Cat Sleeping in The Litter box

Cat Sleeping in The Litter Box – Why It Happens and How To Stop It Guide

Are you experiencing your cat sleeping in the litter box and have no idea why this is going on, in this article I will be going through the possible reasons why your car is taking naps in the litter box and how to stop it from happening.

Cats are funny and quirky creatures but sometimes they’re plain weird.

They usually leave us speechless countless times by doing some outlandish things.

We have all seen cats preferring to sleep on the litter box rather than on their usual place.

This brief is to help you understand why a cat would decide to plop down the litter box and take a nap and what you can do in this situation.

Is it normal for a cat to sleep in the litter box?

Cats are strange and for that reason, they have some funny and weird ways of communicating with their owners.

So, it is not normal for a cat to sleep, play or even sit in the litter box.

There are countless messages that the cat is trying to send to you.

In this regard, take time to understand why the cat is spending more time in the litter box.

If possible, consult with your veterinarian.

Reasons your cat is sleeping in the litter box

There are few reasons why your cat would act weird and sleep in the litter box.

Depending on the situation at hand, there might be more than one cause.

Here are five reasons why your cat sleeps in the Litter Box and what each of them means.

Medical issues

A behavior change in pets is always very serious and can translate to a diagnosis of exclusion.

When the cat is sleeping in the Litter Box, the vet should rule out all the possible medical reasons.

When the cats have conditions such as urinary Crystal formation or urinary tract infections, they can show some weird signs and symptoms.

These conditions make the lining of the blander inflamed to an extent that a small urine collection can make your cat feel like she needs to empty.

The cats will go to the litter box more often and she might want to stay close to the litter box.

The first step to take if your cat is sleeping in the litter box is to get in touch with your veterinarian.

The vet will check the urine; conduct some ultrasound and X-Ray to check possible issues in the bladder.

This will show whether there are any bacteria or crystals in the urine while the Imaging will show bladder stones.

The vet will also want to check how the kidneys are functioning.

If the cat has any kidney issues, she might get the urge to urinate more frequently.

There are other diseases that the vet will have to check before proposing an effective treatment plan.

Cats with diabetes also have the same issues and they might get the urge to urinate more frequently.

Behavioral causes

Cats choose to hide when they have stress and other hormonal issues.

For that reason, she might choose to sleep in the litter box because it’s a convenient and perfect place to sleep.

Sleeping in the litter box makes the cat feel more secure.

In this instance, the vet owner can consider giving the cat a cozy box and a blanket to sleep in.

Always make sure that the cat has plenty of options when it comes to sleeping places.

Take time to learn what the cat wants and give exactly that.

In case the cat has arthritis or feels pain in the back legs, tail and hips, she might always want to sleep in a cozy place or a place where she feels more secure.

If the cat has lost her long time perfect bed, they might feel disconnected and choose another bizarre location to take a nap which might be in the Litter box.

Litter box patterns

The litter Box patterns really matter and for that reason, you must be very careful with that.

Cats can get arthritis and other deadly diseases.

For that reason, the cats might be having accidents outside the box which can be a possible issue.

In this case, the cat might start developing negative associations with the litter box.

To rule out any possible issues, take out the Stopwatch and record the time she spends in the litter box.

The information can be very important when you make an appointment with the vet.

The Litter box is safe

Cats deal with stress in countless weird ways.

If you notice that the cat sleeps in the litter box, it might be her safest place.

Remember that indoor cats don’t have enough time to roam.

This means that they only need safe places to sleep and the litter box can be the exact match.

Have you recently adopted the cat?

If you have recently adopted the cat, there’s the possibility that the cat will choose to stay alone and spend time in the safest places.

If you only have one cat at home, believe me, that she will spend the most time in hiding.

When looking for hiding places, the Litter box is what will cross the mind.

The cat just needs some little lone time

Cats just like humans might require some little space and privacy.

If you have adopted a new cat, it will only make sense if the cat has some comfortable place just for her time alone.

The cat will want to have some little time alone adapting to the new environment.

Guess where the cat feels secure?

The litter box.

Some other cats like the location of the litter box, scent and temperature and for that reason, they might want to spend more time here.

If this is what is happening, you should spend more time with the cat.

Claiming Space

Our feline friends want their own space for their own and in most cases, cats will choose the litter box.

In case you have several cats, each of them might want to claim their own space.

To rule out if this is the case, look for the slicked-back ears and the flicking tail.

These are signs that the cat is simply claiming territory.

The best way to discourage this behavior is to give the cat a new bed and another litter box.

How to stop my cat from sleeping in her litter box?

If your kitty has gone from sleeping in the bed to the litter box, follow the steps below to discourage this behavior.

She might not have lost the mind but just wants more attention from you.

This behavior might equally be a message for a serious problem.

Step 1: Why is the cat doing this?

The first thing to do is to rule out all possible reasons why your cat is acting this weird.

I’ve explained several reasons why the cat might consider sleeping in the litter box.

So try to rule out the issue.

Has the kitty just come from the shelter?

Is the cat stressed or anxious?

Remember the cat might be used in sleeping in a cage.

Maybe the cat just needs to claim her territory or just feeling sick.

Step 2: ask the vet

Even after ruling out all the possible reasons, you still have to ask the vet’s opinion.

The vet might consider taking some tests and assessing the cat’s behavior to rule out the possible causes.

If the cat has urinary tract infections, she might be sleeping in the litter box more often than usual.

The vet is the only person who will check other signs and symptoms to get the real answers.

Step 3: Get an extra Litter box if you have multiple cats

If you live in a multiple cats household, you might have to get an extra litter box for the cats.

This will eliminate the need to claim territories and fighting for space.

This is actually a very common behavior in cats.

Remember some cats don’t like smelling other cats in their litter box.

Step 4: Remove all the stressors

You might be having an annoying puppy or a niece and the cats don’t like that.

The cats are not quick and effective in dealing with stressors.

Rather than letting the cats to deal with the stressors on their own, you can help them by eliminating the stressors or moving the litter box to a safer and better place where the puppies cannot access it.

Step 5: Give the cats more time

If you have recently moved, you should spend more time with the cats.

This will make them feel safer and secure.

The cat might also need enough time to figure everything out and understand their new territory.

Cats believe that they need to know and understand their new environment which makes the rulers of the domain.

How to stop your cat from climbing places in the house

Cats will always climb places inside the house.

They might want to climb the stairs time to time which can be annoying.

It’s now easier to discourage this behavior and adopt new ways of playing.

Here is a step by step guide on how to discourage the cat from climbing the stairs and other places in the house.

Step 1: Get a Tall cat Tree

The best thing to do in this instance is to surprise your cat with a tall cat tree.

This will satisfy the urge to climb and sit up in the stairs and stands.

You can consider getting a cat Tree with a couple of perches to give her territory.

Step 2: Get an upside-down carpet runner on the stairs

If you want to discourage the cat from climbing up the stairs, the best thing to do is to lay an upside-down carpet runner in the stairs.

The cat will feel the nubby surface of the runner in her paws and this unpleasant feeling will discourage her from climbing.

Step 3: Startle the cat

The other method is to startle the cat every time you see her going up the stairs.

You can do this by shaking the coins or blowing a whistle.

If you do this constantly, the cat will eventually be discouraged from climbing the stairs.

Step 4: Install a commercial deterring device

Some cat owners think of a commercial motion-activated device that will be triggered any time the cat tries to climb the stairs.

This will automatically discourage the cat with time.

Step 5: Use a scent that your cat dislikes

You can as well spray the carpets with a scent that the cat dislikes.

You can consider using cologne or citrus-scented spray that will discourage the cats from climbing the stairs completely.

You can equally scatter orange or lemon peels on the stairs.


Why is my cat sleeping in the litter box?

There are several reasons why your cat would sleep in the litter box and sincerely speaking, your vet has the answer.

The cat might be tired, sleepy, stressed or just enjoying sleeping in the litter box.

What this means is you should always consult with your veterinarian before concluding.

What does it mean when your cat sleeps in the Litter box?

The cat might be feeling anxious or nervous.

The fact is that when cats are kenneled, they don’t have enough room to play or have some time for themselves.

For that reason, the cat might be lonely or feeling anxious.

For the best answers, always get in touch with your veterinarian.

How Do I stop my cat from sleeping in the litter box?

There are countless things you can do to stop your cat from sleeping or playing in the litter box.

The best thing is to give the cat toys to play with, giving the cat a lot of attention or contacting your veterinarian to establish the issue at hand.


I’ve shared a brief explanation for each reason why your cat might be sleeping in the litter box.

However, your vet has the final answers to all your questions.

It can be a sign of a more serious health complication or just a small issue.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with your vet.

The vet will take time to conduct ultrasound, X-Rays and blood tests to establish the issue at hand.

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