catgenie litter box review

CatGenie 120 Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

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Have you been looking for comprehensive reviews on the Cat Genie 120 litter box?

Then you have come to the right place…
Is it really a ‘hands-free’ cat litter solution?

Welcome to another segment of my automatic cat box review series, in this post I will be talking about one of the more prestigious self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, introducing you to the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box.

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I will be reviewing all the major features of this unit including, the key features, how the unit works, how to set it up, the pros and the cons, my helpful tips and tricks as well as my own conclusion of the this waste box.

Ready for the full Cat Genie review?
Then please read on the leave a comment below if you have any questions

CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box (Non-A.I. Model)
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Catgenie Features

The Cat Genie litter box is the first and only self-flushing of its kind which uses water and washable plastic granules (Plastic reusable litter) which actually functions like a flushing toilet for a cat, in fact, the unit it is the first environmentally friendly Green litter box to hit the market.

Along with the Litter Robot Open Air (click here) the Cat Genie 120 is one of the most efficient self-cleaning litter boxes on the market today which is capable of working on complete autopilot with out user intervention.

  • Right from disposing cat waste automatically using the main sewage system of your home
  • To cleaning and disinfecting the litter base area

The cat box takes 2 standard water hoses equivalent to hoses that are commonly used with washing machine, one hose is connected to the water main for the automatic flushing purposes, and the other line is for the sewage out mechanism to dispose of your cat’s waste.

The most impressive thing about the CatGenie is its ability to dispose of waste, economically catching all cat waste and washing the plastic litter granules using a biodegradable disinfectant sanitizing solution — used to kill germs and prevent any possibilities of lingering foul-smelling cat odor.

The Cat Genie utilizes two ways of disposing cat waste:

  • The first function is for handling cat feces; The metal scooper is deployed into the sandbox once your cat has finished his/hers business, the base then starts rotating.
  • Plastic grains are then filtered through the scooper which separates any cat stools inside the cat box.
  • The waste is then transferred into the waste receptacle for further processing via the sewage out waterline.
  • The second function; Handling urine, the plastic litter grains are automatically submerged in water for the cleaning and disinfecting process, which is then completed by the water being drained from the waste receptacle out through the sewage line followed by the plastic litter to be dried by the heating fan.

The Cat Genie waste box utilises sensor technology which accurately detects when your cat has used the CG, a 10 minute delay period is engaged which enables your cat to completely finish their business before the cleaning cycle is engaged.

The unit features a smart sleep mode feature which enables the unit to switch itself on and off when programmed to, the unit can be asleep for 14-24 hours and once the unit is switched back on, the litter box will automatically start the cleaning process is in full force to clean any litter over the past 14-24 hours of use.

The CatGenie uses its own specially designed sanitizing solution which is to used to help disinfect the pan area and plastic litter. The Cat Genie uses a SaniSolution cartridge which is a Green and biodegradable solution which helps breaks down all the cat waste found in the cat trey and disinfects the cat box area for a germ-free finish. Unlike another automatic litter box on the market which use neither biodegradable nor recyclable litter, it’s obvious that the unit was designed to be an environmentally friendly product.

CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridge Fresh Scent
  • Keep your CatGenie 120 running...
  • Same ingredients used by...
  • Lasts for up to 240 washings when...
  • Alerts you when SaniSolution is low


My first impression of the construction of the litter pan is extremely solid and durable, using heavy-duty materials such as solid plastic for the surrounding enclosure, aluminium for the pins and a rugged motor design which is capable to withstand many uses. The unit comes with a deep and spacious circular litter base which can easily handle large cats as well as multiple household cats, the high wall design stops any litter kicking cats from kicking litter out of the waste box.

This Cat genie quite a large unit in comparison to most other cat boxes on the market (24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches) so you would need plenty of room for this unit to sit, ideally in a laundry room or somewhere with a water inlet and power access.

The CatGenie self-cleaning litter box interface comes with a push-button easy-to-use program user interface to set flushing routines and sleep modes. The assembly of the cat box is perhaps not the easiest, however for a cat trey this advanced its very simple to assemble and install into the waterline. The package comes with a ‘T’ splitting standard washing machine water attachment for easy installation of the water main from your laundry sink or other water access points.

The installation requires no tools, however, it is recommended to use a pair of pliers for the tightening the waterline, but that’s it, you do not need to be a handyman to install this unit.

Catgenie 120 Litter Box Features

catgenie self cleaning litter box review
Taken from cat
  • The cleaning process is fully automated, from the scooping, waste disposal and right down to the cleaning and sanitizing, there is no need for manual interaction unless the plastic litter or the sanitizing fluid needs replenishing.
  • Scooping and Odor free solution.
  • No manual cleaning
  • Solid construction built to last
  • Uses biodegradable Sanitizing solution cartridges
  • Self-flushing solution using water
  • Plastic litter granules for reuse

How does the litter CatGenie work?

  1. The Cat Genie is connected to a cold water supply ideally located in the laundry and a second line known as the sewer line can be installed into any sink pipe.
  2. Washable plastic biodegradable litter granules are placed inside of the litter pan base section where your cat will do their business.
  3. Water is dripped down through the granules into a base of the the unit which contains a special mix of sanitising solution known as SaniSolution.
  4. During the automated cleaning process, the base of the catgenie’s bowl starts to rotate while simultaneously the granules are filtering through the scooper. The scooper traps all the solid feces and then scoops it up into the waste receptacle for further breakdown.
  5. The feces is then mixed with SaniSolution and liquefied through the sewer mechanism. Urine and the liquefied feces are then flushed away into your sewer outlet.
  6. After the litter has been cleaned and disinfected the blow-drying process is engaged to dry the plastic litter and the inside of the litter box.
  7. Depending on the programming, the cat box can be set to periodically clean it self or you can set it to clean after your cat leaves the box for a specific amount of time.
    If neither of these options is appealing to you, you can choose to go with the manual mode, this requires you to manually push a button each time you wish to run the units automated cleaning process.

Demonstration Video

Cat Genie Youtube Review

CatGenie Tips and Tricks and best practices

SaniSolution cartridges are priced around $25 per cartridge and each cartridge needs to be replaced every 2 months of use, This can get a little expensive and the best practice is to buy bulk 1 year supply of SaniSolution as it is much cheaper and get more value for you money.

If you own kitten(s) I highly recommend in purchasing the CatGenie Dome to protect your cat from jumping in the unitcatgenie dome attachment during the cleaning cycle, I also highly recommend the dome as it will stop your cat from kicking litter out of the litter box.

As mentioned before its always a little cheaper when you buy the bulk of the required supplies, the unit will fail to function if you don’t have the adequate supplies to run the CG.

The unit doesn’t come with a litter mat, so if you are looking to further prevent litter trailing, i highly recommend getting a mat from your local store.

How to set up the Cat Genie 120 Self Cleaning litter box?

The CG is incredibly easy to assemble and set up and requires no tools or screwing anything together, once the unit is all assembled locate a working cold water supply pipe in your laundry or bath room and use the provided “T” attachment adapter to connect the water. Run the sewage pipe into the nearest sewage outlet or toilet using the hook shaped pipe, its that easy and simple. Here is an installation video

Add on Attachments and Supplies:

CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridge Fresh Scent
  • Keep your CatGenie 120 running...
  • Same ingredients used by...
  • Lasts for up to 240 washings when...
  • Alerts you when SaniSolution is low

CatGenie Washable Granules
  • For use with CatGenie Self-Washing...
  • Dust-free, non-toxic natural and...
  • Use to replenish cat box when level...
  • Use to replenish cat box when level...

CatGenie Genie Sidewalls
  • (4") higher sides keep high...
CatGenie GenieDome
  • This is the GenieDome (cover) only-...
  • This item is NOT able to be Retuned...
catgenie SaniSolution Cartridge
Replaceable cartridges for the Catgenie
  • Genie Paw This is a for the unit which is made to prevent litter trailing.
  • Its best practise if you really want to keep your house clean from further litter trailing, get a litter training litter pallet mat.


  • Programmable automatic flushing functionality which automates the whole process.
  • Unit cleans itself from harmful bacteria and is safe for your cat or kitten.
  • Eliminates all manual scooping and odor
  • The unit works with multiple cats with ease
  • Easy to assemble and set up with no screwing or tools required.
  • Solid quality made construction.
  • Avoids any contact with litter or cat waste.
  • Hypoallergenic and environment-friendly litter.
  • The unit works as advertised, no hidden requirements.
  • The unit can be unattended for days to weeks on end, ideal for long trips.
  • Fussy cats will never refuse this cat box as it is constantly cleaned.
  • Reduces household landfill waste


  • The full cleaning process can take up to 20 minutes and this can be quite long if you have more than one cat.

I recommend the unit to:

  • People wanting to avoid the handling of any cat waste.
  • Cat owners who have a busy schedule.
  • People looking for a complete scoop free no odor solution.

I do not recommend the unit to:

  • Buyers that do not want to pay for extra requirements, i.e sanitising cartridges.
  • Cat owners looking for an inexpensive self-cleaning litter trey solution.

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My Final conclusion

The CatGenie automatic litter box is easy to say one of the best automatic cat litter pans on the market today, it does everything as advertised, from dealing with scooping, waste disposal, cleaning and disinfecting as well as knocking out odor like a true champion. The Cat Genie is really is a dream come true for most cat owners, especially owners who have busy lives and do not have time to tend to the waste box for regular cleaning.

Like with any electric cat box not everything in ‘foolproof’ as this unit is still an electrical appliance that requires attention if anything fails, that being said it is not common for the unit to fail, however, its always a good idea to have a spare cat litter trey just in case there are any problems. The CG has a great support line and is incredibly easy to access any spare parts in case there are any malfunctions, not only is it easy to get access to spare parts but its stupid simple to install them as the Cat genie is designed to be easy to use in all areas of the spectrum.

The only thing that bothered me was the requirement to purchase the disinfectant fluid cartridges in order for the unit to work, however its a small investment which pays off in freeing up your time to spend doing things more enjoyable.

However the CG is a very good unit and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box solution for anyone looking to distance themselves from periodically cleaning cats litter box.

My Rating:

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11 thoughts on “CatGenie 120 Self Cleaning Litter Box Review”

  1. I never thought there would ever be a self ‘flushing’ litter box but its interesting to say the least however the reviews seem to be 50/50 positive and negative.

    Angela what would you say in your opinion about stools being left in the litter box and not being filtered out in the self cleaning process?
    Did you encounter this problem at all?

    1. Hi Mark thanks for your comment — Yes I have heard and read similar stories about the catgenie sinking up the entire living room because the poo was caught in the drying process.

      That being said, i didnt experience this for myself while managing the Catgenie. I would see this being a problem with cats who have diarrhoea or very soft stools which would indicate that your cat is a diabetic or sick for some other reason in which case I would highly recommend in consulting a VET before purchasing this litter box.

      But for a cat who is happy and healthy I wouldn’t expect to see any major problems while owning this litterbox.

    1. I saw you commented on the Litter Robot and to make this comparison clear I would say that the Cat Genie is a lot louder during the cleaning process, which its noticeably more disturbing for cats who are experiencing the process

  2. I hope I’m allowed to mention this. If not, I …
    I ordered my CG from petsmart online for $208. Prior to placing the order, I found out how much my full order would be then went to cardcash and bought a gift card at 20% discount. Then placed my order and applied the gift card once I received it. That helped a lot!
    I also ordered the dome from Petco online. They’re much less expensive than anywhere else I’ve found. Was $32. I added some of the solution and signed up for recurring orders (which you can change or cancel) and received 20% discount on that entire order as well. Plus free shipping.
    Things can be made more affordable if you do the research 🙂

  3. Hi all,
    My name is Mike, I’m looking for a litter box for my mother’s cats, she getting older and a bit lazier. She doesn’t clean the litter box……well…….at all, I don’t live close to her and can only see her 2-4 times a week, she has 4 cats she took in as strays and I’m looking for something to help out. Although the pricetag is a bit steep it would be well worth it to walk in the house and not smell cat urine. Is it really worth it or not? I’ve read the reviews but does anyone have one they use all the time?


  4. I’ve had a CatGenie for 6 years now, as a heart transplant recipient I can’t handle cat feces. My biggest problem is hair wrapping around the spindle periodically and has to be removed manually, with gloved hands. The hair cutter doesn’t do an adequate job. So far nobody has noted a solution nor an alternate idea.

  5. I was given the Cat Genie as a present from my kids and I thought (but didnt say) it was a waste of money. How wrong I was. I love it and would replace it if need be. I only have one cat so it’s on cat activation and works really well. A few little issues but so minor compared to litter boxes. I have had it for 2 years and only had to manually flush it out twice due to blockage from long haired cat. I learnt to clean the rod occasionally and have had no issue since. So nice to come home to no litter smell or having to empty and wash trays. Definitely recommend.

  6. I have the cat genie and I love it. My only issue is that after 2 years of owning I have just found out that The cartridges have a chip in them. Every time you take the cleaning cartridge out you lose one cleaning cycle. I feel this should be said in bold letters in the owners manual.

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