Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Cat Door Review

Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Cat Door automatic cat door uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for unlocking the door, and allowing cats to enter and exit.

Cats that can enter the door are those with RFID collar tag.

The control panel of Cat Mate Cat Door reads and recognizes this tag that contains unique ID.

The use of programmed RFID collar tag is the safest way to control pet door access, since it limits the number of cats that will remain inside, and will go out of the door.

The Elite Super Selective cat flap includes two programmable collar IDs, which can control the movement of cats of up to 8 cats, on a regular basis.

Consider this as the surest way to keep unwanted animals out, and protect your cats at home.

If you have a number of cats at home, we recommend that you purchase more tags.

Entry and Exit Feature

The unit comes with a special locking mechanism that locks the door from the entry and exit.

The Cat Mate door allows you to choose the cats you want to keep inside, and those that have free access outside.

Since entry and exit with this cat flap can be programmed individually using its timer feature, you can establish an outdoor program schedule for cats.

Cat Mate Elite has LCD screen where programming can be viewed.

Details such as status of entry or exit, location of your cat, and the time of last usage of the door are displayed on that screen.

Cat Mate Elite features a four-way lock system which includes ‘In Only, In & Out’, ‘Out Only’, and ‘Locked’.

You can choose the most appropriate locking system depending on your needs.

This unit uses four pieces of AA batteries.

Batteries may last from six to nine months, depending on their usage.

However, batteries are not included in the package upon purchase of Cat Mate cat door.


  • ideal for small and medium-sized cats
  • Has four-way lock settings
  • Controlled access for selective entry and exit
  • Prevents unwanted animals from getting inside
  • Timer feature allows setting up of outdoor schedule for cats
  • Contains two unique electronic ID tags programmable up to 8 individual ID discs
  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Has LCD screen wherein data on the entry and exit, last usage of the door and the cat’s location are displayed. You will know whether your cat is inside or outdoors.
  • Doors are made of weather-proof brush sealed
  • Has frame lining for up to 50 centimetres or 2 inches which is suited for most types of installation
  • Comes with additional liners intended for wall installations
  • Has a battery life indicator
  • Only those cats whose collar tags are programmed can get in or out of the door

Dimensions of the Cat flap

Cut out size: 6.5 inches in width, 7.5 in height and 9 inches in diameter
Door Size: 6 inches in width and 6 inches in height
Pet max shoulder width: 5.7 inches
Overall dimensions: 9.75 inches in width and 10.5 inches in height

How the Elite Super Selective Cat Door works

This automatic cat door has a control panel that acts as the reader of the unique tags in each cat.

It also features a collar tag and a microchip that serves as the key to be read by the control panel or reader.

As the control panel reads the programmed unique ID placed at the collar of the cats, the solenoid gets unlocked.

This will allow the cats to push the cat flap using their head, paw or nose and eventually get through.

The disc should face towards the direction of the reader and the distance to activate it should be a few inches.

If this is not the layout or arrangement, the reader may find it hard reading the tags, and the door will not unlock.

On average, it takes one to two seconds before the door unlocks.

After the reader has read the unique ID, it will take two to three seconds before the door locks.

This is just enough time for the cat to let its tail in before the door closes.

However, the timing and schedule of the opening and closing of the door will depend on your settings.

The unlocking mechanism of the cat flap creates a clicking noise, and this will require the cats to learn that it is just the right time to push the door and exit (or enter).

Once the door has been locked, a noise will be created as well.

The product’s locking mechanism includes pegs popping out from the frame of the door.

This gives the cat door the ability to lock either the entry and exit or both.

Cat Mate is known to be raccoon-proof since its locking mechanism does not rely in a latch or solenoid that can be manipulated by smart cats or raccoon.

This automatic cat flap functions only with RFID collar tag.

However, if a microchip implant has been implanted to your cats, this might interfere with the correct door operation.

4-Way Lock Settings

In & Out- This setting gives freedom to cats wearing collar tags as they can get in or out whenever they want to.
In-Only- This locking system allows cats with collar tags to enter the door, though they cannot go out.

Out-Only- With this locking system, cats with collar tags can go out of the door but they cannot get back inside.
Locked- Soon after your cats enter the door, locked settings can be activated to completely lock the door.

How the Timer Works

The best thing about Cat Mate Elite is that it allows an outdoor schedule set up using its timer.

For instance, you want your pets to stay outside from 10:00 am and let them in at 8:00 pm.

This is always possible with Cat Mate Elite Super Selective cat door.

In case of multiple cats, the timer is not capable of selectively determining which cat has to stay inside, and which cat has to stay outside.

So, you can resolve this problem by choosing the timer schedule ALL CATS.

The Use of Cat Mate Elite Cat Door

With proper training, your cats can certainly adapt well to Cat Mate Elite Super Selective door.

The first thing your cat needs to do is to nudge the door using its paw, head or nose so the sensor will start detecting or recognizing its microchip.

Upon sensor registration of unique ID numbers, the mechanism unlocks.

Your cat must get used to that clicking noise as the door unlocks.

Then, your cat must push the cat door so it can walk through and get in.

In case your cat is hesitant and does not want to enter the cat flap, the unit will lock automatically.

Cat owners have to be patient when training their cats until such time the cat is already confident in using the door.

This might take a longer period, but if the cat finally learns how to use the cat flap, then the next tries will be easier and convenient.

If you prefer not to use the microchip, Cat Mate Elite Super Selective has a training mode feature, allowing your cat to enter and exit the door.

The cat door will be transformed into a non-automatic cat door with this mode.

How to Train your Cat to Use the Cat Door

Training your cats to use Cat Mate Elite is essential.

By training your pets, you can maximize the potential of this flap.

At first, your cat might get scared of the clicking noises produced by the door.

The cat might not want to use the unit again if this happens.

You can eradicate this fright by unintentionally triggering the lock system of the unit several times, knowing your cat is just around.

Your cat might get curious about that clicking noise and eventually investigate it.

Through this strategy, your cat will soon realize that the noises produced are no longer threats.

This step will give your cats the courage to use the cat flap.

Installation of Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Cat Door

Installation of this cat flap will not take over 30 minutes, depending on the material where it will be installed.

The exact measurement of openings is imperative since it will affect how the cat passes through the door.

Prior to installation, areas, where the pet door has to be installed, should be checked very well.

If the door is mounted at a very low area or very high area, it is not possible to read the microchip with the scanner.

Upon purchase of the door, it comes with an instructional manual giving you clear instructions, and these should be read.

If these instructions will be properly followed, there will be no problem with the installation process.

Cat Mate Elite Super Selective cat door can be installed in the following areas:



Generally, the installation of cat flap in glass panel is not recommended.

There is a need to hire a professional to cut the hole in the proper position while following the installation instructions properly.

For double glass door, it may not be possible to cut hole.

In case you prefer the simple installation process, consider replacing the glass panel with Plexiglass so that you can proceed with the basic installation.

Metal door installation

Installation of Cat Mate Elite Super Selective cat flap takes a bit longer for metal doors.

During the installation of this cat door, you cannot touch the metal directly since it might cause interference with the RFID signal.

Wood door installation

The easiest installation of cat door is in flat wood doors.

The first thing to do is to get an accurate measurement and draw the hole.

Then, you have to cut the holes, drill screw holes for each side.

Finally, you can now screw the two halves.

Wall installation

Prior to installation of Cat Mate Elite Super Selective cat flap on walls, you might need to have wall liners.

In case your wall is very thick, you can add liners together with Elite range.

The depth of the liner must measure 1.96 inches or 50 mm.

Cat Mate as a Timed Cat Door

The great thing about this unit is that you can keep other animals off your home.

This means that you can be served best by this unit if you use this as a timed door.

Also, if you are always out of town, then this unit can work for you.

The settings and other features on this cat door will allow you to keep them inside during night time, and you can also let them roam around outside for a specific period.

In the training mode setting, the pet does not lock automatically.

So, you need to tape the microchip disc towards the door.

If properly set up, this technique allows the microchip to be read by the scanner, and eventually opens up the door.

There is no need to use collar tag and by using the timer, your cat can stay inside in the evening and go out in the morning without your efforts and intervention.

The only issue concerning the door setup is the use of additional batteries, which means extra cost to cat owners.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Four ways lock settings
  • Easy installation for standard doors
  • Selective access and control which cat are indoors only and which are outdoor only
  • LCD displays settings for each cat
  • Effective to stop raccoon
  • More quiet when swinging compared to other brands
  • Has battery level indicator
  • Properly constructed
  • Not much air is leaked compared to other cat doors
  • Using the LCD display, you can see if your cats’ location and if they have eaten their meals.
  • Lock’s closing length of time is adjustable based on the needs of your cats, giving them enough time to completely get into the door.
  • Animals from outside cannot manipulate the door, since it has internal locking system.
  • Training mode can be activated in case your cat have been used to it without microchip.


  • The unit makes an unlocking sound just like a deadbolt lock. This sound can scare your cats, so you have to introduce the unit properly to them.
  • Programming is not intuitive
  • Lightweight microchip discs which seem little for a big cat
  • It does not work well when installed in metal doors
  • Tags are a bit expensive. Tags can be read-only if it is facing and very close to the control panel reader.
  • The timer works for all IDs essential in keeping all cats stay inside.
  • Large cats might find it difficult to enter the door due to its door opening. Only small and medium-sized cats can enter smoothly.
  • The door occasionally locks in the wrong position and sometimes gets stuck. This usually happens when it took too long for the cats to enter the door.
  • Placing of batteries into the compartment is a bit hard, although you can do it every 6 months.
  • Not so high-quality selection of screws

Tips When Purchasing and Using Cat Mate Elite

  • Secure the backup tags.
  • Ensure that the doors are opaque. This strategy is best if you want your cats to stop looking outside as it can trigger unlocking of the door. Unintentional sitting too close to the door or staring outside will cause the door mechanism to unlock while consuming battery charges. This strategy will also help discourage a raccoon and neighbor’s cats from snooping inside your house that motivates them to come in.
  • Training mode should be immediately activated in case the door gets locked with pegs out. Do this by pushing the 4-way button and program together within 5 seconds. You can find the program button beneath the battery cover of the flap. This technique retracts the pegs, while swinging the door back to its original position. The same buttons must be pushed again to reset the cat door back to its programmed setting. Through this strategy, there is no need for you to reprogram IDs.
  • Cat’s tag should always face towards the reader or control panel, otherwise, ID will not be recognized.
  • In case your cat has made use of its claws to pull the door, it is better to lock the door using manual settings

Cat Mate Elite is recommended for:

  • Self-confident cats and not hesitant to push through and enter the door
  • Small and medium-sized cats
  • Multiple cats and only one cat have to stay indoors
  • Preventing cats from neighbors or raccoon from intruding your premises and eating your cat’s food.

This cat door is not suited for:

  • Overweight or large-sized cats as they might find it difficult to enter the hole
  • Timid and hesitant cats
  • Cats that play with or manipulate collar tags
  • Installation in metal doors

My Final Thought on the Elite Cat Flap

Cat Mate Super Selective door works well, and the reviews have been validated.

This automatic cat door is better compared to its electromagnetic version.

Its ability to read and recognize which cats can enter or go out as well as its timer feature, makes this an excellent choice for cat owners with multiple cats at home.

Cat Mate only works with cats that have collar tags and not with those implanted microchips.

Thus, if your cat is a climber type, it might not be a good idea to leave those collar tags hanging.

Cat Mate Elite cat door does not function well with indecisive cats.

These types of cats are those that keep on thinking on the next step to take.

The unit allows a certain time just enough to make cats get inside the door completely.

The door needs to be cleared from the cat’s tail so it could function and lock properly.

This door is certainly a raccoon-proof unit as it cannot be manipulated outside to unlock it.

This unit can only collapse in case a big and strong raccoon has finally attacked from the outside.

Exceptions are always present, but the door works well for normal raccoon, as advertised.

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