the cat finally gets inside, the unit will return to its original position to lock.

The unit features 4-way lock settings that help prevent swinging of door into the house, but not outward.

Here is how the 4-way locking setting functions.

2-Way: Only those cats that wear magnets on their collar are capable of exiting and entering the cat door.

This magnet should only be worn when entering the cat flap and not when going outside.

Only In: Suitable lock setting if you prefer your cats to stay inside the house at night.

Once the cat gets inside, locking is done manually.

Only Out: If you want your cats to stay outside at your desired time, you can use this setting.
Locked: This setting completely locks the pet door.


Installation of the Electromagnetic Cat Door

It is relatively easy to install Cat Mate Electromagnetic door.

You will need a screwdriver, a drill or a jigsaw, depending on the installation needs.

This cat flap has a self-lining as indicated on the product guide.

The liner refers to the frame that is located through the cat door covering up the inside portion of the door.

This means you need not to build a frame for cat flap when used in panels or doors.

Here is a guide on the installation of this door on plastic panels and wooden doors:

  1. Position the door on your desired location. The bottom part of the hole should be of the same height with the lower stomach of your cat.


The cat flap should be drawn around completely.


Drill two holes in both top corners with a diameter of approximately 6 mm or ‘ inches.

4.Using electric jig-saw, cut the hole next to the inside portion of the drawn line.


To determine the appropriate size and shape of a screw, you have to determine the panel’s thickness first.

6.Screw and attach the parts on the cat flap
Though these instructions are provided, it still pays to check out more detailed information in the user manual, especially in terms of other installation types.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Easy to follow instruction for installation and product use
  • 4-way locking setting
  • The flap comes with brush weather-proof seal
  • The generic type of collar magnets, so buying for replacements and alternative is easy.
  • Unlocking sound is not so loud and seems like a Morse code machine
  • The battery can last up to one year
  • Best choice for interior separations
  • Cat door does not give access to neighbor’s cat that does not have a magnet
  • Good size that allows cats with 13 pounds to pass-through


  • Accessible to any cat with magnets. Magnets are not programmable for specific cats.
  • It is not possible to neutralize automatically the cat flap’s locking mechanism. This can be resolved by taping latch down so your cat will be trained even at the beginning.
  • The unit locks by swinging not outwards but inside. A raccoon or smart cat can be able to pull the flap and enter the cat door.
  • Magnet on the cat’s collar can attract metal objects. So make sure your cats do not have metal tag names or cat toys.
  • The magnet works only if it is located at an exact level with a margin error of approximately one centimetre or 0.39 inches. This is adjustable on the collar of cats.
  • When the door unlocks, it makes a clicking noise. Though it is not so loud, some cats may be bothered.
  • The latch can be broken in case a very determined and heavy animal attempts to break it
  • Self-lining is not suited for walls
  • Locking sometimes fail when the door swings back to its original position. The door does lock most of the time, although not 100 per cent. The factors that may affect the locking of this cat door are wind, and possibly trapped tail of cats as it passes through the door.
  • Cats weighing more than 13 pounds will find it difficult to enter the door since it is designed for small and medium cats only

Tips When Using Cat Mate Electromagnetic flap

  • The position of the magnet in your cat’s collar is important. Check if the magnet’s paw print faces in forward direction. In addition, the magnet ring around the collar has to be attached, rather than clipping it to the metal ring.Through this, the magnet will be stopped from going sideways.
  • In case the cat cat flap is in a half-open position, check out the holes on the cat door’s top corner. If the holes are too small, this means that the hinge is being prevented from moving loosely.
  • Taping the door open is a good idea at the start and place the magnet on the collar of your cat. By this way, your cat will get used to the clicking sound with no locking mechanism.
  • Consider the cat’s size so it would fit perfectly through the door.
  • You have to clean up the door more often to prevent cat hair from getting stuck in the brush strip.

Cat Mate is suited for:

  • Areas where no heavy animal are trying to get into the pet door
  • Small and medium-sized cats
  • Cats not afraid or bothered by noises
  • Keeping your neighbor’s cats or other pets out
  • Separating pets inside your house
  • Cats that do not have contact with metal objects

This cat door is not recommended for:

  • Stopping smart and aggressive cats and raccoon
  • Cats weighing over 13 pounds
  • Cats afraid of or bothered by noises

My Conclusion of the Cat Mate Electromagnetic Pet Door

The Cat Mate works well both inside and outside the house.

It helps stop unwanted animals from getting into your house.

However, it is possible for smart cats and raccoon to pull the door outwards.

Cat Mate Electromagnetic cat door is the best solution in case you want additional security against the pets from neighbours or to separate animals staying inside the house.

This might not work well for you if there are other animals outside that are strong, stubborn and smart.

If a very restricted entry system is needed, it is better to opt for a higher technology product that has a locking system on both sides.

In terms of the price range, this cat flap is also a good choice.


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