Modkat Litter Box Review

Design-wise, the  is one of the more aesthetically pleasing products available in the market. The enclosed and durable design gives privacy to your pets, and also protects the litter from being uncovered by the most creative diggers. The unit has a rooftop access where the pet can enter. It also … Continue reading

Scoopfree Slide Cat Box Review

For pet owners looking for a semi-automatic way of managing litter, then this manual version of  should work. The unit comes with a disposable tray that will contain blue crystals that can help manage the smell of waste inside your home. The unit is user-friendly- simply take out the waste using … Continue reading

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Review

This unit is an innovative solution for handling litter and waste thanks to a reliable system that separates the solid and the liquid waste as a way to manage odor. This innovative approach to waste management also ensures a stress-free way of cleaning and maintaining the product. At the core of … Continue reading