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Toys for Cats – Our Cat Treat Dispenser Reviews

Looking to keep your cat fit and healthy at mealtime, well now you can with a few of these awesome cat toys below

10 Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Cats Healthy

Cat treat dispensers allow your cats to play and hunt for treats and rewards which helps them stay as active as possible. Aside from providing them food and treats, the use of treat dispenses can also stimulate your cat’s inner instincts to help enhance your cats feline instincts and will also keep them physically active to they prevent putting on too much weight as a result from not moving and eating too much.

Also known as cat food puzzles, they are great for all indoor cats, especially those overweight and lazy ones who don’t do anything all day and would rather laze on the sun or couch are obviously not highly motivated to play and become more and lazier.

If you love your cat and you love giving them treats then you are risking them to gain weight and become unhealthy and this is where some of these treats and cat food toys will come as an affordable and smart solution.

So if you want to help and entertain your cats while keeping them healthy, then read on what we found in some of the more popular cats treat dispenser toys on the shelves.

Trixie Snack Box For Cats

Trixie Snack Box has received 4.4 stars rating based on customer reviews and other product parameters. This snack box slows down cat’s eating, while challenging it to work for its kibbles or treats. Trixie Snack Box includes a blue dome and a wavy white base where cats have to pull snacks to get the delicious reward.

This cat toy contains a non-slid rubber rim on the bottom part to keep it in place, as the cat works to get treats. Trixie Snack Box is disassembled to maintain its cleanliness. Upon purchase of this cat toy, a booklet is included indicating tricks and tips on how to keep cats engaged when using the snack box.

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Northmate Interactive Slow Cat Feeder

Northmate Interactive Slow Cat Feeder gets 4.3 stars rating, based on our reviews and assessment. This feeder requires cats to think of ways on how to get food. The food or treats are contained in the prongs of the feeder. This pet feeder is a great idea, especially for bored cats to keep them more active during meal time. As the cat battles with the prongs to get food, it will give your cat the ideas and techniques in case they are left alone in the wild.


Tiger Diner Ceramic Bowl

This feeder has a rating of 4.1 stars. Tiger Diner Ceramic Bowl helps control eating speed of cats, and also reduces the vomiting rate. This feeder encourages your cat to get food from the bowl openings. The pulling activity from the holes helps slow down eating effect, and in the process helps restrict the food intake of your cats. The unit is made of ceramic, and dishwasher-friendly.

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Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station

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These cats treat toy dispenser aims to stimulate the intellectual state of a cat through the introduction of five puzzles, all in a single platform. This popular dispenser in the market earned 4.4 stars, suggesting a great quality product. Using the five senses, your cat has to figure out how the treats can be pulled from the modules.

Each module or puzzle offers varied levels of difficulty. Your cat has to begin with the simplest first, down to the progressive stages of the module. Engagement of a cat with this cat activity board for a long period makes it more interactive. The five puzzles or modules featured in the Trixie includes the Tunnel, Globes, Pegs, Tongue, and the Alley.

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Kong Cat Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser

This cat treats dispenser has a catnip stuffed tail, allowing your cats to have fun and play with it for longer period. It is a good option to stimulate your cat’s physical and mental ability. If your cat eats too fast and you do not know how to control this habit, Kong Cat Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser is the solution to your problem. Kong Wobbler can be used as a mealtime cat feeder to slow down eating behavior of felines. Kong Cat Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser is rated with 3.2 stars.

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Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle

Cat Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle is a cat toy that consists of divisions and openings inside that form a maze. It stimulates cat’s mental state, as it tries to retrieve small toys and treats from inside.

The cat’s activity of reaching out for food is just the same with what the cat will do in the wild. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle is made from corrugated cardboard, and has insert feature inside. This treat toy has three colored sections that represent three different levels of challenge, starting from the Beginners, Intermediate, down to the Top Cat stage. And based on our collective reviews, this unit managed to earn 4.1 stars.

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Smartykat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

This cat toy replicates the movements of a hiding prey. It has a wand beneath the cover that enhances feline’s hunting instincts. Smartykat Hot Pursuit comes with two interchangeable wands, perfect for your cats’ activities and play time. The first wand has feathers, while the other one is made from plastic resembling a tail.

The wand is attached to the mechanical arm located on the base part of the cat toy. It rotates in different directions, which can be attractive to cats. The cat toy comes with four different speeds, starting from slow down to the random speed. By using this unit, it will keep your cat feeling entertained with the different levels of difficulty. Smartykat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy gets 4.1 stars rating.

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Trixie Mad Scientist Cat Toy

This cat toy offers a challenging 2-in1 puzzle designed to help stimulate cat’s ability to get food and resolve problems. Trixie Mad Scientist has three beakers with two patterned lid sets. The first set has big holes, while the other set has smaller holes. There is more or less challenge from each set. To use this cat toy, the beakers with the treats must be spun to make the treats fall into the board. Again, the cats are challenged to pull out the treats, before they can eat and enjoy these. Trixie Mad Scientist Cat Toy is rated 4.0 stars.

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Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy

This cat toy has a rating of 3.9 stars. It is an egg-shaped cat toy designed to release kibbles or treats once the cat starts to play with it by pushing it with its paws or nose. Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy allows adjustments to the size of the hole according to the size of the kibbles or treats to be fed to your cat. If you prefer a more intensive exercise for your cat, then leaving fewer holes opened is a good idea.

By using this trick, less kibble will drop out at a time. The color of Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy is blue transparent, which makes it more appealing for your cat as it tries to get its food.

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Cat Treat Ball Slimcat

Cat Treat Ball Slimcat is best for cats that need to reduce weight, and for cats that eat so fast. This cat toy gets 3.9 stars rating. To use this cat treat ball, cat has to play with, hit the ball, and eat the treat. The toy should be filled with dry cat food or treat about 75 percent of a cup.

Also, you can adjust the hole to allow the treat to pass through at a time for the greater challenge. In case you wouldn’t want your cat to be frustrated in the beginning, you can open a bigger hole. Every hit of the ball around the room means one or more treats will exit the ball at a time.

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Trixie Snack Roll For Cats

With a rating of 4.0 stars, Trixie Snack Roll is a cat toy designed to challenge natural instinct of cats. The cat has to push the toy so kibbles or treats will be dispensed. This toy has three removable rods, making it harder for the treats to be dispensed.

Trixie Snack Roll comes with a booklet that explains how you can keep your cat motivated in playing with and using the cat toy. This cat toy is rubber-coated, and made from plastic to keep it silent as it slides around the floor.

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SmartyKat Knockout Cat Toy Dispenser

SmartyKat Knockout Cat Toy Dispenser has a rating of 3.9 stars. This egg-shaped dispenser requires your cat to knock out the treats to get delicious rewards right after. Treat dispensing with SmartyKat Knockout Cat Toy Dispenser is mostly unpredictable, making this an entertaining and challenging toy for your cats.

This cat toy dispenser also facilitates slow eating while keeping your cats active and entertained. SmartyKat Knockout cat toy dispenser is ecologically friendly, because it is made from certified organic and renewable materials.

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Hagen Catit Treat Ball

This 3.7-star rated cat treat dispenser allows cats to play, chase and swat all over the place to get the kibbles or treats that are released for a surprise. It comes in blue or pink color. The lid of this treat ball can be closed entirely.

It can serve as a simple toy for your cats for few hours of fun and physical activity. Hagen Catit Treat Ball enhances the mental and physical attributes of your cats. The cat toy comes in a bigger size so it is best suited for lazy and chubby cat, as well as for cats on a diet. Though it is unpredictable whether cats will like it or not, Hagen Catit Treat Ball is certainly one of the most effective cat toys.

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Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Toy

Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Toy receives 3.7 stars rating. This cat toy is composed of a base and a butterfly flying and fluttering as if it was a real one. A thin flexible wire connects the base and the butterfly. Your cat has to catch the butterfly before getting the treats. Natural instincts of your cat when catching flying insects will be tested as the butterfly moves in a circular path. This cat toy is worth a try if your cat loves to stalk and catch flying insects. Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Toy has on/off switched, and it can only be powered by a single AAA battery. This cat toy is best for indoor cats because it stimulates mentally and entertains the cat with the colorful fluttering butterflies.


PetSafe Twist’N Treat Food Dispenser Cat Toy

This cat toy is an interactive and fun way to give treats to your pet cat. It gets a rating of 3.7 stars. If your cats use and play with this toy, they are kept active, and their hunting skills are improved. Keeping cats mentally stimulated is important for them to be healthy and happy.

PetSafe Twist’N Treat Food Dispenser Cat Toy is consists of two parts that are screwed together. To put the treats inside the cat toy, you need to unscrew the unit first. Once the treats are placed inside the unit, you can finally close the toy. While your cats play with this cat toy, treats are randomly popped out for rewards. It is also possible to screw together this toy dispenser more or less tight if you wish to give your cat an easy or harder challenge.

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Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

This cat toy offers a challenging maze with treats within. Just like other cat toys, this cat toy is also designed to exercise and stimulate cat’s state of mind. Catit Design Senses Treat Maze is rated with 3.8 stars. Cats need to find a way to get the food out of the maze, thus increasing your cat’s physical activity. If you want your cat to be active throughout the day, then this cat toy will surely work well for you. Catit Design Senses Treat Maze is the best solution to end up vomiting problems and the choking experienced by your cats.

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Trixie Brain Mover Interactive Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy makes your cat busy working to get its treats and rewards. It is a 4-in-1 cat toy with various level of difficulty. This means that when using this toy, the cats will have to test their patience, motivation and concentration. Hidden treats are revealed by pushing the balls, moving the sliding pieces, pushing the lever to open up the drawer, and pulling the drawer open through a side loop.

The level of difficulty for the ball game is low since the cat only has to push the ball to get the treats. The slider game offers medium level of difficulty because it requires the cat to slide using its paws so that hidden treats are revealed. The drawer game has higher difficulty level since the cat has to move the lever, so the drawer where treats are hidden will be opened. Lastly, the side loop game has the highest level of difficulty.

Trixie Brain Mover Interactive Cat Toy features a non-slip rubber, which prevents cats from sliding around the floor while playing. The Trixie Brain unit is also dishwasher safe.

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CA-Tumbler Treat Dispensing Toy

CA-Tumbler Treat Dispensing Toy comes in a rounded shape at the bottom part. When the cat hits the toy, it pops straight up giving out bounces that are unpredictable. CA-Tumbler has an opening both on the top and bottom part where the treats are dispensed from. You can place catnip on top to encourage cats to play. You can add 1/3 cup of dry food or treats at the bottom of the toy. The top part of CA-Tumbler has a little cat allowing you to narrow the opening based on the size of the treat. This increases the level of difficulty for your cats. This CA-Tumbler Treat Dispensing Toy is rated 3.7 stars.


Trixie Solitaire Game For Cats

Trixie Solitaire treat toy dispenser stimulates curiosity in cats as they discover the hidden delicious treats. It has seven compartments, all in a single board wherein treats are placed. It also has seven dome covers designed to cover those seven compartments.

The cat has to push over the cover before it can get the treat as a reward. The dome covers have a hole on the top, making it easier for cats to smell the treats inside. Trixie Solitaire Game For Cats gets 3.5 stars rating. For beginner cats in using cat toys, this game is highly recommended.

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Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy & Stuff’n Combo

Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy treat dispenser improves hunting instincts among cats. The unit comes with a tube and Salmon Stuff’n Easy treats. Use the salmon recipe to impress and treat your cat. This treat dispenser is made from soft material that bounces. Cats can bat at it and roll it, making it more interactive compared to other cat toys.

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Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze Interactive Toy

As your cat plays, bat and spin, Nina Ottosson interactive cat toy dispenses treats from the side openings. The spinning movement makes the treat fall out from the cat toy. There is a complex structure of maze inside the Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze Interactive Toy where treats are located.

The game may take few hours, and will involve mental and physical stimulation. It is also suited for cats of any age and size. However, only small treats can be placed since it has a small opening. This cat toy is used for dry treats only and for all these, the Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze Interactive Toy receives 3.4 stars rating.

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Go-Cat Go Play-N-Treat Ball Dispenser

With 3.4 stars rating, this cat treat ball dispenser is highly durable and makes eating time more exciting and challenging to cats. Pellets and treats are randomly released as cats bat it around or push it with their nose. Go-Cat Go Play-N-Treat Ball Dispenser makes your pet occupied all throughout the day as it gets determined to get the food. The use of this treat ball dispenser helps reduce anxiety and boredom, especially among indoor cats.

This ball dispenser is made of recyclable solid plastic. Refilling of feeder requires you to unscrew the halves apart. It is recommended to find the perfect size of pellets or treats so this toy will dispense food properly. The feeder has to be filled with approximately 50 percent to 75 percent food capacity. If a small amount of food is placed, it will be dispensed too quickly.

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Slow Feed Cat Bowl

This cat bowl is rated 4.1 stars, as it helps improve poor eating behavior of your cats. This feeding bowl is created by professional veterinarians, considering its everyday use in clinics. The bowl is easy to use so your cat will surely never quit until it finally gets the food. Slow Feed Cat Bowl is bio-degradable and ecologically friendly. It is made from rice husk and bamboo fiber which is 100-percent non-toxic for pets and recyclable. The feeder comes in various colors, including purple, blue, beige and ivory. Slow Feed Cat Bowl is suited for feeding two cats at the same time since it comes in large size.

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Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center

This toy feeder slows down their eating and helps control the vomiting in cats. Stimulo Cat Feeding Station makes your cat active, and at the same time feeling entertained while it is working to get its food. This feeder helps in the stimulation of a mental and physical state of cats. It can also be used for all types of cats such as Main Coon, which is known to be bigger breeds. The cat has to pull the food from the tubes using its paws. Through this, your cat can naturally play and hunt just like in the wilds. Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center gets a rating of 4.2 stars.


Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser

Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser consists of tunnels used to feed on your cat’s curiosity. This cat food dispenser is rated 4.2 stars. To use this feeder, the cat needs to poke and scoop the kibble or treats using its paws. This treat and food dispenser is used by opening the lid and pouring out the desired food amount into the holder. The treat will be dropped into the six tunnels. Your cats are then challenged to reach out for the treats, before they can enjoy these. Trixie Tunnel Treat & Food Dispenser comes with an adjustable system, making it possible to be used for any size of treats or dry cat food.


Trixie Fantasy Board Cat Toy

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This interactive treat toy dispenser offers 4-in-1 games, matched up with delicious treats for your cats to play and hunt. Each module represents various challenges for your cats. Games featured in this cat toy dispenser include Cup Scoop, The Treasure Hunt Bin, Alley and the Go Fish Fountain.

With a rating of 4.4 stars, Trixie Fantasy Board helps in stimulating the natural instincts of cats in terms of hunting food or treats. It also facilitates the use of the senses of hearing and smell for food acquisition, especially in the wild. These two senses are essential since cats cannot see objects naturally in a short distance. Using this Trixie Fantasy Board Cat Toy is a fun way for pets to work for and get treats while being entertained. Trixie Fantasy Board is also a good choice for cats that usually get stressed when inactive.

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My cat is not using the food puzzle, what should I do?

Depending on your cats breed you may be wondering why your cat is not engaging with their new food puzzle toy and it could be simple answer as lack of instinct to hunt. If your cat is known to be lazier then you may want to feed them less in their ball so it forces them to seek out their cat food dispenser toys as a last resort to eat. This can take some training and time as cats are known to settle in common loops of behavior to their own environment.

So feeding them exclusively through their cat food puzzle game may be a way of teaching them to use their instinct to hunt. With this information in mind, it is best to consult your pet care professional about your cats’ particular breed to get an indication on if this is the right path to take.

What is a feeding ball?

Its a simple game for cars that increase your cats natural feline instances to solves excessive eating in lazy and inactive cats. It has proven to help excessive meowing as well as general aggression and scratching in different breeds.

Why do cats need to be played with?

Its little known to many that cats are engrained with thousands of years of evolution and conditioning to hunt for their prey to survive in the world. Naturally domesticated cats have changed over the years, yet the same instinct exists into their natural feline makeup which can be the cause of excessive meowing, aggressive playing and scratching and a problem with cats being more active at night.

With cat toys like the food dispenser ball it helps cats exhaust their energy and feline instances which can help to tone down scratching, meowing and even biting.




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